Paper jewelry; pendants, voluminous flowers for necklaces and beads

Paper wedding decorations are used to create attractive and romantic interiors, while they can save you a lot of money. You can create paper products of different sizes and shapes, and the process itself does not take much time.

Decorations like these allow you to impress guests without much financial expense. The wide variety of such decorations is also an undoubted advantage.

How to make flowers from corrugated paper for a wedding with your own hands?

Decorating the wedding hall with your own hands made of paper and fabric in the form of pompons and flowers is a fairly popular solution among newlyweds. With the help of such an extraordinary solution, it turns out to create a unique interior for the banquet hall. To work you will need the following materials:

  • multiple rolls of paper;
  • wire, sleeve or other stem products;
  • cardboard blanks;
  • glue;
  • scissors and dummy knife;
  • threads and line.

Work is best done at a comfortable table with good lighting. If flowers of large sizes are created, then you can do this on the floor.

The procedure for creating a flower consists of the following steps:

  • The first step is to create a template for the petal.
  • About 15-20 petals are cut for each flower. If you plan to create a realistic flower, then the petals should vary in size.
  • Petals are cut out. During cutting, it is necessary to adhere to the direction of the corrugation.
  • The center section of concrete is being assembled. To do this, 5-7 petals are connected to each other, at the bottom they are connected and glued together.
  • Then the petals stretch and bend a little. Thanks to this, it will be possible to give them a shape that is more natural for plants.
  • The created petals are attached to the bud.
  • The flower top is fixed to the stem as in the photo.

The stem creation, in turn, looks like this:

  • A piece of wire, a floral sleeve and an ordinary branch are taken, after which the required length is measured.
  • Truncation is performed according to the markup.
  • The stem is decorated with green corrugation, cloth or cardboard.
  • Leaves, shoots or thorns are imitated.
  • Then another trimming is performed on both sides.

Wedding paper origami

According to Japanese tradition, origami crane decorations represent well-being and happiness for newlyweds.

That is why many decide to use such decorations for decoration. In addition, origami will be able to impress guests. To create them, you will not need large financial investments, since all the necessary materials are inexpensive.

Everyone can make paper decorations with their own hands if they wish. Here are collected pendants, beads and necklaces with paper flowers.

Maybe someone will like this jewelry, an idea will arise to repeat something, make something similar or modify it. This is not for every day. But for a masquerade ball or children's party, such an accessory will be very useful.

DIY paper flowers for a necklace

All exhibits were somehow related to paper. Even the models on which the decorations were exhibited were paper, grayish - recycled cellulose. The technique is similar to papier-mâché, the pieces are glued with paste overlapping. You can cook the glue yourself with the addition of flour (I remember that earlier my parents, when they were doing the repairs, cooked exactly this for pasting the walls) or buy ready-made for wallpapering. There is no difference, both hold well, so you can run to the store and not spend money.

It is not necessary to immediately make the decoration or its details in colored, take the material that is. Later it will be possible to paint the details in any color, even with acrylic, even with watercolors, and after complete drying, cover it with a protective varnish.

I am personally more impressed by necklaces with "plaques", which are curled and glued strips of colored paper. They are more familiar in appearance, and also quite "wearable". The beads also contain several long red and yellow beads based on the same material.

The base of the beads is a long right-angled triangle. In the middle is a regular plastic or wooden bead. Several small metal beads, tubes and a cord were also used.

Now the interesting thing is the price tag. Anyone willing to pay 69 euros for pulp, even if it is decorated in the form of flowers ?! I personally don't.

Yes, partially paper elements are combined with metal ones, but this is not a reason to raise prices like that. Although now handicraft, no matter what kind it is, is highly valued.

How to make a flower for decoration

For earrings, you need only two volumetric elements, more will go on the necklace, depending on the idea, from the photo below you can see 9 pieces.

Here's a bigger view. Metal wire chains, small beads, pearls in the middle of flowers. The very base of the flower can be made flat by cutting out according to the template. Or do it differently. Stick one by one pieces of paper on the round surface of the ball. Take a plastic one.

