Tatiana Strokova (HOUSE 2)

In December 2018, the participants of "House-2", and with them all the audience of the project, met a new beauty, Tatyana Strokova. Quite successful in ordinary life outside the television set, she decided to change her fate and arrange her personal life at the famous "love factory". The girl, as it turned out, had not only a bright appearance, but also an eccentric behavior and a foolish disposition, which always allowed her to be in the spotlight. Tatiana actively got down to business and began to build love (for which she, in fact, came).

Childhood and family

Tatiana Strokova was born in Voronezh on the last day of summer - August 31, 1992. Despite the lack of a large amount of information about her early childhood and school years, it seems that the girl grew up in a prosperous full-fledged family, surrounded by the care of her parents - Galina and Sergei.

The photographs that Tatiana herself and her parents keep carefully are evidence of close relationships within the family. Mutual understanding can be judged by the successful career of a girl at a fairly young age - such achievements are impossible without the support of loved ones and their belief in success. Strokova herself says that she is striving to create her own family, which will be similar to her parent's, and dreams of three children. It remains to find a chosen one who will become a reliable protector of the social unit, its head and support.

Education and work

After graduating from school, Strokova studied at the Faculty of Economics at Voronezh State University, specializing in marketing. Of course, although Tatyana's further activities were associated with another industry (tourism), the knowledge and skills gained in the course of her studies were very useful to her.

It was not easy, especially for a young girl, but, having a core inside, a strong character, perseverance and a desire for independence, Tatiana was able to create her own business from the very beginning. She established a travel agency in her hometown. She started by renting a tiny room and studying everything related to this area. Strokova herself gained her own experience, made mistakes, corrected them and took them into account in the future, filled out the necessary documents and papers, paid taxes, in a word, learned all the delights of business. She did not strive for easy money, like many young girls, but she perfectly understood that only hard work and the ability not to despair, but to bring the matter to the end, will help her achieve her goal.

Shopping center Kalinahall, where Strokova has a travel agency

Purposefulness and efficiency played a role - Strokova rented an office in the Kalinahall business center in the city center, on 20-letiya Oktyabrya street. Coconut travel agency, owned by Tatiana Strokova, successfully sells vouchers to different countries, and the group of subscribers on the Vkontakte social network numbers about 3000 people. The amount of income from a business varies - it can be half a million or 30,000 rubles. Not everyone believed the words of the project participant about such high earnings. However, after the journalistic investigation conducted by Anton Bekkuzhev within the framework of the TV show "Borodina against Buzova", doubts about the veracity of the girl were dispelled. The holiday season brought good income, and a business woman was able to purchase a good apartment and a status car.

The girl never hid that she was “born for a rich life” and is looking for a wealthy man

Tatyana's indispensability in business is also confirmed by the fact that while she was on the project and could not personally control the work of the enterprise, the company's affairs noticeably deteriorated. The employees could not cope without the hostess and could not keep the already promoted travel agency afloat.

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