Temari; Master Class

A golf ball was found on the lunar surface.

This little thing has been there for half a century.

The find changes the understanding of conditions on the Moon.

A photography specialist unexpectedly managed to say a new word in astronautics!

Not for fun, but for science!

In preparation for the lunar landing, American astronaut Alan Shepard persuaded management to let him take golf balls with him and hit them with a sampling device a couple of times.

Those agreed. But not for the sake of popularizing this sport on the moon.

Knowledge about the conditions on the surface of the satellite of our planet was so fragmentary that scientists wanted to trace the behavior of some familiar objects there, in order to then compare it with the terrestrial.

The golf idea came in handy. The theoretical calculations of scientists suggested that without an atmosphere and with a low level of gravity, the balls would fly many kilometers.

Shepard was allowed "time off from the mission" to devote to golf. After the first unsuccessful hit, the second ball went flying.

Shepard was familiar with the calculations of the scientists. Therefore, when it was not possible to see the ball in sight, he announced that the latter “flew many, many miles”.

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Do-it-yourself Temari are decorated hand balls that look artistic, unusual and elegant in the interior of every home.

This is the ancient Chinese art of embroidery on balls, which allows you to create and create extraordinary, attracting with its beauty, splendor components of the decor. It is used both for home decoration and as a children's toy, a rattle. A colorful, high-quality and soft DIY craft will become a favorite toy for any child.

To learn how to make this product, you need to stock up on perseverance, focus and perseverance. The procedure for such an elite, interesting embroidery is tedious, time-consuming and laborious. Possessing a great irresistible desire, perseverance and patience, you can create an exquisite fashionable masterpiece of art with your own hands.

Lesson: what to make temari balls from

In our country, these products are used as decoration for a house, a car, a Christmas tree, key rings, and even beads, bracelets, and earrings are made according to their type. Depending on the function of the product, one or another material is taken: for Christmas tree decorations - a foam base, for toys - fabric.

For any theme you will need the following materials:

  • foam or tights, fabric, cellophane;
  • woolen, cotton and sewing threads;
  • scissors;
  • 30 cm paper strip 0.7 mm wide;
  • cm tape;
  • pins;
  • needles of different lengths.

If a foam form is taken as a basis, then wrap it with wool without gaps, and then with bobbin threads. Rewind tightly in different directions. As soon as all the gaps are closed, insert the end of the thread (about a meter) into the needle and fasten the weave of the ball with small stitches in different directions.

You can make temari balls with your own hands from tights or other elastic material. Form a circle out of them, cover with cellophane and cut off the excess ends. Without glue, distribute the polyethylene and start wrapping it with bobbin threads, that is, you do everything in the same way as with a foam ball.

Base making

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