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This overview provides a comparative analysis of the capabilities of laptops and tablets to help you decide which type of device best suits your needs.


The first and one of the main aspects is the convenience of carrying the device with you. And here, most tablets outperform laptops.

Tablet sizes typically range from 7 "to 13", with the exception of some larger models aimed at professional users. The most popular tablets are 8- and 10-inch tablets because they achieve the perfect balance between screen size and ergonomics.

In terms of weight, generally the smallest and lightest tablets weigh around 300g. Larger devices, such as the 13-inch iPad Pro, weigh around 700g

Laptop screen sizes range from 12 to 21 inches. However, most models are usually equipped with a screen with a size of 15 to 17 inches. The average 15-inch laptop weighs about 2 kg - clearly more than the average tablet weight.

Keep in mind, however, that, as in the case of screen size, laptop weights vary over a wider range than tablets: light laptops can weigh less than 1 kg, and some gaming models can weigh more 4 kg, and in some cases even exceed 8 kg.

In any case, tablets are smaller and lighter than even the smallest notebooks on the market today, so they clearly benefit from portability.


Speaking of the size of the device, one cannot fail to mention the display, given two key factors: screen size and resolution. With larger dimensions, laptops will naturally always have an advantage, since their form factor allows for larger screens.

In terms of resolution, a smaller tablet display will have a higher pixel density, which means that individual pixels will be hard to see, meaning the screen will appear sharper.

As with the rest of the package, the quality of the display will depend on the price of the device - a 1080p display in a $ 150 tablet is unlikely to be as good as a display with the same resolution in a $ 1,000 laptop ...

Tablet or laptop - which is better to choose

The concept of professional activity and its functions

Professional activity is a human specialty in a certain area. Skills and skills of work are determined depending on how much people are devoted to work.

There are 4 main functions in professional activity:

  • Creation of financial or spiritual values.
  • Obtaining material resources to facilitate life in society.
  • Contributing to the development of others.
  • Transform the environment.

Excellent knowledge, experience and skills in your specialty are required for a more successful mastery of professional activity. Without this, in the modern world it is impossible. There is an opinion that professional activity appeared in order to produce commodity-money relations.

That is, the service is changed to a product or vice versa. For example, a person offered his services as an accountant in one firm. In the end, he shared his skills, and he was paid a salary under the contract.

If a person repairs his equipment at home (this is his hobby), he cannot be called a professional, since he does not have reliable and high-quality skills and knowledge. The work can be done in all respects only when a specialist who knows his job thoroughly takes on it. This is his professional activity.

Professions of the world of economics article (class) on the topic

Natalia Cheremnaya,

teacher of economic disciplines at SPbTK

Professions related to economics are still popular with high school graduates.

However, very often, schoolchildren do not know anything other than the profession of economist and manager. But the list of professions of this type is quite wide. The beginning that unites all these professions is finance, financial flows.

Among the economic professions, those professions that can be attributed to the type "Man - Sign system" and "Man - Man" prevail.

A detailed comparison of tablets and laptops by various parameters will help you decide on the right device.

Heading "Main News"

Beglov has determined the amount of payment for kindergarten for a year

In particular, for children from one to three years in a group with a 12-hour stay, the size of the fee will grow by 4.2% and amount to 1,354.5 rubles. …

General News 20:00, December 7, 2020

Russians have announced the desired salary

Russians would like to earn from 158 thousand rubles a month in 2021. The expectations of Muscovites and Petersburgers from the desired level of wages ...

Highlights 17:57, February 26, 2021

The amount of housing and utilities fees for the "Putin's palace" in Gelendzhik surprised the experts

The area of ​​"Putin's palace", according to Navalny, is almost 18 thousand square meters. How much is the owner of the pl. …

General News 17:57, February 26, 2021

In Kursk, the prosecutor's office forced the City Council to change the amount of payment for the maintenance of housing

According to the authors of the "Psychiatry of Wars and Catastrophes" publication, the shell-shocked were assigned to a special group of patients only during the Great Patriotic War. Moreover, this phenomenon was characteristic only of the Red Army. What is a concussion? And how is it different from other injuries?

The term contusion comes from the Latin word contusio, which means contusion. By the way, if you believe the publication "Beginning of General Military Field Surgery" (Publishing House of Medical Literature, 1961) at the time of its author, surgeon Nikolai Pirogov, concussion in Russian transcription had only this meaning. The term "contusion" has become widely used in the medical literature in the sense in which it is understood now, only during the Patriotic War. A contusion is a lesion of the whole organism, injured as a result of an instant and strong mechanical effect on various surfaces of the body during an explosion, falling from a height, etc.

