What do white signs and white banks on the side of the road mean?

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Spontaneous mini-markets are often formed on the roadsides. Inhabitants of the surrounding villages are engaged in small trade and offer a variety of goods, including honey, bath brooms and fish. In the villages, there are impromptu counters, chairs, tables, and other installations on the sidelines, signaling that you can buy something tasty and healthy nearby. However, sometimes you come across incomprehensible home-made constructions without inscriptions, the meaning of which is incomprehensible at first glance. What do, for example, white "shoulder blades" or a light bulb on a stick mean? Even more bewilderment is caused by some "barkers" who stand at the edge of the road and with gestures convey some information to the drivers. What does this all mean?

"Chekists" with shoulder blades

If you drive along major federal highways to Nizhny Novgorod or St. Petersburg, you can see people on the sidelines holding white "shoulder blades" in their hands. Sometimes it is a small piece of paper, cardboard, or plastic attached to a long stick. Vendors rotate this structure or swing it in front of traffic. Sometimes the paddles are placed on the side of the road and illuminated by lonely bulbs, like an unmarked sign. In other cases, the letter "H" is drawn on it.

Long-haul truck drivers call such dealers "chekists". They offer business travelers and truckers to buy checks for subsequent reporting in the accounting department. They have fake receipts from canteens, restaurants, gas stations, hotels and car washes. The value of the check is 10% of the face value. Many people use the service and thus save money allocated for travel expenses.

Of course, these are illegal actions, which are punished both by the rules of the employing companies themselves and by the laws of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, there are not so many "chekists" now as they were 15 years ago. Many checks can be easily verified for authenticity.

Packages in the bank

Sometimes on the roadside you can see a chair or stool, on which there is sometimes an empty can filled with old white bags. This means that there is a family nearby that sells milk (most often from their own cow).

Sometimes, instead of a dummy with packages, a can of real white milk is displayed. Buying such is not recommended, because the product absorbs the exhaust gases of passing cars for a long time. In addition, if the owners put real milk on the roadway, then this is an unkind sign - the villagers have too much of it. And since milk is in stable demand among local residents, questions arise as to why sellers have had an overabundance of it. Perhaps the cow is sick or the owners are diluting the milk with water to increase the volume. In general, good milk is not on display.

Blue Lights

Often in the evening, on the roadsides of winter roads, you can find blue or blue lights. Usually, cans of blue liquid are displayed on the stools, which is illuminated from behind by a flashlight. The result is a diffused dim light that attracts the attention of drivers. It is the washer fluid sellers that offer their products. Now on the roadside, there are rarely large breakdowns with a home-made "anti-freeze", as before. Their manufacturers are often subject to administrative fines. Through illuminated installations, sellers go into an illegal position. They usually warm themselves in the car or are in a warm room, and when the police appear, they usually disown the goods on display.

Barkers with hands

In large settlements on federal highways, where traffic jams often gather, sometimes you can meet people who are actively gesticulating with their hands. They warn passers-by about traffic jams and offer their services to avoid traffic jams. For a small fee, they act as navigators and show the way to quickly bypass the formed traffic jam on the road. On road sections, the same "barkers" can attract attention for the sale of any questionable goods, including checks.

Proper nutrition for slimming the abdomen, as well as a number of other procedures - cosmetic, physical exercises - will most quickly get a flat stomach and a leaner body.

An account of a person (or a group of people) appeared in Telegram not so long ago, claiming to have information about the criminal activities of the Kremlin regime. As an example, messages are posted on this channel that must confirm these claims. I do not in the least question the key statement of the channel's authors - the Putin regime is a classic criminal fascist conglomerate that has privatized a huge country. "Every country has a mafia, but not every mafia has its own country." In this sense, today we are direct analogs of the most exotic Mafia State like Venezuela, which is controlled by the Del Sol drug cartel. In the thousand-year history of Russia, there has been anything, but for outright robbers and gangsters to come to power - this is perhaps the first time we have.

The regime itself became a direct consequence of the processes that took place in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which took place in several stages. At the first stage, power and property were seized by former representatives of the party-Soviet and economic nomenklatura, who could not keep them in their hands and yielded at the beginning of the 2000s to organized crime, which arose in the era of primary accumulation of capital, linked up with the middle level of power structures and created a powerful conglomerate , who first "moved" the former apparatchiks, and then seized their property. The crime of the nineties privatized the country and is running it in their own interests. Management is based on the same methods that they used to build their potential in the nineties, seize power and property in the zero. And in this sense, the authors of the mentioned channel are absolutely right.

