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Well, it seems like the other way around: mini-money and micro-path. And in general, judging by the salary of iocto 10 in -24 degrees, salary per iotta 10 in +24 work.

Go to work, like a holiday!

Good morning! The day starts with coffee.

Minutes of free time at work, post

I finished my studies, received a diploma in design and a category in art and decoration work, but it just so happened that I had to be hired as a bartender and, in combination, as a cashier in a cafe. True, temporarily, in order to earn money for a dream profession, alas, also not at all artistic. But the main thing is the goal, the dream, and how else do they say in the films about believing themselves? But not about this now, but just about that creative part of nature, which nothing stops to express itself

Some time of isolation from the arts + lack of time for hobbies has already passed, until they were found - white coffee cups, both large and small. and markers, pencils that were brought from home on the next shift, after the idea with glasses appeared

But, unfortunately, we cannot use clean glasses that are not from the client, for sale after all. Therefore, sometimes removing from the tables, I grabbed several relatively clean white glasses, not without stains from lipstick / coffee / fingers, but these stains do not particularly interfere, because everything is painted over in black and red as a result. although even under a pencil you do not particularly notice these coffee streaks and other things that have not been laundered

But okay with him, take a glass and a pencil, draw. As long as there is free time, of course

Raking money with a shovel

Congratulations on Palm Sunday in your own words

Happy Holidays! I wish you sincere and warm feelings, spiritual and material abundance, kind and bright thoughts. Let confusion and anxiety go away from your life with the introduction of willow into the house, giving way to excellent health, grace, peace and serenity.

Congratulations on Palm Sunday! I wish you endless happiness, positive emotions and mutual love! May happiness, which gives confidence in one's own capabilities, accompany a long life in prosperity and health!

Today I am very glad, because today is Palm Sunday and I hasten to congratulate you on this bright church holiday! When illuminating a willow twig, remember that it will fill your home with prosperity, kindness, and a cozy atmosphere of love and forgiveness! Let harmony, harmony and prosperity become synonymous with your family!

May your home be filled with the warmth of unanimity, harmony, harmony and unanimity on this wonderful Christian celebration. May any defilement and sorrow leave you and your family. Let only joyful laughter be heard within the walls of your cozy home!

Happy Palm Sunday! I wish that all negativity remains in the past, and that life becomes richer, brighter and more positive. I wish you continued health, never lose faith, love and not know grief.

I wish you unshakable faith and vain hopes, excellent health and many years of spiritual prosperity, not knowing troubles, worries and disappointments!

Congratulations on Palm Sunday in prose beautiful

On this bright spring holiday of Palm Sunday, I would like to wish everyone peace in their souls, prosperity in the house, pure aspirations and thoughts, as well as harmony with loved ones. Let the angels enter your house along with the willow branch and protect and protect you and your family.

Happy Palm Sunday! Let the spring willow branch become a symbol of the purity of your thoughts and sincere faith. As it strives upward, to the sun, let your life strive for good renewal, success and ups in the same way.

Palm Sunday, a good and wonderful holiday, brings you goodness and good news. We wish you sincere love, loyalty from friends, good prosperity, well-being in the family, comfort and joy. May the Lord bless you and your family and give many years of good health!

We sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday - Palm Sunday! We wish you peace and prosperity, great love and happiness! Let only sincere people meet in life. Let the branch of the consecrated willow always protect your home and drive away all adversity from it.

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Beautiful congratulations on Labor Day in prose and in your own words

Congratulations on the first day of May, on the holiday of inspired and creative work! Let any business that you undertake gives you pleasure and pleases with its results, we wish you success, luck and friendly support of others in any endeavor.

Happy Workers Day! I wish that your work always brings the desired results in the form of results. To make work a joy. May all your goals come true, and your finances increase! Kindness, warmth, prosperity, desire, success and prosperity!

On a day symbolizing the solidarity and friendship of all people, I would like to wish you spring warmth, enthusiasm, more bright ideas and creative success in all your endeavors. Let these days pass in a cheerful, cheerful mood, bright events, in the circle of relatives and friends. Health, happiness, love.

Happy holiday to all hardworking people! May any business end with success and promising proposals for the future. Create, love, dream, be inspired, learn something new and exciting. More bright days, smiles, fewer disappointments!

Congratulations on May Day and sincerely wish you fruitful and eventful everyday life, wonderful and full rest, spring mood and great inspiration, funny stories and happy events.

May Day has come and we wish the warmest spring sun to come with it! May any work be within your power and joy! To start every morning cheerfully, with a smile and a good mood!

Beautiful congratulations on Labor Day in your own words

On this sunny and radiant holiday, filled with the smell of a fire and preparing barbecue, Labor Day, I wish you a blissful outdoor recreation with friends and family. May this weekend bring many new and extremely pleasant impressions, emotions and sensations!

