Planting tulips in spring and autumn

Is it possible to find a spring flower bed without at least one tulip growing? These spring flowers have long been favorites among seasoned florists, because among the huge variety of species and varieties, everyone can easily find their favorite. Of course, like all other plants, these flowers prefer constant care and proper planting, this will be discussed later.

When to plant tulips?

There are different opinions on this issue, some growers believe that it is better to plant tulip bulbs in autumn, at the end of September or October, while other specialists choose early spring for planting. For the sake of truth, it should be said that those bulbs that are planted in the fall take root much better and bloom more abundantly, since the spring planting does not always have time to take root and bloom right away. Moreover, for the growth, budding and flowering of tulips, cold wintering plays a huge role, which cannot be provided to the bulbs when planting in spring.

If it so happened that in the fall you did not have time to plant tulips, then try to do it in the spring, but the day before that you should put the bulbs in the refrigerator, and immediately before planting, rinse them with a solution of potassium permanganate. It is possible to plant bulbs in the ground not earlier than April, when the probability of night frosts is very small, but if the temperature drops sharply, then you need to cover a fresh planting.

How to choose a suitable place to plant tulips?

Before planting tulip bulbs in open ground, you should find a suitable place for them. Firstly, these flowers need a lot of sunlight, not one tulip will bloom brightly and for a long time in the shade or partial shade, only flower beds with bright lighting will suit this flower. You also need to take into account the presence of drafts, try to choose a place that will be protected from unwanted winds, then the flowers will bloom well and will not hurt.

And of course, when planting, it is important to take into account that tulips bloom on average for 30-40 days, and after that the place will be empty, therefore it is advisable to plant another plant in the aisle that will decorate this territory after tulips will fade.

How to plant tulip bulbs?

So the right place and time for planting has been chosen, now is the time to choose the right bulbs and plant them correctly. First of all, before planting tulips in the ground, all the bulbs need to be sorted out, badly damaged, rotten and sick ones should be thrown out immediately, and healthy ones can be safely planted in the ground.

The depth at which the bulb should be planted depends directly on its size, so the larger the bulb, the deeper it should be planted. For example, small bulbs are planted to a depth of 7-8 centimeters, and large ones 12-14 centimeters. The distance between the bulbs must be at least 10-15 centimeters.

How to water tulips correctly?

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