Profession of the future "Engineer of robotic systems"

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Origin of terms

Answering the question, what are the professions of mechatronics and robotics, we should consider the history of the emergence of concepts. Mechatronics is the result of the fusion of mechanics and electronics. The word was introduced into scientific use by the Japanese company Yaskawa Electric Corp in 1969. It has been widely used in Russia since the 1990s.

The primary task of mechatronics is the design of mechanisms operating from the mains and regulated by means of programs. The demands on complex mechanical systems are growing. Scientists originally invented the electric drive used to refer to mechanical units powered by the mains. This was an important step towards the automation of production processes.

The solution of new technical problems required the complication of mechatronic systems. Now they had to not only work from the network, but also obey the computer program, collect data, change behavior according to built-in algorithms. The components of the systems are integral and are controlled by operators. However, connecting elements and assemblies, providing them with electric current and software is not enough. For effective functioning, the mechatronic system must have new features that are not inherent in its links.

Automata that move, react to changes in external conditions, have the beginnings of artificial intelligence.

In reality, robotics is one of the subdivisions of mechatronics, and these disciplines are studied in a complex. This allows training specialists who are able to solve theoretical problems and successfully cope with production issues.

Mechatronics Science

The fields of application of mechatronics and robotics are not limited to industry, military affairs, work with hazardous environments, astronautics, and android representations. These sciences are increasingly required in everyday life for everyday needs and to alleviate everyday problems. Professionals have had a hand in a lot that surrounds modern people - household appliances, driver assistants, stimulant simulators for medical needs.

Mechatronic systems are formed from several components connected by energy and information flows:

  • Electromechanical. It includes motors, sensors, working bodies, transmissions, electric motors. The components provide a cycle of movement of the apparatus. Correct operation of mechanisms is impossible without sensors. They are responsible for collecting information about the state of the external environment, the object of work, constituting the mechatronic unit.
  • Electronic. This category includes measuring circuits, theatrical transducers, microelectronic devices.
  • Computer. This category includes high-end computers and microcontrollers.

Mechatronic system functions

Mechatronics is designed to solve the problem of converting incoming information into the required mechanical movements. When designing them, the principle of feedback is used. This means the integration of several elements of different nature into one functional module. The specialty of the people who perform the operation can be different. Ideally, with the full provision of the necessary information, it is possible to achieve the planned result.

It's hard to imagine the modern world without information technology. They are used in almost all areas in the form of specialized hardware, software, game projects, etc. Almost all professions are related to the computer to a greater or lesser extent.

In private and public organizations, computers have already become an integral part of the work process, due to which it was possible to speed up the interaction of employees, reduce bureaucracy. For this reason, information technology is so popular among employers.

System Administrator

Let's start with the most common variant. The first profession on our list is the system administrator. Who is it? What does he do? Let's try to find out.

The system administrator is the so-called master of computers. He is at the top of our list. After all, many professions related to computers, as a rule, include duties of system administration. What does this include?

The system administrator must monitor the integrity and safety of operating systems, install programs and other useful software, protect the computer from viruses, install drivers, connect equipment ... In general, everything related to repairing and setting up a computer is the responsibility of the system administrator ... Earnings usually depend on the skills of the person. In some regions, such masters receive from 50,000 rubles. True, this is a great rarity. The average salary of a system administrator is 25-30 thousand. What other professions are there related to computers?

What professions are related to mathematics

Without knowledge and skills in the field of mathematics, it is impossible to imagine building a house, assembling an engine or creating a computer program. It serves as a stand-alone tool in many scientific disciplines. Abstract symbols and systems can reflect the functioning of a real object. Today, there are many professions in which it is impossible to succeed without knowledge of mathematics.

Math, Algebra or Computer Science Teacher

With a diploma in the specialty, you can work in scientific organizations, schools, colleges and universities. Workers with this type of education are also needed in the defense industry. The salary depends on the level of knowledge, employment and experience in the industry. The minimum is from 8 thousand rubles.

A young professional is encouraged to start a career in a school or research center as a junior staff member.

The duration of training is from 5 to 7 years. To obtain an academic degree, you will need to allocate an additional period. Today, almost every university has a department of mathematics. For example, the cost of training at Kurgan State University is 21.6 thousand rubles. per year, and at the Moscow City Pedagogical University 65 thousand rubles. in year.

Freelance is available for a specialist as a tutor. Some mathematicians organize their own schools with in-depth study of the subject.

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