Subdomains or folders: strategy for the regional promotion of an online store

Subdomains or folders? And what strategy for promoting a multi-regional store, that is, a store that is ready to provide services in several regions of Russia, Ukraine, etc., will be optimal? Dmitry Sevalnev, Head of SEO and Advertising Department at Pixel Plus, Evangelist at Pixel Tools, spoke about this at a webinar.

One of the points of multiple growth of targeted traffic and sales lies in the multi-regional search engine promotion of the site. That is, this is one of those points that a SEO specialist, business owner or marketing team can push to show further business growth. In some cases, this growth can be multiple, sometimes tenfold, for example, if you are not starting from the most popular region of your country.

Evaluation of the niche and successful competitors in the search results

Why analyze competitors? It would seem that in such a task as multi-regional promotion there is a golden answer - a subdomain or folders. In fact, there is only a golden rule, in SEO it is called “Look at the competition and do it the same or better”. It works, of course, in 2021 and will continue to work in the future.

To determine the optimal promotion strategy, you need to know which approaches, templates, texts on the listings to use, whether the description should be unique in relation to one region or another, new features, hypotheses and many additional points. The answers to all these questions lie in competitor analysis and nothing else.

How to identify competitors in the region

One of the main tasks is how to identify the coolest competitors in each region or even not in each, but in several regions to which you are planning to expand. In fact, our project module uses such a thing as picking up positions in the regions that interest you.

Here you can also build a pie chart. I recommend to look separately on Yandex, separately on Google or some other search engine that interests you. And see what projects in this pie chart are represented in all regions.

Pie chart: on each axis, this is the visibility value of either predicted traffic or the number of requests in the top 10 of the trimetric, and the visibility value in a particular region is indicated.

Therefore, if you monitor the visibility of a particular site in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and so on, you will see whether it is represented evenly in all these regions, or any of the regions it sags. Or, as most often happens: only one region is represented, and in the rest of the search engines of the regions it disappears.

If you do not have full semantics or do not know how to monitor, then using the "quick check" tool (url in the top 10) you can also quickly assess the topic.

Suppose I took Kaluga and several searches in the "office furniture" topic - office chairs, buy office furniture, etc. - and with the help of a "quick check" I realized what is the most popular in this topic.

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