Patchwork quilt in style; patchwork

Patchwork was once used to waste material trimmings. Now this technique is called the buzzword "patchwork". She is at the peak of her popularity. Even special sets of companion fabrics are on sale. But you can also work with shreds, specially purchase several cuts. Specialty stores are selling leftover materials at very attractive prices.

In the patchwork technique they sew bags, rugs, tablecloths, various accessories for the home. But the most popular option is a patchwork quilt or bedspread. We offer a simple workshop on making a practical thing with your own hands.

What you need

The main material is fabric. For a quilt in the patchwork technique, choose natural cotton or mixed fabrics. They do not slip, absorb moisture, and are easy to clean. Pleases the cost and range of colors. Popular types: chintz, calico, poplin, satin. For children, newborns often choose a bike, flannel.

The only thing about working with cotton is that shrinkage is possible. On average, one square meter requires about five centimeters of stock. To avoid unpleasant surprises after making a patchwork quilt, it is important to carry out preliminary preparation - decating or wet heat treatment (WTO).

How to decorate with your own hands:

  • Wash fabrics in the usual way at a temperature not lower than 50 degrees. You can hold an WTO with your hands or use a typewriter. Materials for the patchwork technique should shrink completely. At the same time, we will check the strength of the staining. Add the powder and fabric softener immediately.
  • Dry, then iron. Only with an even canvas will it be possible to make a clear, pattern and neat patchwork patchwork with your own hands.

You can sew a blanket from old jeans with your own hands. They are perfect for the patchwork technique. Preparation will take more time - you need to embroider the thing at the seams, also wash, iron. And do not forget that for one patchwork quilt you will need a considerable amount of jeans. But patchwork is a fancy patchwork technique. Therefore, it can be combined with other materials of the same density.

It is convenient to make small patchwork bedspreads for a stroller, a crib.

Additionally, a filler is needed, usually a synthetic winterizer is used. It is important to purchase a canvas of the required width. A single piece of fabric is also required for the bottom of the duvet if it is not done using the patchwork technique.

What else is needed to make a blanket:

  • scissors ;
  • line ;
  • pins ;
  • cardboard, pencil;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine.

Patchwork bedspreads are not sewn by hand, quilts are not sewn using the patchwork technique. We need a typewriter. As for the treatment of seams, it is not required. You can do without an overlock if you use a cotton fabric with stable cuts. They should not creep, crumble.

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