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Today the well-known Ukrainian journalist Valery Novobranets celebrates his half-century anniversary. For two decades of work in the football department of the once popular newspaper "Team", and later on the website Zbirna. om, he has recorded hundreds of interviews, including with VIPs, hot reports and high-profile analytical materials. In short, there is something to remember.

- Valery Nikolaevich, please accept our congratulations! After many years of active journalism, you are approaching your 50th anniversary as a functionary. Today you are a member of the UAF Executive Committee, a member of the Directorate for the Cup of Ukraine, you are a member of the Board of the Association of Sports Journalists of Ukraine. Do you feel comfortable from a professional point of view?

- I can't say that I have completely moved away from journalistic activities, because, for example, I am in charge of the official website of the Ukrainian Football Association, I keep fit on zbirna. om. As for the work of a functionary, even in the newspaper Team I was engaged not only in creativity, but also in various organizational issues. Therefore, I cannot say that I got a sharp transition from one field of activity to another. After all, I was a member of the editorial board of the "Team" newspaper, the head of the information and analytical department. Now, it seems to me, there is more responsibility in my work, but all this happened in an evolutionary way. And the diploma in sports management courses, received 10 years ago, came in handy.

- Do you rule out the option of fully focusing on journalism again?

- You don't need to renounce, but at this stage it can happen only if there are more than 24 hours in a day. It's just that due to the workload, I do not have the physical ability to concentrate on journalism alone. And I think it is wrong to do this “in between times”. If I make material, then I try to be responsible for every word that is written there.

“At the first interview I took grams of vodka and a sandwich with caviar”

- You graduated from the radiophysics faculty of KSU named after Taras Shevchenko. How did you end up in journalism?

- I, like, probably, many young people, had a long process of choosing a life path. I have been in sports since the first grade of school. As a child, when he lived in Belarus, he was involved in many sports, including football, and even jumped with a parachute in the final class. However, military-applied sports were my best. There, as a schoolboy, I had quite serious achievements. There were adult categories, and in several areas (orienteering, telegraphy, all-around radio operators and short-wave radio communication) I fulfilled the standards of a candidate for master of sports, was involved in the youth teams of the republic.

As for journalism, here at first there was, so to speak, a transition to football. I entered the Taras Shevchenko University. There were, naturally, various sections. And when I found out that the football club is headed by the famous Dynamo player Pyotr Slobodyan, doubts about where to go disappeared by themselves. I played for the team of my faculty, was involved in training in the team of the university.

At that time it was possible to attract “legionnaires” from other faculties to the playoffs of university tournaments. The journalists then did not have a very strong team, and they, as a rule, did not leave the group. We were regularly among the favorites. And one of such "legionnaires" among radio physicists was Yura Sai, who at that time already worked in "Sportivniy gazeta". This, as it turned out, was the key moment in the transition to journalism, where I came already at a fairly mature age, having tried myself in other directions before.

I wrote a comment earlier. I will add a post. I spent the 0s in Kazakhstan and I remember, in fact, the middle and the end of the 90s.

I would like to tell not about my family, but about people whose image still reminds me of the 90s and the moment that jokes with drugs are bad.

I am 6 years old. I live with my grandmother, my mother is at work around the clock, lives in a neighboring city, my father left, we rarely see my mother, all summer a summer cottage and help in this fucking garden, which was a punishment for the child, but I understood that if I didn’t do it now, I would eat nothing, since only potatoes and vegetables from the garden helped out.

And somehow, after returning from the dacha, we discovered that we have new neighbors. At our entrance, a young married couple bought an apartment, and they were not poor in appearance (as it turned out later, they were very prosperous). I remember how 4 big cars arrived and things were unloaded and unloaded and it seemed there was no end or end to these things, but these things were rushing to the 5th floor, the door to the right. Their names were Yura and Natasha. They had a daughter, her image and how old she is, I don't remember, I remember her black jeans and a black top. I clearly remember that they had a car.

And now, everything seems to be going on as usual, Yura had some kind of business, in which, by the way, he got up, (my grandmother told me to an adult). Yes, that's bad luck, the neighbors six months later, or maybe a year later, began to row, some dubious people began to appear in their house, and I stopped seeing my daughter at all. After some time, the truth was revealed, they were addicted to drugs, and it was harsh. Best friends "helped". First, Yura sat down, and then Natasha.

At first, apparently he somehow could combine both business and drugs, but after a while he fucked up the first, because drugs became more important.

From their lives I remember how he collected gobies near the entrance, I remember a lot of syringes near the entrance, the constant smell of vinegar in the entrance mixed with some caustic chemistry that made my eyes water, but the most important event happened later, which I remember in detail.

One hot summer day, they had a fire in the apartment. I was playing football that day near the house, and now several firefighters drive up to my entrance and the trash starts. Glasses are broken both from the side of the entrance and from the back of the house. I personally saw how Yura was carried out in his arms, black as a chimney sweep, and saw how the smoking corpse of their guest was carried out, covered with a cloth on top and his hand burnt to the bone and sticking out from under the cloth. I remember how, after the successful liquidation of the fire, there was a crowd of people, and Natasha was sitting on a bench near the entrance, wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and fishnet tights (with a leaky finger) and signing some documents held by the district police officer.

