Paper stencils for the New Year: download 100 templates

The funniest frog jokes

Two frogs fell into milk. One immediately drowned, and the second began to swear, learned to speak, convinced the prince to kiss her and got married.

- Frog, why are you so white, fluffy? - Leave me alone, I have a hangover ... What is the difference between a frog and a toad? The frog croaks and the toad crushes. - What are a pair of frogs and a pair of lovers thinking about sitting on the river bank? - God forbid a stork will come. The frog sits on the behemoth's face and complains to the Crocodile: - What a nasty day today! In the morning the rain was pouring down and something heavy stuck to the ass ... Two lovers are sitting in the summer at the dacha. And then, as a sin, the frogs nearby in the pond were bursting, croaking in chorus. Well, the guy went to fix such a mess ... A minute later, everything suddenly calmed down. The guy is back. The girl asks him: - How did you manage it? - The conductor got it on the head! The frog hit the ground and became a beautiful maiden. Hit the second time and became a bloody mess. Once at a time it is not necessary. Exam in French. Teacher: - So, translate, at least, into French the sentence: "The frog jumps in the swamp." - De lagua de blatate de slap, de slap ...

- Dad, tell a story, just not about a toad. - Okay, listen. the girl went into the forest ... - And there is a toad? - No, there is no toad ... Well, and she sees a hut there ... - And there is a toad? - No, there is no toad ... Listen, she comes into the hut ... and there is a dark room ... - And there is a toad? - Well, a toad, a toad, such a huge, terrible toad. - A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a.

- Who lives in the house? Who lives in the short? - I, frog. - I, little mouse. - I, cockerel, golden comb. - I, a gray hedgehog - no head, no legs. So stupidly the Tajiks excused themselves when checked by their uncle Vasya - the janitor. In France, frogs don't croak. The bear crushed the frog and a few minutes later, returning, crushed its funeral.

Jokes about the Frog Princess

The kissed frog affectionately says: - And the princesses, in our swamp, Wan, were never born.

Once Ivan Tsarevich and Batman met. And they got married. What about? Ivan is unpretentious - he is like a frog, like a bat ... Only one thing calmed Tsarevich Ivan when he carried the frog home: his mother-in-law remained forever in the swamp. A three-year-old girl retells the fairy tale about the frog princess to the guests "in her own words": - ... Don't be sad, Ivan Tsarevich, go to bed ... in the morning it will be more authentic ... I don't know how Ivan Tsarevich, but all the guests immediately lay down on the table. Ivan Tsarevich kissed the frog, and it turned into a good fellow. "Male" - Ivan guessed. Once Ivan Tsarevich kissed a frog, and that frog will shout in an inhuman voice: - I am transforming.

Jokes about the frog and the man

A drunken man caught a frog ... holding it in one hand, and with the other hard in the face and asks: - Well, what? The frog is silent. He grunts again: - Well, what ?! The frog is silent. He grunts again: - Well ?! Frog: - Well, kva!

Once a man caught a golden frog. - Fulfill three wishes, then I will let go. - What are you, man, foolish, I'm not a goldfish. - Well then, at least one. - Well, guess. The man thought, thought ... - I want, he says that I have everything! - Okay, man. You had everything!

Dirty jokes about the frog

Tr * hate toad toad and says: - What are you terrible, green, covered with warts, slimy, fucking even disgusting. Toad offended: - Dear, is there really nothing good in me? Toad: - Now I will take it out and will not.

Jokes about the frog

New Year is a holiday loved by both adults and children, especially children. They like everything - and the process of preparing for the holiday, and the process of waiting for a gift, and goodies on the table. Preparation for the New Year begins long before the start of the holiday. Ideas for gifts, home decoration, outfits, and a festive table are being worked out.

And what is the first thing Santa Claus sees when he goes to visit you? Your windows, of course. Therefore, one cannot but pay attention to their decorations.

Beautifully decorated windows will not only decorate your home from the inside, but also make it beautiful from the outside.

There are several ways to decorate - using stencils and patterns, toys, garlands. Which stencil or template is most suitable for you - decide for yourself, and below we will tell you how this can be implemented.

How to use stencils for the New Year

How to decorate a house for the New Year holidays using paper stencils? You have several options!

First, you can carefully cut beautiful decorations out of thick paper and stick them on the windows. The second option is to use colored paper - then you can create your own garland with the help of such "vytynanka".

If you cut stencils from cardboard, they can be used as Christmas tree decorations.

Another interesting option is to decorate windows and mirrors with snow patterns using paper stencils. You will need the cut-out picture itself, artificial snow or tooth powder. Just place the paper in the right place against the glass or mirror and spray along the contour with paint or artificial snow. Remove the paper and admire the neat outline of the pattern!

Some also create three-dimensional compositions from paper stencils depicting houses, trees and forests. For such a decoration, you will, of course, have to work hard. But the result looks just amazing. Important advice: in no case use a dubious life hack from the Web and do not install real candles inside such a voluminous paper composition - this is extremely fire hazardous! Better to lay a garland with warm light along the contour - it will look no worse.

Christmas bell

Vytynanka in this form will become an original decoration of a window, a Christmas tree. A set of Christmas bells makes a beautiful garland, especially if you print them out of paper of several colors.

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