Stylish facade design: canopies and awnings over the entrance to the house

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Requirements for visors

A visor should be not only practical, but also safe, therefore there are a number of requirements that should be met by the visor design:

  • tightness ;
  • strength ;
  • attractiveness ;
  • sufficient width and length;
  • < li> matching the general mood of the building.

One of the main functions of the visor is protective. In this case, we are talking about both the tenants and guests who will enter the house, and the very front door. A good canopy is airtight, that is, rain or melt water does not flow through the slots in its deck. This extends the service life of the material from which the door is made. In addition, the visor casts a shadow on the porch, which prevents the rapid fading of the paintwork applied to the trims and the door.

The structure of the visor must be strong enough. This means that it must easily withstand both its own weight and wind load, which in some cases can be several times greater than the weight of the canopy structure. In addition, in winter, with heavy snowfalls, part of the precipitation will linger on the canopy. Its strength should be sufficient for the weight of the snow cover.

The visor is not a module that is made to be simple. He should be attractive and set the general mood. At the same time, the design of the canopy should not contradict the exterior of the building. This is reflected both in the lines of the frame and in the colors. The width of the visor should be such that the overhang on each side of the door is at least 50 cm. Only in this case can we talk about a sufficient protective function.

Types of canopies and awnings

The main purpose of the canopy is to protect the building's porch and entrance doors from direct sunlight, rain and snow. Visors can differ in size, shape, design, installation method. They are made from different building materials.

Most often, small canopies are broadcast over the entrance of private houses, which are enough to protect the porch and entrance. But, some owners of country cottages equip wide awnings, and the sides are sewn up from the wind. In the summer, such structures are used for recreation, as terraces.

According to the type of installation, canopies are divided into supporting and hinged products. The former are massive structures that require reliable fastening. They are installed on wooden or metal supports, and the side part is attached to the wall of the building.

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