The child painted as well; dad built

The fuel mixture ignition system is extremely sensitive to moisture ingress, mechanical damage and power surges. Hence the question arises of how to check the ignition coil for performance with your own hands. The desire to carry out the procedure on their own is justified by the fact that most drivers do not want to overpay for the services of workshop technicians.

Why the ignition coil fails

In a normal state, the ignition coil will last up to 100,000 kilometers, without any troubles and failures. At the same time, some drivers are faced with the fact that the device starts to junk much earlier than the deadline. Factors stand out among the most common reasons for failure.

  • Mechanical damage. There may be a banal natural wear and tear of a low-quality unit. Typically, insulation cracks, oil leaks, or moisture gets inside the module, which can also provoke a short circuit.
  • Damaged contact connections. In this case, the primary source of the problem is water or road reagents applied to roads in winter. In this case, the entire device changes immediately.
  • Overheating. The most common problem with individual ignition coils. To avoid this situation, you should carefully monitor the quality of the coolant and the temperature of the engine. The factor can significantly reduce the life of the coil.
  • Vibration. This is usually found on classic cars, where there are problems with the perfection of the suspension design or the stability of the engine. Increased vibration load, shaking can destroy the contents of the ignition coil

Typical Symptoms of a Malfunction

Among the vivid signs of a malfunctioning ignition coil, factors stand out.

  • The engine starts to triple - the problem gets worse over time.
  • Troenia is mainly manifested in the cold. After warming up, everything becomes normal.
  • The motor is unstable in high humidity.
  • When the driver presses the accelerator abruptly, acceleration is not immediate. The motor falls through and then gradually starts to gain momentum.

How to check the ignition coil

There are several methods for checking the ignition coil. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Spark Test

A similar technique is good for its simplicity of execution, but it may not show a specific coil breakdown, but a general system malfunction. Here we need: a live candle, a key to remove it and pliers. Initially, the integrity of the high-voltage wires should be checked. Then you will need to complete the procedure.

  • Remove the spark plug tip of the first cylinder and attach it to the prepared spark plug.
  • Place the body against the engine block and start the internal combustion engine.
  • Repeat the procedure with all cylinders in turn.

How to check the ignition coil for performance

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The child drew, and dad built. See what house the man built according to the children's drawing-project

The prototype of this house was a drawing of a child - the son of the hero of this material, Alexei from the Moscow region. For him, he became a gift and a starting point in the construction of a family house. And this is not quite a standard structure, which is closest to a half-timbered building - a massive frame made of laminated veneer lumber filled with PIR panels and large double-glazed windows. He told about all the stages in detail and in detail at the construction forum, and Alexey's story was noticed by TUT journalists. Y.

For Alexei, this was the construction of the third house in a row - to sell what he had created with love and with his own hands was forced not by a craving for change, but by a harsh vital necessity. And recently, he and his family lived in a rented apartment. At some point, he again decided to go to the construction site: “What if you buy land and build a house ?! After all, this is better than panting, earning money for an apartment, the growing price of which is impossible to keep up with. And you can stretch, build gradually, but already live in it. In your home! "

The starting point was the donated drawing of his son - he redrawn it from a picture from the Internet, and it was completely different from the previous houses.

- I decided to build our house faster, as quickly as I can, - says Alexey. - Now I know for sure that nothing can be postponed for later, because this "later" may not come and the most precious thing a person has is time, and it is incorruptible, and it will not wait for anyone.

One more installation before the planned business - no more tons of cement, kilometers of reinforcement, eternal construction without end and edge. The building spot is four times smaller, the minimum set of premises, an abundance of light and space. The total area of ​​the house is 170 m² and a terrace.

The plot was purchased without problems, in a cottage village in the Moscow region - 15 acres, gas, water, sewerage, electricity. In order not to "run with a lawn mower", they left 8.5 hundred square meters for themselves, and sold 6.5 more.

The relatively low weight of the structure and the height difference in the building spot is almost a meter - all indications for screw piles. It was decided to choose them with a wall thickness of 7 mm and a blade with a diameter of 350 mm. The harness is wooden, made of glued laminated timber.

It is worth noting that the design of the house was completely unusual. In fact, this is a frame made of laminated veneer lumber filled with double-glazed windows and sandwich panels (metal on both sides, PIR insulation inside).

First, the site was delivered with frame parts made of glued laminated timber of factory production. It was assembled on the spot by the team of the company - the manufacturer of the frame, but under the strict guidance of Alexei.

He writes that the quality of the timber was acceptable, although there were some complaints about the saws. However, glued elements are not as sensitive to such flaws as profiled timber.

The guys-gatherers came from Tula: Sasha, Kolya and Rodrigo (a common Tula name).

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