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Drawing up a competent flower arrangement is the basis of a beautiful and harmonious garden. Today we will talk about undersized flowers that are able to bring paint to any suburban area.


Petunia is often chosen to decorate flower beds due to the huge variety of its shades. Due to their brightness, these plants are wonderful color accents that will attract attention to themselves. Depending on the size of the flower, there are 3 types of petunias:

· large-flowered (flower diameter 10-12 cm);

· multi-flowered petunias (flower diameter 6-7 cm);

· few-flowered (flower diameter 2-3 cm).

Despite their impeccable appearance, petunias are very demanding to care for - so that they do not lose their beauty, it is important to constantly monitor these plants. These are not the kind of flowers that can be left to themselves.

Herbal Clove

If the majority of gardeners are well aware of the garden carnation, then its close relative, herbal carnation, has not yet gained wide popularity, and in vain. Its delicate flowers, the color of which can vary from deep pink to pale cream, fit perfectly into any flower bed. The main difference between herbaceous plant and other types of carnation is its unpretentiousness - this plant has learned to survive on a variety of soils without active human intervention. In order for the herbal carnation to serve you longer, do not forget to cover it with thorny branches from rodents for the winter - so the rhizomes will remain intact.


Begonia is prized primarily for its long flowering, which can take up the entire summer season, right up to the first frost. Moreover, some gardeners move begonia to a warm room with the onset of winter, as a result of which it continues to bloom almost without interruption. Among its flowers can be found white, and red, and lilac, and yellow. Moreover, not only flowers, but also leaves decorated with all kinds of fancy patterns have a decorative function in begonias. The height of begonias varies depending on the variety and can range from 20 to 35 cm. / P>


Lobelia is remembered for the deep blue hue of its flowers, but she also has other shades (for example, bright red or white). Lobelia blooms, like begonia, from the first summer days until October. The bushes of this plant are miniature and do not grow taller than 20 centimeters, fitting perfectly into even the most compact flower beds. In order for lobelia to last longer, it is important to ensure that the soil underneath is constantly moist, as this plant is completely unstable to drought.

The best low-growing flowers for flower beds

Gentle tight pom-poms of petals of all kinds of shades, glossy filigree foliage - a garden buttercup is good for everyone, but scientifically, ranunculus. Buying ranunculus buttercup tubers by mail is much easier by ordering in an online store than looking for them in various garden centers. Buttercup bulbs are not as common as many fans of this plant would like.

The flower owes its name to Pliny - translated from the Latin rana - frog. It is explained by the fact that most of the species of the genus Ranunculus live in swampy lowlands. A plant native to Asia Minor, it came to Europe around the 16th century and immediately won the favor of flower growers. The British called it "the golden buttons of the meadows." Especially loved the legend, according to which buttercups are little stars, turned by Jesus into flowers and presented to his mother as a sign of boundless filial love.

What does a garden buttercup look like?

The botanical description of ranunculus was made by ancient scientists. A beautiful plant retains freshness for a long time when cut, so it was grown not only in flower beds, but also in winter gardens and pots. The flower growers were not even afraid of the capriciousness of the buttercup and the constant digging of pineal tubers for the winter, because in frosts they died in the ground.

Root tubers, juicy stalk, leaves very much resemble dahlias, however, no more than 25-35 cm grow in height of garden buttercups. Amazing double and semi-double inflorescences in a circle are 5-8 cm and consistently open from the end of May to the last days of August. The color of the petals is different, varieties with several shades of inflorescences are attractive. Brides love pastel colors and are happy to choose a flower for a wedding bouquet.

It should be remembered that ranunculus juice irritates the skin and burns the mucous membranes.

Types and varieties for growing in the garden

In the genus Buttercup, or Ranunculus of the Buttercup family, more than 400 species of annual or perennial grasses are known. In cultivation, Asian buttercup is used. Previously, it had two varieties - Persian ranunculus (R. persian) with rose-like flowers and African ranunculus, or turban (R. africanus) with inflorescences that resemble peony buds that have not fully opened. On their basis, breeders have created many incredibly beautiful varieties with densely double and semi-double flowers of various shades, with the exception of perhaps only blue and blue.

The best varieties of the Photo

You can buy various varieties of ranunculus bulbs in our online store at an affordable price. Below are the most popular varieties of garden buttercup.

Buy Buttercup Masha is one of the bright variety series with purple, pink, bicolor petals that form beautiful rose flowers. The height of the bushes does not exceed 25 cm, many inflorescences develop on each.

Buy Red Buttercup - incredibly glowing scarlet flowers with a circumference of 4-6 cm will make anyone look around. A short bush has so much cheerful energy that it is impossible to give up the desire to grow such a plant near your porch.

Buy Ranunculus Pink - tenderness and touching rosette inflorescences from light crimson to deep pink hue attracts with defenselessness and an appeal to cherish and protect even from a slight breath of breeze. The diameter of the flowers is 4-6 cm, the height of the stems is 30 cm. / P>

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