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Noise isolation of the Hyundai car and its implementation is caused by the fact that extraneous noises, unpleasant sounds, crackling and various tapping are periodically heard in the cabin. If the owner intends to install a speaker system, then the noise isolation of the Hyundai Accent and other models is simply necessary.

Noisy Hyundai

They rattle, how nice it will be to hear for fans of domestically produced cars, even foreign cars. In particular, Hyundai models, which the manufacturer did not pay enough attention to in terms of sound insulation, are not devoid of numerous squeaks that negatively affect the acoustic component.

Hyundai Accent Soundproofing

Why a Hyundai made overseas, where quality is not spared, turned out to be so squeaky, remains completely unclear. Indeed, the noise level in Korean cars is so high that the manufacturers themselves justify themselves by saying, for example, There is thin iron and a powerful diesel power unit on the Grand Stareks. Therefore, noises are heard while driving. Be that as it may, the problem must be solved. Will noise and vibration isolation really help? Of course, it will, and the car itself will become 50-60 kilograms heavier if you process it completely. For some it is good, but for some it is undesirable, but it is.

Hyundai Elantra md soundproofing by yourself

Note that not only the situation with noise will change, but after the "Shumka" carried out, the situation with heat exchange will noticeably improve. The Hyundai car will cool down more slowly and heat up faster, which is good in winter, but undesirable on hot days, which, to be honest, have We do not come to Russia very often. For this reason, our Hyundai owners are prescribed soundproofing in advance.

Self-service work

Noise isolation most Hyundai accent

You can, of course, entrust the process of noise insulation to professionals, but why overpay if you can take on this business yourself. The main thing to understand is that special equipment is not required for proper sound insulation. You just need to understand the nuances of the process, technology. Features:

  • Every car, be it Hyundai or Zaporozhets, is equipped with factory soundproofing and vibration. To get to these surfaces, you will have to almost completely disassemble the car.

Noise isolation Hyundai do it yourself

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