To pack in a new way: cosmetics manufacturers change bottles and tubes to get into the eco-trend

As folk wisdom says: each kitchen has its own mistress, who lives according to her own established principles and rules. But even if a woman has colossal life experiences, it is never too late to learn something new, to adopt everything that is significant in order to make her life even easier, richer and more colorful.

Useful tips for housewives in cleaning will help not only solve large and small daily troubles, but also save precious time that can be devoted to your beloved family.

  • The first and foremost rule in cleaning a kitchen concerns washing dishes and stoves. It is advisable to clean these items with special means immediately after cooking, write - it will take about five minutes of time, but then you will not have to vainly remove frozen fats and dried stains.
  • To get rid of stains on the kitchen stove without unnecessary difficulties, it is better to fill them with regular table salt. Plaque on the cups will help to defeat table vinegar, and in the absence of special means, the peel from apples, which you just need to boil in a dish, will do an excellent job with scale.
  • Sponges and brooms, rags and towels, brushes and scrapers - all these kitchen accessories should be regularly updated, and in the case of towels, disinfected and washed. It is better to keep such things in the kitchen stock with new ones.
  • One of the most annoying problems in every kitchen is unpleasant odors. To avoid them, you need not only to get rid of unnecessary garbage that has accumulated in the room during endless cooking, but also to carefully monitor the trash can and wash it with disinfection. The table below provides tips for getting rid of foreign odors.

No smell!

Most importantly ... cleaning the house?

No one knows a house better than its rightful owner. However, small nuances and tips aimed at noticeably facilitating the process itself will never be superfluous when it comes to cleaning. It is better to start from the distant rooms, gradually moving towards the hallway in cleaning. The bathroom and toilet are usually cleaned up last. Below are the nuances for each piece of furniture.

  • window panes will not freeze in winter and fog up in summer thanks to glycerin, and potassium permanganate will give a mirror shine of the glass surface;
  • a copper coin will cope with bloom in a flower vase; <
  • an excellent way to deal with accumulated grease in the sink - a few liters of boiling water;
  • an ideal cloth for wiping furniture - cloth or flannel, scratches on the furniture surface can be successfully masked with iodine;
  • < li> it is advisable not to use hot water and soda when cleaning the floor, if we are talking about parquet covering, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth;

Bathroom: finishing cleaning

When giving advice, we talked about the fact that cleaning is the main sequence, so you need to complete it with a bathroom, because it is in this room that it is important to prevent the growth of fungi and harmful bacteria, therefore, to take care of your own health. The table below outlines the basic principles that an ideal washroom cleaning should follow.

Summing up, it should be noted that being an excellent hostess while maintaining good spirits and good mood in any circumstances is not as difficult as it might seem. All that is needed for this is just a little desire and knowledge of the special secrets of home economics, thanks to which the most difficult tasks will be completed in the shortest possible time. Saving time, effort and material resources are the main components of successful and efficient housework.

The secret to quick cleaning

How are packaging manufacturers adapting to new trends? Concrete, paper and wood are used.

At the beginning of February, the professional portal Premium Beauty News published a report on trends in cosmetic packaging "Beauty Packaging Innovation" - 58 pages, which are devoted to one topic: what has happened in this area. Although it would seem: here is a bottle for serum, here is a jar for cream. Yes, but no.

Solid media packaging

Anhydrous cosmetics is a new trend that is predicted to have a great future. This forced manufacturers to invent special packaging for this type of product.

The 900. are brand entered the market in spring 2020 with three products: toothpaste, cleanser and deodorant stick. Packaging - plastic containers without logo, recyclable. But, they say that it may not be required, since the containers do not lose their presentation and can be used for years.

Concrete: first time in the beauty arena

The La Crème Libre brand has decided to make reusable packaging, which simply cannot be thrown away. The result is handmade concrete boxes in eight colors. This is the first attempt at using concrete in cosmetic packaging.

Co-founder of the brand Veronica Susman says that at some point she realized: our bathrooms look like supermarket shelves. And I decided to fix it.

The products themselves are sold in plastic capsules (of course, recyclable). While the range includes cleansing powder and paste, balm and cream for removing make-up, scrub, mask and moisturizing creams in four textures.

The price of a concrete can is 20 euros, a capsule with any of the funds is 30 euros.

This year the brand plans to enter the cosmetics chains.

The secret of fast cleaning As the proverb says: each kitchen has its own mistress, who lives according to her own established principles and rules. But even if a woman has a colossal

Pine cones basket

You will need: open cones (from 50 to 300 pieces), wire, glue gun or superglue, varnish.

Master class

A basket of cones is ready! I recommend watching the video master class!

Crafts on the theme of Autumn - a basket of cones, flowers from tree leaves

Preparation of natural materials for their further use

Nature is the best artist, she creates such natural materials that in skillful hands turn into works of art! In order for crafts made from natural material to be stored for a long time, not to rot, mold, and the formation of fungus, they must be properly collected. Better not to take materials from the ground. Nobody can guarantee their cleanliness, it is not always possible to wash everything either. Autumn leaves are best plucked from trees. Cones, acorns, sticks of an interesting shape should also, if possible, be collected not from the ground.

Natural material that can be washed must be treated with soapy water. This applies to shells, pebbles. Brush everything else with a thick brush. Then put on a cloth, dry in the sun. Care must be taken with autumn leaves. They will lose their shape in direct sunlight. If no other shape is needed, for example, rolling into a roll, then to preserve color and smoothness they are placed under a press.

Pine cone hedgehog

You will need: cones, gray and black plasticine.

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