And after. and there was nothing that day after. Grandfather Volodya quickly with his bass voice dispersed everyone from the entrance and everyone began to live on, and that evening Yura was already at home.

Everything burned down and the next day, all the burnt "good" was taken out in the trash, and boxes were rushing in the opposite direction in order to close up the broken glass and still, I remembered well that it was cold outside the next day and in the evening the next day, Natasha stood in tears at the door of our apartment and asks for something to eat, and her grandmother gives her crackers, a jar of jam and something else.

What did you remember? Not referring to the fact that this is a response to the post about the 90s, but to the fact that I saw their grave a couple of months ago. I started to sweat, because I was afraid of them, I thought that if they touched me, I would also become a drug addict. They burned out from drugs in 2001, he was a little earlier (in May), but she did not stay too long, after a couple of months (August) she also went to the ancestors, herself or who helped the question is open.

Bitcoin correction triggered the largest volume of liquidations, Bitfinex and Tether settled the conflict with the New York State Attorney's Office, MicroStrategy bought digital gold for $ 1.02 billion and other events of the week.

Bitcoin price plummets from highs, triggering record liquidation

On Monday, February 22, the quotes of the first cryptocurrency began a correction after reaching a historic high above $ 58,000 the night before.

A decline in the rate to $ 52,500 led to the liquidation of positions in the futures market for a total of $ 750 million. Bitcoin capitalization fell below $ 1 trillion.

By the evening, the price of the first cryptocurrency dropped to $ 47,500, and the total volume of liquidations exceeded $ 3.5 billion.

On Tuesday, after a rebound to $ 55,000, quotes renewed their local minimum around $ 45,000, triggering a second wave of liquidations for $ 2.5 billion.

Despite a return to around $ 50,000 in the middle of the week, at the time of writing, they are down to around $ 44,000.

According to CryptoQuant CEO Ki Yoon Joo, the fall in the price of bitcoin is due to unfavorable macroeconomic conditions for the cryptocurrency, and not with a drop in demand from institutions or the sale of coins by miners.

However, analyst Lex Moskovsky noted that, according to Glassnode, only on February 26, for the first time since December 27, miners began to accumulate bitcoin and ceased to be pure sellers.

Miners have stopped selling and started accumulating #Bitcoin

Yesterday was the first day since Dec, 27 when Miners Position change turned positive.

Here you will find:

Sawdust briquettes are logs of various shapes made from compressed sawdust.

In most cases, the following forms are popular:

  • rectangular parallelepiped (RUF - according to the name of the company that first launched their production);
  • hexagonal column with a hole along the entire length (Pini-Key, Pini & Kay - by the name of the company that first established their production);
  • a square column with or without a hole;
  • a round log (Nestro).

Advantages and disadvantages of sawdust briquettes

The following arguments can be made in favor of briquettes pressed from sawdust:

  • Continuous burning - 4 hours.
  • Minimal smoke generation.
  • Environmentally friendly. The raw materials are natural materials, so you can fertilize the beds with ashes.
  • High energy efficiency. Far exceeds the energy capacity of firewood, comparable only to high-quality coal.
  • Constant combustion temperature.
  • Economy. The cost of 1 ton of such fuel will be cheaper than the corresponding amount of wood or coal.
  • Possibility of self-production.

Disadvantages are also present. The main one is the fear of moisture. You cannot store them in the open air, because. they will quickly absorb moisture, therefore, they will not burn well. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate a dry room for storage.

Any significant mechanical impact on sawdust briquettes is contraindicated. If you buy special equipment for their manufacture, the cost will be high and not always justified.

It is profitable to establish handicraft production if the sawdust is free, and existing equipment can be used as an installation.

Thoric recycling of paper and cardboard reduces the need for deforestation for the production of various types of paper products, because many of these products do not require high-grade cellulose, which reduces the cost of production.

Waste paper recycling is an interesting and rewarding business, and whether it will be profitable depends on the competence of the management. Let's take a look at how cardboard and paper are processed, what stages of waste paper processing exist, study its varieties a little and find out what and from what, ultimately, can be made. We will also trace the path of waste paper before it is converted into a new product from an old newspaper or magazine. Maybe someone will find this useful and you will open your own business.

Waste paper processing lines

Business Relevance

The average resident throws out more than 3 centners of garbage per year, 40% of which is paper waste. Even at school we were taught: a centner of waste paper is saved by one tree. 1 ton of such paper waste replaces 4 cubic meters of wood.

Recycling of paper and cardboard today is a profitable business, which raises the company to the number of socially responsible people, makes it possible to receive not only the respect of fellow citizens, but also encouragement from the authorities.

Modern technologies make it possible to use 75% of the used paper. In Russia today, about 12% of all waste paper is processed.

Three myths about paper recycling

Did you know that there are more than 30 types of waste paper? Where can I find 100% recycled and FSC certified paper? And how to save the whole forest without even leaving your office?

Despite the development of digital technology, over the past 20 years, we have started to consume 26% more paper. Every year, more than 100 million trees are cut down for its production in the world: this is about 20 hectares of forest per minute. According to Greenpeace Russia, since the beginning of the 2000s, the inhabitants of our country have literally washed into the sewer a forest with an area of ​​the Baikal Nature Reserve - yes, only at the expense of toilet paper.

Fortunately, paper does not have to be made from virgin raw materials. Waste paper will do too!

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