What women's pants are in fashion now

Good afternoon, dear readers! There are style patterns that should be used with caution in these 10 details. Unsuitable clothes and accessories can visually throw a decade even for young women, and grow old for adults.

Openwork Knitting

Delicate weaving, imitating knitting on bobbins, openwork crocheted blouses - all this is now back in fashion. Apparel manufacturers are eager to surprise the new generation of consumers with grandma-style clothing. But grandmother's knitted shawl looks fresh on a young girl, and an adult woman will only visually add years.

Replace braiding and fishnet sweaters with more versatile smooth knit sweaters. Such clothes, on the contrary, will be youthful. This is especially true for older ladies.

Bucket Bag

It seems that such a shapeless bag can fit your entire life. A huge bag will not decorate anyone: on a miniature lady it will look bulky, and an oversized woman will make it even more bulky.

Choose medium sized body bags. They are roomy enough, visually structure and tighten the figure. This bag will complement any modern look.

Pavlovo Posad shawl

Any scarf in the folk style will make Marfushenka-darling out of a girl, and her mother from an adult lady. Especially if you wear a scarf on your head and with fur clothes.

If your goal. - look stylish, use a bright scarf with flowers in your looks with care. On adult ladies, such a scarf will look modern only in contrast, in combination with the most relevant things, fashionable shoes and a stylish haircut. And in most looks, it is better to replace the Pavlovsk scarf with a more relevant scarf.

Shiny Tights

This controversial element will add not only age, but also vulgarity to the image. In addition, shiny disco-style tights visually make legs look more overall.

Things are changing, and so are fashion trends. A century ago, trousers were considered exclusively a wardrobe item for a man, and a woman in trousers collected bewildered looks and ridicule from others. But today a lot has changed.

We invite you to take a closer look at the trends in the fashion industry, in particular those related to women's trousers.

Modern styles and styles of women's pants

Recently, eminent fashion designers have seriously taken up a variety of trouser designs for women. Almost all styles have found a new embodiment thanks to decoration and already look different on women's legs.

Tapered trousers that accentuate a sophisticated figure, as well as cropped classic-style models that delicately open the ankle, draw men's attention even more. Such trousers do not cause discomfort and look quite organic in everyday life.

Wide-brimmed models with voluminous legs also deserve a separate place in your closet. They can be tapered to the bottom and end with an elastic band. Fashion designers have endowed them with special fashionable details - drapery and folds in the belt area. Bows and wide belts look no less vintage.

Fashionable trousers - winter collection

The color scheme is dominated by black. He pushed brown, gray and dark purple from the pedestal. A bold option is checkered trousers. Such a model looks expressive and self-sufficient. Breeches and chinos are considered a special chic, which will fit into any event.

Tip: This winter, designers recommend experimenting with styles and styles, more often choosing bold models.

Business winter: a bold look for a businesswoman

Since leather trousers, alas, cannot be worn to work, as a bold decision, I propose to consider narrow trousers in a black-and-white medium-sized box. For starters, they are made of natural wool, so you don't have to worry about freezing outside the window. By themselves, these trousers belong to the everyday style of clothing, but it is worth choosing a strict elegant blouse for them and ... the image of a chic business woman is half ready.

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