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Humans, like primates, have evolved over the course of evolution an incredible visual system that makes it possible to see the world in three dimensions and estimate distance with a great degree of accuracy.

Our eyes are positioned a short distance from each other on the front of the face, while in many animals the organs of vision are located on either side of the head.

Despite this, our eyes also see the same image slightly differently (monocular vision), but due to the special properties of our brain to unify the image, they give the perception of depth and volume of objects.

This creation of a single image is called binocular vision.


The development of some organs in humans, due to their complex structure and functions, does not end immediately after birth. Binocular vision requires a certain development of higher nervous activity, so the final formation of this function is expected before the age of 15, in addition, the optical system must have the following characteristics:

  • a visual acuity of at least 0.4 diopters, ensuring a clear image on the retina;
  • normal tone and full range of movement of the oculomotor muscles, which allow parallel installation visual axes.

Due to this position, the rays are projected into the central depression of the retina;

  • equal refraction of both eyes. With a difference of 4-5%, binocular vision becomes impossible;
  • normal accommodation, convergence and divergence for displacement of the optical axes;
  • full retinal development;
  • complete symmetry the location of the eyes. If any of them is displaced due to trauma, tumor, hematoma, inflammatory infiltrate, then the alignment of the fields vision becomes difficult and stereoscopic vision is impaired.


Binocular vision was formed in humans during evolution under the influence of the environment. For his survival, it was much more important to see what is happening behind the foliage and bushes than what is happening behind.

Part of the view is closed for one eye, part for the other, but when the images are combined, a "miracle" occurs and we actually see "through" the obstacle.

The history of beading: from antiquity to the present day

When you started your business, did you have such a conscience that tormented you? If so, how did you cope? Does this go away with time?

Attention, a sniper is working conscientiously.

And you have to hit with artillery, then send out the tanks, and then the infantry to be sure to say so)

Why should conscience torment?

If you don't deceive anyone.

either there was no reason for torment, or the conscience was cured with money.

Why should she torment? In which direction?

Every time I transferred taxes, my conscience tormented me. No matter how you come to any state institution there two work - five thrash their thumbs, that's when my conscience hissed - "Look what freaks you are feeding!" ))

What topic should the conscience torment? The author is not clear what kind of business you decided to do there?

Tag "business in Russian". what does that mean? Judging by the anecdote, and at the same time, the conscience should not torment, because 2 fools on the market

you can't honestly get rich)))

The government is going to support small and medium-sized businesses Believe it?

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