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Yesterday, Square Enix announced that it plans to release an enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5, and there is a free next-gen upgrade available if you own the game digitally or physically. You can purchase a physical copy of the game right now for $ 30 at Amazon. Note that if you plan to take advantage of this deal, you will need to own a PS5 with a disc drive to claim your free PS5 copy.

Although the game will be free on PlayStation Plus beginning March 2nd, Sony confirmed that the PS Plus version will not be eligible to receive a free upgrade. So, you’ll either need to buy the next-gen version, which starts at $ 70, or buy the PS4 version, the latter of which I think is the better deal.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Prices taken at time of publishing.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake with a free PS5 upgrade is $ 30

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A friend bought 15 pieces today and immediately sold it.

Sodny vidyuhi navar 30 rubles.

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Blocking mining on RTX turned out to be useless

The performance limitation of the RTX 3060 GPU in mining was greeted with great joy in gaming circles. Many players even believed that this graphics adapter could become as widespread as the iconic GTX 1060. Nvidia proudly announced the inaccessibility of their anti-mining algorithm, and gamers were already preparing to run to the store to buy.

But the reality turned out to be a little more brutal: all of Nvidia's efforts were aimed at fighting against only one Ethash mining algorithm, while the rest remained untouched:

NVIDIA is confident in the durability of mining protection in GeForce RTX and will use it more widely

NVIDIA said that the mining limiter, which will be endowed with GeForce RTX 3060 graphics accelerators, will not work. This was reported by the resource PC Gamer, after talking with representatives of the company.

Following yesterday’s State of Play, Square Enix announced that an enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PS5, with a free upgrade available to PS4 owners. If you have yet to buy the game, you can grab it for $ 30.

Pharmak Pharmaceutical Corporation and Sector X acceleration hub have extended their partnership for a year. Companies accept applications from startups.

What happened

Earlier, we wrote about how the Sector X acceleration hub works. As part of its program, large companies from different industries work with startups and launch pilot projects together. The hub's partners include L'Oréal, Foxtrot, Farmak, British American Tobacco. Sector X operates on the basis of the UNIT innovation park. ity.

Today it became known that Farmak has extended its cooperation with Sector X for another year. The company will continue to invest and is ready to launch pilots along with the accelerator teams.

During the period of collaboration, Farmak has invested almost $ 500,000 in two startups. The company reviewed about 30 different medical projects.

Which startups are interested in

This year Farmak is interested not only in medtech startups. Although the main focus will still be on them. Also "Farmak" will consider 20% of projects from other areas. Among the interesting areas are logistics and marketing solutions. You can apply here.

Weekly highlights

Partner material

Ukrainian IT-galuz develops quickly. For the tribute to the National Bank, the export of IT services increased by 20% for 2020 ric. Ale rist streaming low factors, as, for example, outdated legislation or irrelevant new programs. Ale htos maє ruhati snakes that turn the situation around?

The same cim is busy with IT-spirits of Ukraine - start, seize the interests of IT specialists and fend for partnership. It is clear about the strategic tasks and the key projects that were already implemented.

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