Spring work in the garden and garden: what to do in March, April and May

Moscow is not only a trade, industrial and business hub of Russia, an important role is played by the growing tourist flows every year. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to the development of hotels, huge sums are invested in them and they strictly monitor compliance with international standards. Hotel "Ukraine", and today "Radisson Collection, Moscow", is no exception. Having received the status of a monument of history and culture in 2005, it remains a modern and developing organism with its own full life inside.

General information

The Ukraine Hotel in Moscow is one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers known as the Seven Sisters. The initiative for the construction of the buildings belonged to I. Stalin. He coordinated all projects personally, since the task was to globally shape the image of Moscow in the post-war period. And since the USSR entered the period of the Cold War with the United States, skyscrapers, as a symbol of American prosperity, had to "rise" in the Soviet Union as well.

Stalin wanted to time the start of construction of these key buildings on the 800th anniversary of Moscow, so the foundations were laid in the late 1940s. During the life of the leader, only seven skyscrapers were erected. The project for the eighth building was not implemented.

The building of the hotel "Ukraine" in Moscow is the latest commissioned building of the entire project. The towering skyscraper at the source of Kutuzovsky Prospekt, decorated with a 73-meter spire, is slightly inferior in height to the Moscow State University building.

The Stalin skyscraper on Kutuzovsky Prospekt is a historical monument and an example of its time. In addition, since the time of its foundation, the hotel "Ukraine" has been loved by many famous writers, politicians, businessmen, actors from different parts of the world, as evidenced by their entries in the book of honored guests.

Construction of the Ukraine Hotel in Moscow

The architects and builders of the Ukraine Hotel faced a difficult task. The bank of the Moskva River is not the best place for a high-rise building. The design of the building assumed that the foundation of the entire structure should go to a depth of 11 meters and 6 meters below the groundwater level.

There were two solutions to such a difficult problem in those years, or the already well-known system of freezing the soil or dewatering using a network of pumps. More than 900 pumping units were provided for the drainage of groundwater in the pit.

Hotel Ukraine got its name only under N. Khrushchev, before that, at all stages of architectural planning and construction, the project was called the Hotel Building in Dorogomilovo.


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Wicker items, not only bracelets, but also belts for clothes, collars and cuffs, necklaces and headbands for the neck, scarves and stoles, bags and clutches, covers for phones and chair seats and much more, consist of knots, the technique of tying which can be easily found in such needlework as macrame. Macrame has its roots in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Iran, Peru and China. People of those times tied stone axes with similar knots and knitted mats. To this day, macrame is popular among both the female and male half of humanity. You will find patterns for weaving bracelets from laces below in the material.

Men, of course, do not wear jewelry, but they can wear a minimalistic stylish bracelet made of knitted or leather laces. Women's jewelry is more diverse and you have to have a large number of them in a woman's wardrobe, choosing them for each of your outfits, but in order not to spend your entire budget on beautiful things, you can weave an original bracelet yourself. For a wicker bracelet, different materials are taken: threads of different composition, incl. and floss, beads, satin and leather ribbons, fabric, knitted and leather laces, and to make the bracelet more attractive, it is recommended to add beads of different sizes and colors.

Cord and bead bracelet

For work, you can choose beads of any shade: in this example, it is contrasting, but the idea with a restrained finish looks no less beautiful.

  • braid string made of genuine leather or suede;
  • small beads or large beads;
  • strong thread to match the lace;
  • a thin needle - ideally a special one for leather, but a regular one is also suitable;
  • a fastener - you can take an unusual button or a beautiful pendant;
  • scissors.

Weaving a bracelet from beads will be like this:

  • Having folded the lace in half, step back a little from the fold, leaving free space - this will be the eyelet for the fastener. Having threaded the needle, start sewing both sections of the lace: after passing through one section with the needle, string a bead, and sew the second. Thus, the lace will be on both sides of the bead.

  • Repeat the first step, going through one side of the string, the bead and the other side. Do not forget to alternate the pattern if several shades are selected: in our example, the rapport consists of 10 blue and one gold beads.

  • Continue sewing until the desired length of the bracelet is formed. Now cut off one of the free ends of the cord, and on the other, tie a bead or put on a pendant. Sew on the end so that the fastener is not lost.

The decoration is ready! Wrap it around your wrist and thread the button or pendant through the loop at the other end of the bracelet. You can brag and take technology to school as a basis for a lesson!

Patterns for weaving bracelets from laces: disassembling male and female options

Hotel Radisson Ukraine in Moscow. The hotel consists of 1500 thousand rooms.

With the arrival of spring, there comes a time when your garden awakens from hibernation. ... Your site needs your help to get it back in shape. It's time to get the tools out of the barn. Spring work in the garden and vegetable garden is an important stage, on which not only the beauty of the site depends, but also the future harvest. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of actions, the implementation of which will have a beneficial effect in your garden.

Gardening in spring: what to do in March

Immediately after the snow melts, it is recommended to remove old leaves, bags, other items that were used to protect plants and trees from frost. Covering materials are cleaned, washed, dried and hidden until the fall season. Then they start cleaning the area from debris, old branches, fallen leaves, yellowed grass. Even if the territory was cleared in the fall, it must be repeated in the spring.

No less important spring work in the country in the spring is the removal of weeds, which can form immediately after the first sun rays appear. At above-zero temperatures, moss, algae grows quickly, so they need to be removed. A stiff brush is used for manipulation. The stone path is cleaned with water, actively pouring it from a hose. Such manipulations are allowed only at positive temperatures.

In spring the soil is easy to cultivate, so it is recommended to add a little compost or well-rotted manure to the topsoil to prepare it for the upcoming growing season.

Vases, flower pots, various containers are cleaned, treated with herbicides, and cracks are patched. The soil must be replaced with fresh, rhizomes of flowers that have wintered in pots are dried and planted back.

Soil fertilization in early spring

Carrying out spring processing of the garden and vegetable garden in March necessarily includes soil mulching. This is done to create optimal conditions for crops, since mulch helps to heat the roots during cold weather, and also protects them from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Be sure to carry out such spring work with strawberries, since mulching helps to increase the yield, creates the effect of a beautiful and well-groomed soil.

Mulch composition is prepared based on:

  • mills ;
  • compost;
  • bark ;
  • chips ;
  • straw ;
  • rotted leaves;
  • covering tissue.

How to make a pine cone wreath

The first thing to do is paint the buds. You can choose any color of paint. Here, your imagination can walk as you like. Choose a color scheme that matches your home interior. But first, you need to paint the cones with white paint so that the multi-colored paint lay down more beautiful and brighter.

Place the buds in a box and paint with white spray paint.

When the buds are dry, you can take colored paints and get creative

Use a thin wire to tie the buds to the base.

If you have a cardboard base, then the cones can be glued tightly to each other with a hot gun.

Fill in the entire base, being careful not to allow gaps, then your pine cone wreath will look chic.

You can make a more austere pine cone wreath. To do this, you will need to paint the buds white and dilute them with yellow leaves.

For the base, you can use branches twisted in a circle, which also need to be painted with white paint.

Use hot glue to attach the buds and leaves to the wreath.

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