The most dangerous spiders

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In the future, as in this article on the analysis of spiders, I will rate them on a five-point scale in each category - toxicity, nature, content and price / availability.

Hi. Today we have under our gaze a wonderful representative of tarantula spiders, which is popularly called simply "Laska" or "Horse". Because it is called the "horse tarantula".

Why? Because of its size. The fact is that Parahybana is a representative of a group of 25+, that is, its paw span in an adult state reaches 25 cm.

General information

Lasiodora is a genus of tarantulas from the subfamily Theraphosinae.

This subfamily, in turn, includes many genera of spiders, which can often be found in keeper collections around the world. For example: Acanthoscurria, Aphonopelma, Brachypelma, Chromatopelma, Pamphobeteus, Nhandu, Grammostola, Cyriocosmus, Cyclosternum, and others.

Parahybana is not the only Lasiodora in its genus, there are 32 more species, and among them one, slightly less popular than its sister, but also found in collections: Lasiodora Klugi. She is very similar to Parahibana, however, the hairs on the abdomen are darker, and this is the only difference. Well, and it is also slightly smaller in paws span - up to 20 cm, although their body size is almost the same with the parahibana. But in any case, we are interested in everyone's beloved Horse.

It was first found in 1917 near a town called Campina Grande, located in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. Feel the connection with the name, right? In addition, this spider is endemic to this place, i.e. it can only be found in this state, and nowhere else on the planet.

The horse grows quite quickly, reaching puberty by

2-3 years old in the case of females, and

Lasiodora Parahybana - what is this spider

The most dangerous spiders live in different parts of our planet. In some cases, their bites can be fatal to animals or humans. As of today, the order includes about 42,000 modern and about 1,100 fossil species. Only a few spiders are deadly to humans, which we will discuss in this article.

So, here are the most dangerous spiders in the world.

The most dangerous spiders in the world


There are hundreds of spider species in this family. They differ in that they do not weave a web. Instead, spiders attack their prey first, paralyzing them with a venomous bite.

The most prominent representative of wolf spiders is the tarantula. This insect is found in many regions of the world. After being bitten by a tarantula, a person begins to feel dizzy, headaches, and in rare cases, the bite can lead to death.

Red-footed Widow

The Red-footed Widow lives in parts of Florida. She is not aggressive, but while defending her bite can make the victim cramps and nausea.

Children are especially hard to bear the bite, since they have less weak immunity. Fatalities known.

Yellow Sackworm Spider

This dangerous spider lives in different parts of the planet. He is able to inflict an unexpected bite, after which a person begins to experience pain.

After a period of time, a noticeable swelling appears at the site of the bite.

Six-Eyed Sand Spider

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