Just recently I read a master class on how to make New Year's garlands, and adapted it for the summer holidays, and now I want to share with you and tell you how to make a garland out of paper or other scrap materials.

Out of paper

A paper garland is made quite simply, it can be made for a child's birthday or just decorate a room for a holiday. It is not difficult to make the brightest and most spectacular garlands of paper - the instructions will help you to cope in literally a matter of minutes.

Making a garland of flowers with our own hands.

Stylized flowers

Cut out blanks for future flowers from colored paper - a semicircle with markings for the petals. Better to use bright colors and double-sided colored paper.

We collect flowers - we glue the cones and collect the buds. Three blanks should form one flower.

Cut out a spiral from green paper - it will be the basis for our garland. We straighten the base and glue the flowers at approximately the same distance.

You can decorate a paper flower garland with glitter.

Funny roses

Another garland of paper flowers - this time it's stylized roses. Making such a flower garland out of paper with your own hands is quite simple - draw it yourself or print templates for cutting, and circle them on any paper (by the way, you can use paper with a pattern).


Not the simplest, but perhaps the brightest idea of ​​paper decor - the creation of three-dimensional shapes. There are many online stores selling ready-made glue kits, but you can also find a diagram on the Internet and make such a stylish design piece yourself.

Photo: Instagram polygonal_paper

Most often, such 3D elements are used as wall decor, but it is quite possible to decorate a shelf, rack or chest of drawers with an unusual polygonal figure.

Photo: Instagram poligon_paper_craft

Or, say, put it in a frame.

Photo: Instagram invent_3d_laser

Paper flowers in a vase

Artificial flowers, trying unsuccessfully to imitate real ones, are practically not used in the decor of residential interiors. But this does not apply to the paper version at all: such a decoration can become an interesting, ironic highlight of your home. In addition, creating these flowers yourself is not difficult.

Paper panel

It is not necessary to put paper flowers in a vase - you can make an unusual wall panel out of them.

Photo: Instagram everlasting. looms. x

And you can turn to other ideas for creating such a panel: for example, place a swarm of butterflies on it.

Halloween is that special holiday that allows you to let your imagination run wild and decorate your home with stylized “gruesome” but cute decorations. For the Ghost, spider webs, bats, black cats and pumpkins, skeletons and mummies are the most popular characters in decorating houses and apartments on October 31st. Monsters from popular movies and cartoons also often decorate walls and windows on Halloween. The color scheme of jewelry involves the use of black, orange, white and purple.

Does the child need to celebrate Halloween

By the way, this holiday is a great way to overcome some childhood fears: darkness, ghosts, monsters under the beds. Making Halloween decorations with his mother, drawing a funny face of a mummy, cutting out a garland of ghosts - the child gets rid of the fear of frightening characters, they become more understandable and simple for him, less mysterious and creepy. Dark corners and the monster in the closet cease to be a terrible secret, when everyone talks about them, they decorate them, they become heroes of the holiday. And sweets and treats even more help to give a pleasant atmosphere to this masquerade. Crafts for children, which they do with their own hands, are an effective means of solving some psychological problems. Therefore, even if you are not a Halloween fan, don't miss the opportunity to make some simple decorations with your child.

We offer a selection of decorating ideas that are easy enough to make with the children, to decorate a classroom or a room in the house.

DIY paper decoration ideas

The simplest but very effective decorations are made from paper. By analogy with New Year's snowflakes, an excellent web is obtained. You can cut out the silhouette of any festive character from colored paper and attach it to the wall, window glass, curtains, hang it from a chandelier or in a doorway. You can cut the same silhouette out of plain white paper and color it as you like.

DIY paper pumpkin

how to make a black cat out of paper

Silhouettes of black cats made of paper

White paper plate, paper pens, and stripes from an ordinary napkin - and a cute and terrible ghost is ready.

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