Several versions of the appearance of a large number of marigolds in someone else's flower bed

A vegetable garden is, first of all, a good help for a family. A small plot of land makes it possible not to spend money on buying vegetables, but to grow them with your own hands. But I really want the work in the beds to bring not only practical benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure. With a shortage of territory, when there are no places left for laying out flower beds, vegetable crops can become a decoration of the landscape along with ornamental plants.

Advantages of landscaping with a vegetable garden

A huge plus is that there are always fresh vegetables and herbs on the table, collected directly from the garden. You can be sure of their ecological purity, since they were grown with their own hands, and were fertilized only with what the owners of the site themselves brought into the soil.

Not everyone dares to move away from traditional ideas about the garden and combine it with flower beds. This means that the design of the site will be unique.

You can plant everything you need for the table anywhere, without really thinking about whether it is the farthest corner of the garden or the front area in the courtyard. In such a landscape, ornamental flowering plants play a supporting role, and the main emphasis is on the "edible". Regardless, the garden design does not seem overly simplistic. On the contrary, it has a special charm and breathes with the coziness of a home environment, peace.

In what style to arrange the site

Rustic or country style is considered the most appropriate. It uses the simplest plants inherent in this area, so the beds with beets, carrots, parsley and cabbage look very appropriate. Floral borders made of marigolds and calendula are used as dividing borders. For decoration, a low picket fence, wattle fence is ideal, and in the resting place a wooden gazebo entwined with morning glory.

It will not be difficult to introduce vegetable beds into the landscape landscape as well. It is not necessary to make them geometrical: it is better if they are of an arbitrary configuration so as not to disturb the natural landscape. It is advisable to include a small artificial reservoir in the project. It will add even more naturalness to the environment.

If you choose a more modern style that does not encourage the use of vegetables, you can distract attention from the garden with a bright flowering accent: a hydrangea bush in the foreground, a trellis of climbing roses, a hedge around the resting place.

Garden Ideas

If the vegetable garden is the main idea of ​​the site, it is worth highlighting the vegetable beds so that they do not seem boring. The easiest option is to raise them above ground level, fencing them with a curb made of boards, half-timbers, beams. Since wood is not very resistant to moisture, it should be painted or impregnated.

Remember how many years ago we all watched Duck Tales for the first time? There, the richest drake, Scrooge McDuck, bathed in his riches - in the literal sense of the word, he "dived" into the sea of ​​gold coins, which he kept in placers in a huge vault.

And now imagine what the same feeling of pleasure I had when I discovered the "sea" of blooming marigolds.

Variety of colors can only be conveyed by displaying a video

I'm like a cat that has discovered a lot of delicious sour cream :). By chance, near one of the large warehouses of building materials, behind a fence, near the road - I found a sea of ​​marigolds.

It has long been known that if there are many colors, then the effect increases proportionally. It is one thing to admire one flower, and quite another - when there are whole meadows of flowers or huge multi-colored flower beds.

And I made a video, the link to it will be at the end. And only by looking at it, you can imagine the variety of colors and shapes of marigolds that grew here at that time.

And I immediately decided that I would come here for seeds in the fall

All these marigolds grew openly. In free, let's say, access. And as you know, no one is prohibited from collecting some seeds from city flower beds. Well, here there are so many completely different colors in color and shape that you can't imagine better.

I had another interest in this mass planting of velvet. (In our Tver region everyone calls marigolds - velvet).

Since I did not see the flower bed in the spring, the question was: “Is this self-seeding so abundant since last year? Or someone did not spare money and spent on hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of seedling bushes? "

But when I carefully watched the video at home, three more interesting versions of the origin of such a flower bed appeared. / n>

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