Raven tattoo: meaning for men and girls, sketches and ideas in the photo

In modern society, everyone tries to demonstrate their individuality, originality. For this, various methods are used, one of which is tattoos. A tattoo is a body drawing that should charm with its beauty, tell about its owner and his character. Choosing sketches, you can get lost in the variety of drawings, but we suggest stopping your attention on the crow tattoo. This mysterious and proud bird looks very interesting and attractive, makes you draw attention to itself and its owner. But what does this drawing mean, and is it worth using? About this in our material.

The meaning of the crow tattoo and its history

As you know, every body drawing has a certain sacred meaning, which you need to know in advance. For example, some tattoos are purely positive, while others can only be used by prisoners. Moreover, studying the symbols, you need to delve into their history, mythological and historical roots of the selected drawing.

For example, the raven is a sacred black bird that took part in the creation of the world. The ancient Celts considered the bird a symbol of courage, demonstrated with its help their strength and belligerence. At the same time, the raven served as a symbol of evil and death, foreshadowing defeat for the opponents of the owner of such a tattoo.

In the Slavic perception, the raven also does not bode well and is associated with death, otherworldly forces. It is possible that such an interpretation of the drawing appeared due to the fact that the raven is a scavenger. During the plague, they scurried through the cities, seized by the disease, surrounded by dead people, using their bodies as food.

But the inhabitants of Japan are sure that the raven is a symbol of family, comfort and well-being. It is for this reason that the bird appears constantly in films and anime culture. The symbols and signs associated with the black raven have an extremely positive interpretation. In addition, the meaning of the crow tattoo is influenced by what the bird is surrounded by in the picture. For example, a crow in a nest is an auspicious sign, but a bird among trees or other oppressive decorations is a symbol of sadness, longing and sadness.

Crow tattoos and their meaning for men, girls and prisoners

It is worth noting that the same tattoo on the body of a man and a woman can have a radically opposite meaning. For example, the image of a black bird is more often used by guys who emphasize their masculinity and brutality. But fans of subcultures use tattoos as a symbol of their connection with the other world and dark forces.

As for the fair sex, they are trying to make the drawing less aggressive. In addition, a girl with such a tattoo will look mysterious, attracting the attention of others. Some peoples of the world are convinced. That the raven is a symbol of wisdom and this bird on the girl's body looks no less graceful than an owl. Also, when choosing sketches, you should pay attention to the color of the picture, for example, dark drawings are associated with negative energy. But bright colors can give happiness to their owner, bring good luck and prosperity into his life.

Prison tattoos are a separate layer in the culture of body art that deserves special attention. For example, the raven is a symbol of repeat offenders and other dangerous criminals who have earned respect in their environment. Literally in places of deprivation of liberty "VORON" is "a thief is born of one hatred." At the same time, you should not be afraid of the symbol, which allows you to choose a sketch or photo of finished tattoos for yourself.

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