The road of life is rather bumpy and thorny, but it becomes even more difficult when there is no goal, loyal supporters, vocation, achievements and victories - all that gives us our favorite pastime. I wish to find the very thing that I would like to do at any time of the day or night and receive pleasure from it, and not just the means of subsistence.

The long-awaited May holidays have finally arrived! Happy Labor Day from the bottom of my heart! Let the blissful bliss of relaxation cover you headlong, cleanse you of painful and sad thoughts, and in return fill you with warmth, satisfaction, kindness and serenity!

Let ambitious plans and ambitions always be on your to-do list. May your strength always be sufficient for their embodiment. Let this spring holiday nourish you with new ideas and fill your bag of inspiration! Happy Holidays!

Payments to veterans for Victory Day in the year

In 2020, the 75th anniversary of the Victory is celebrated, because the front-line soldiers, widows of Heroes and the blockade were to receive rather large payments: 75 thousand rubles each. In turn, the home front workers were paid 50 thousand rubles.

Let us remind you that every year veterans receive 10 thousand rubles for Victory Day - in 2020 they also ended up in the hands of the defenders of the Fatherland. In addition, on the eve of May 9, the government intended to allocate sufficient funds to buy their own homes for veterans: more than two hundred people will receive such assistance.

The state is trying to provide veterans with sufficient cash payments, including additional payments that they receive in addition to the basic pension. Also, the defenders of the Fatherland have separate benefits and compensations.

For example, participants in the Second World War are exempt from the tax "for six acres" and have a 50% discount when paying for utility bills. The veterans will be reimbursed for half of the overhaul fees.

Medical care is provided to veterans free of charge, and they can receive any necessary prosthesis (except for a dental one), in addition, once a year they can undergo an in-depth medical examination.

Veterans do not pay for travel - even if they go to another city for treatment. Travel to the veterans' sanatorium is also free.

Yearly Veteran Support

As you know, there are support measures that are assigned to veterans by regional authorities. So, in St. Petersburg and Moscow, for example, veterans can supply free dentures, and also get a ticket to the resort. Free repairs in apartments are received by veterans who live in the Moscow region and Kursk.

In 2020, 12 thousand participants of the Second World War from the Tula region will receive televisions and food. In addition, they will be provided with protective equipment and disinfectants. Veterans from other regions will also receive food packages.

In the Amur region, seven veterans received certificates for the purchase of housing (2.2 million). Such assistance from the authorities occurs annually, and usually the presentation of certificates takes place in a festive atmosphere, but in 2020 the documents were simply sent by mail.

Veterans of the Nizhny Novgorod region received a zero payment for housing and communal services and another 1,000 rubles each to pay for utilities. In turn, the Chuvash veterans received 25 thousand rubles each.

A group of 25 people was detained near Molodechno. Ministry of Internal Affairs: "They were going to burn a scarecrow in the colors of the national flag"

Relatives: "She was going with the company to go to the dacha for barbecue"

59-year-old resident of Minsk Lilia Rogozhina is among the detainees. TUT. Y contacted her daughter Anna.

- Yesterday at 23. 0 my mother called me from the police. She said that she was detained under Art. 23. 4 Administrative Code and asked to look after my grandmother. Mom lives with her grandmother, who is 87 years old. Grandma doesn't see, says Anna. - When asked what happened, she replied that she was in the investigator's office and could not speak.

My daughter says that Lilia called from the Molodechno District Department of Internal Affairs.

- Today we are constantly recruiting there, asking if my mother has been convoyed. At 15.0 she was still there, - Anna shares information. - As far as I know, tomorrow the detainees will be tried.

Another TUT reader. Y told that his acquaintance Alena was also in the Molodechno District Department of Internal Affairs. “All we know is that that day she was going with the company to go to the dacha for barbecues,” the young man shared the information. The people, he noted, were from Minsk.

According to human rights activists, the company decided to organize a holiday to mark the end of winter. The list of detainees, published by human rights activists, contains two couples with the same surnames. Apparently, we are talking about spouses. In addition, it is reported that one of the girls from the police was taken by an ambulance.

ATC: "They were going to burn an effigy in the colors of the national flag on Shrovetide

The police department of the Minsk regional executive committee commented on the detention of 25 people near Molodechno as follows: “they were going to burn a scarecrow in the colors of the national flag on Maslenitsa”.

“The participants had BBC symbols with them, as well as a figure to be burned in clothes of the colors of the national flag. The participants recorded their actions, expressing obvious disrespect for society, on gadget cameras. "

“In relation to them, administrative protocols have been drawn up for participating in an unauthorized event. In addition, their actions, recorded on the video, will be given a criminal-legal assessment ”.

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