Kangaroo carrier: when can you carry your baby in it and how to do it right

When thinking about buying a carrier for a baby, considering existing offers, you need to understand how many months you can carry a baby in a kangaroo. Even if the model says that it is allowed from birth, it is necessary to understand how the baby will be located in the backpack, and how the load will be distributed. When using carriers that are not for age, there is a risk of harm to the health of the baby.

Types of baby carriers

The baby carrier is chosen depending on the age of the baby. When a baby is born, his spine does not have the curves that adults have. They gradually form as the baby grows up.

Pay attention! When the child begins to confidently hold his head, lays a bend in the neck, after sitting down - in the lower back. You should not rush things - this can lead to health problems in the future.

You cannot plant a baby before he himself grows up to that. In the upright position in the backpack, a large load goes on the lower spine, coccyx and perineum. For a child who is not sitting alone, this is fraught with negative consequences. Therefore, the posture of babies in the first months of life should be as natural as possible. The baby either lies or snuggles against the mother, and the soft fabric follows the natural curves and supports the baby.

Kangaroo, ergo backpack or sling

Cloth slings, scarves or with rings, can be used at any age, they are suitable for children from birth. There are several ways to place the baby in them: he can lie as if in a cradle, or sit facing his mother, as if resting on her chest. The main thing is to support the baby's head. It's good when the sling has a hood.

The Ergo backpack can be purchased when the child can sit on his own without support. In it, the load falls on the spine. In addition, the baby must gain a certain weight. If it is even lighter than 7 kilograms, then it will not be able to fill the entire space of the backpack, which means that it cannot be used. When the child is already sitting, it can be worn both behind the back and on the hip.

From 4 months it is recommended to use an ergo backpack, placing the baby facing his mother, while he must confidently hold his head. You cannot use a kangaroo for such babies:

  • If he has a hard back, it is dangerous for a fragile spine. You need to wait until the baby sits down, and an S-shaped bend appears.
  • Narrower straps increase the load. Moreover, it is felt not only by the baby, but also by the parents. Considering that the crumb falls heavily into the kangaroo, hanging on the armpits, then it becomes even harder for mom or dad to move with him.

Top Models

The rating of the products will help in choosing those parents who are just thinking about buying. Popular Carrying Sling Backpacks:

  • BabyActive Simple "miracle child". This model is ideal for children from birth to three years old. The backpack is roomy, has 6 positions and an angle of inclination for adjustment. The set includes belts and a belt that adapts to the baby's body, an additional hood and a pocket on the back. A backpack from the Russian brand "Miracle-Chado" can be used as a cradle.
  • GLOBEX "Kanga". Country of origin - Russia. This carrying bag correctly fixes the baby's spine, there is a large distance for the position of the baby's legs. The thing is irreplaceable on the road, it allows the mother to always have time to cope with household chores, staying close to her baby. The child should be held facing the parents from birth until it reaches a weight of 7.7 kg, a sock at the back is allowed for infants from 4.5 to 10 kg. Mounts allow you to increase the size of the structure. The soft padding ensures a comfortable stay in the kangaroo, and the weight is evenly distributed thanks to the wide shoulders.
  • BabyBjorn Miracle Airy Mesh. This model of the Swedish brand is equipped with many straps and straps to securely fix the child and comfortably carry the device on itself. The belt reduces stress on the shoulders, and the stiff back provides stability. The newborn backpack allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the baby and adjust its position for height. It is recommended to lay the baby up to one month higher, and as it grows, it is better to gradually move to the lower version. The device allows the baby to be in harmony with his body, move freely, which develops muscles and motor skills. This ergo backpack is well adjustable and has many additional fasteners for fixing. The model was developed with the participation of leading medical specialists. The material of construction is soft, moisture resistant and safe when it gets into the baby's mouth. The fabric complies with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, does not contain hazardous components.