Speaking specifically about the war, then, according to Alexander Bakuliev's “Big Medical Encyclopedia”, during an explosion, expanding explosive gases strike the surrounding air layers, compressing them to high pressure and density and heating them to high temperatures. Compressed layers of air, striving to expand, exert a sharp pressure on adjacent layers and, in turn, strongly compress them. An abrupt increase in pressure (temperature and density) occurs, propagating at a supersonic speed. Behind the area of ​​highly compressed air, a rarefaction zone appears with a pressure below atmospheric.

Concussion injuries

A person in the immediate vicinity of the center of the explosion is exposed to all of the above effects. According to Boris Petrovsky, author of the Great Medical Encyclopedia, in case of an explosive injury, it is customary to divide injuries into primary, caused by the shock wave itself, secondary, caused by stones, logs and other projectiles, and tertiary, arising from the injured person, as a result of his being thrown away by the blast wave. In combat conditions, contusion (explosive trauma, concussion-contusion syndrome), as a rule, is associated with the defeat of a shock air blast wave.

When hit by a blast wave, people usually lose consciousness. This condition can last from a few seconds to several days. According to Mikhail Govorun and Andrei Gorokhov, authors of the publication "Injuries to the ENT organs and neck in peacetime and wartime", shell-shocked people most often suffer from damage to the brain, hearing organs, lungs, less often abdominal organs, and even less often - genitals and kidneys ... The so-called "pure" contusion is characterized by a predominance of disorders from the central nervous system (with brain damage), auditory and speech disorders (for example, rupture of the eardrum), visual impairment (blindness).

Degrees and consequences of shell shock

As indicated in the publication "Medico-biological foundations of life safety" (V. Kolosov, I. Reznikov, M. Timofeeva), taking into account the severity of injuries, contusions are divided into light, medium and severe. With mild contusion, tremors of the limbs, head, stuttering, staggering, hearing loss are observed. With an average - incomplete paralysis of the limbs, partial or complete deafness, lack of reaction of the pupil to light. In severe cases - intermittent, convulsive breathing, bleeding from the nose, ears and mouth, convulsions and involuntary movements of the limbs are possible.

In some cases, the clinical manifestations of contusion fade away without a trace, while in others complications appear: inflammation of the middle ear, hearing loss, perforation of the eardrum, mental illness, etc. According to the publication “The Complete Encyclopedia of First Aid "GN Uzhegova, some disorders after a contusion can be protracted: dizziness, headaches, irritability, increased sweating, palpitations, drowsiness, cyanosis of the hands, hot flashes to the head. In addition, those who have suffered a contusion are not recommended to work in noisy and cramped rooms, they are also contraindicated in heat.

A few words about urine therapy

Let's be serious: this "method" is quite popular among the people. During the preparation of the text, we even found entire resources (sites.) With adherents of urine therapy. The legends about the healing power of urine are so prevalent on the web that it becomes alarming: how many followers are they collecting ?! I can bet that people will appear in the comments here too, for whom urine therapy worked, helped and made a pancake happy with a golden rain, that's another thing. Okay, let's sort out this "therapy" after all. Moreover, that. hehe, sometimes it works!

Gennady Malakhov, a supporter of very unconventional methods of therapy, like.

TTX in German, well, who does not understand, at that time it was quite pesdato

I bought it six months ago, the German resisted for a long time to move up in price, but the appearance defeated the personal toad and the device came to me.

Turned on - the tuner is working, the LPM is traditionally dead. The arrow indicators are frozen. With the thought "Well, right now, I'm going to do it fast!" opened ... and realized - not now. And for simpler devices are available.

I was confused by the total fucked up in terms of the lack of connectors between blocks, layout, dusty tracks and resistance,

Taking the will in a fist, having read and seen enough, began again,

Disassemble it with the same hemorrhoids

LPM is weighty, simple and just good! The pressure roller is immediately under the replacement without looking at its appearance.

Small podlyanka - the pause spring retainer, the plastic of it flew apart, I had to sweat but did it. killed the day for this, time. you heartless bitch.

hanging arrows of the indicators is a familiar problem, here my internship experience in the instrumentation group of electrical measuring instruments at NIIAR helps me out, I changed the coils there and soldered the stretch wires.

I ripped out the speakers, good! The tweets are covered with a net and beauty is not visible from the outside, but there is no dust!

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