However, a number of difficulties arise with the specifics. And, in particular, there are episodes voiced on this channel, with which I am familiar, as they say, in detail. And he was engaged in them for a number of reasons. I would like to talk about one such episode.

First, the text of the channel itself:

“. On October 31, 2015, the airliner Airbus A321-231 of the Russian airline Kogalymavia, performing a charter flight Sharm el-Sheikh - St. Petersburg, disappeared from radar 23 minutes after takeoff. The cause of the crash was the explosion of an improvised explosive device located in the tail of the aircraft. All 224 people on board were killed. The Egyptian ISIS unit claimed responsibility for the attack.

We know and affirm that this terrorist attack was the result of a special operation, the development, planning and control over the implementation of which was carried out by the top military-political leadership of Russia. In this case, Vladimir Putin PERSONALLY took part in the discussion and development, made adjustments to the plans and directly supervised the entire operation. The plane explosion solved several problems at once. First, it made it possible to start hostilities in Syria, justifying this by the fight against terrorism, with Russia acting as the injured party. The hot phase of the Syrian war, according to the plan presented to Putin by Chief of General Staff Gerasimov, was a prologue to the mass exodus of refugees from Syria to Europe, and we argue that this was foreseen in advance and was part of a hybrid war, plans for which began to be developed in the first decade of this century. ... This was the main task, but there were a few more accompanying ones.

2015 was the first year after the annexation of Crimea, and the tourist season in Crimea looked completely disastrous. Despite the emotional outburst from territorial acquisitions, Russian citizens were in no hurry to go to Crimea, preferring the resorts of Turkey and Egypt. The explosion of the plane logically blocked air traffic with Egypt and in the future redirected some of the tourists to Crimea. Another, secondary reason is the change of the agenda in the accusations of Russia's involvement in the Boeing MH17 shot down in Donbas. The Kremlin did manage to present itself as a victim of terrorism, and thus for some time managed to push the MH17 issue out of the agenda. So, Vladimir Putin received undeniable advantages from the plane crash, but what did ISIS get, which for no apparent reason decided to blow up a Russian plane? ISIS received a complete defeat of its pseudo-state. It turns out interesting, don't you think? Who by name took part in organizing the terrorist attack: President Vladimir Putin, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Chief of the General Directorate of the General Staff Igor Sergun and his subordinates, including Denis Sergeev (aka Sergei Fedotov) already known for the assassination attempt on Skripals, "Salisberetsky tourist" Anatoly Chepiga (aka Ruslan Boshirov) and other employees of the Main Directorate of the General Staff, whose names we will not name for their safety. (Some of these people are ready to testify in this case.) We assert that Chepiga and Sergeev were recruiting terrorists in Tajikistan, we assert that it was Chepiga who was the person through whom tasks and instructions were given with the terrorist embedded in ISIS. We affirm that Chepige, even at the stage of developing his legend under the identity of Boshirov, was entered into the passport that he was allegedly born in Dushanbe. This was necessary to explain the reasons for visiting Tajikistan.

Now to recap the above. We know and assert that a group of employees of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (among whom were Denis Sergeev and Anatoly Chepiga) recruited people on the territory of Tajikistan (with the permission of the leadership of Tajikistan, watch the first part) and, using their connections in ISIS, organized a terrorist act in the aforementioned Russian plane. The whole operation was developed by officers of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by order of Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Patrushev, Valery Gerasimov and Igor Sergun.

Now you know that the Russian leadership is DIRECTLY responsible for the terrorist act against its own citizens. »

Inside (and this message claims exactly the exclusivity of information) has always been and remains a very valuable information product. Usually any events are a classic "black box", where we see information at the input, information at the output, but what happens "inside the event", what are the contradictions, causes and reasons for the event, what mechanisms led to the emergence and development of it - all this has to be reconstructed. As a rule, this is called conspiracy, although this definition has a distinct negative connotation, but reconstruction is one of the main types of information processing and analysis. After all, any investigator is always a conspiracy theorist.

The trick is that inside information is reliable information. That allows you to use it as a support in any reconstructions and events. But if there are doubts about its reliability, then it cannot be called an insider, and more than that - it is usually called stuffing. Which has many different goals, but the main thing is that it is either completely or partially deliberately false information. Which, in principle, cannot be used, and which is discredited by the very essence of the stuffing.

I am, dealing with the events that are called the "Arab Spring", of course, I am familiar with the terrorist attack over Sinai. Moreover, I am sure that this act of terrorism had very far-reaching consequences (which are still in effect). I am absolutely sure that this is a project event, only Putin and in general all the persons mentioned in the original message play a completely different role in it. And certainly not in the capacity in which they are mentioned.

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