Paper flowers

If you want to embellish your home with unusual and beautiful handmade flowers, or want to surprise your loved ones with your gift, then the presented master class is for you.

Using paper, you can create a huge variety of colors that, unlike living ones, will never fade.

Today, such flowers are used to decorate banquet halls and festive tables. Making paper flowers with your own hands is subject to everyone, even children.

Colored paper crafts - flowers

Consider the simplest way to create a flower, which does not require any skills and knowledge. It is enough to prepare the necessary tools and do everything in stages.

So, let's look at the process of creating a rose. To make this flower you will need the following materials:

  • Pencil (marker);
  • Thick paper;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors.

Instructions for creating a paper rose include the following steps:

  • Prepare thick paper and draw a spiral on it using a pencil;
  • Cut the resulting spiral using regular or curly scissors;
  • < li> Try to wrap the ends of the spiral outward, if the paper breaks slightly, it's okay, that's even good, then the flower will turn out more realistic;
  • Twist the spiral so that you have a rose;
  • Slowly twist the spiral to the end, carefully loosening the tension;
  • When you have tightened the spiral, it must be secured with glue. Then peel back the circle that you formed in the center when you cut the spiral, it will serve as the base of the rose;
  • Apply a small amount of glue to the base and glue the resulting rose to it.

Application of flowers from colored paper

To create a spring mood, you can create an unusually beautiful fake - cherry blossoms.

How to make paper flowers with your own hands: rose, sakura and others

Making flowers out of paper is a whole art, starting with simple stylizations and ending with genuine masterpieces. How simple can a flower be while remaining beautiful, what is needed for work, what can be made from individual flowers?

Paper flowers are almost always appropriate. Children's crafts, decoration of gifts or premises, original gifts for colleagues and relatives. In theory, you can even build your business on this. It is never too late to try yourself in this art, especially since it is easier for an adult to master all the wisdom. After all the basic techniques have been mastered, the creation process can no longer limit anything.

The simplest color types

You can create flowers with your own hands for both a child and a beginner, and a person who has already dealt with handicrafts. There are many schemes to make a simple paper flower.

  • simple products using origami technique;
  • simple flowers cut by a stencil, in this case it is enough to cut out two or three copies that will differ in size, glue them them in the middle and slightly bend the petals inward;
  • inflorescences made by twisting.

There are no simpler options for creating plants for beginners.

For crafts, you will need items that are common for creating paper products.

  • A set of colored paper, plain or corrugated.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Schema.
  • Beads, beads for decoration (optional).
  • Skewers (optional).
  • Paints, brushes, glitters (optional).

Then everything depends on what kind of flower is made. Stenciled and part of the origami products will give an aesthetic look to the gift wrapping. Glued to the tape, which is tied with paper, such a flower will give individuality to the most ordinary packaging.

Flowers created by twisting, put on a pre-prepared skewer and collect bouquets from them. Wrap the skewer in green paper and glue the leaves to it. Such a bouquet will decorate the house, it will be an original gift from a child to a grandmother or other relative.

Important! Such simple crafts, even made neatly, are problematic to call masterpieces. But if they are made carefully, the colors of the paper are well chosen and the appropriate decor is made, and such products look aesthetically pleasing.

Paper flowers are a great addition to the interior. It is very easy to create compositions from paper, so even children can do it. How to make paper flowers will help the master classes presented in the article.

Also, paper flowers can become a beautiful and original decoration of a living room or desktop. In recent years, it is precisely such compositions that have become a fashionable element of decor.

Unlike plants from a flower bed, paper flowers will delight the eye with variegated colors for a long time, without requiring regular watering and fertilization. Artificial bouquets are striking in their attractiveness and amazing similarity with their fresh counterpart. You can make paper flowers in stages thanks to simple and clear instructions.

DIY paper camellias: delicate flowers at any time of the year

To enjoy the camellia color for longer than a week or two in the spring, you can make a pretty garland for your front door using metallic paper. It should be chosen in the appropriate color: pale pink, deep pink and white.

DIY paper flowers. Photo

DIY paper flowers. Master class

Draw 6-7 circles with petals on paper. Each will be half a centimeter smaller than the previous one in diameter. Use scissors to twist each petal slightly and connect the flower plates in the center. Add each paper flower with your own hands with gold foil stamens.

Leaves are cut from green material. The stems will be a wire wrapped in a spiral of brown paper. Do-it-yourself greens and paper flowers are fixed on the branches with the help of glue. The resulting wreath can be hung on the front door or beautifully laid out on the countertop.

Paper flowers. Step by step instructions

Making daffodils with our own hands Master class

DIY paper daffodils. Photo

Do-it-yourself beautiful paper flowers. Photo

Paper is a versatile material for creating postcards and crafts. Following the step-by-step descriptions of the master classes, even a child will be able to create an unusual flower out of paper.

It takes a little skill and patience to make a handmade craft a beautiful decoration. In the future, the flower can be used as a decor, decoration for festive packaging, postcards or hairstyles, as an unusual independent gift.

Preparing materials for making paper flowers

In order for the craft to be realistic, you should take care of choosing the right type of paper. You can use colored paper, thin cardboard, corrugated paper or used for wrapping gifts, thick napkins of different colors.

For each flower, the material is selected separately. The basis for creating a flower can be monochromatic or with a soft color transition, allowing you to translate the most unusual ideas into reality.

We need auxiliary tools to create a craft:

1 Fine sharp scissors and small scissors 2 Marking pencil 3 Stationery knife 4 Tape tape for decorating the stem and flower base 5 PVA glue, glue in the form of a dry pencil, hot glue gun 6 Threads

Also for some types of flowers, paper clips, colored tape, wire and cotton wool may be useful. A long knitting needle or wooden stick can serve as an element for twisting and shaping the petals. For additional decoration, you can use rhinestones, beads, a small scattering of sparkles.

DIY step-by-step guide to making paper flowers

The final result will depend on the correct execution of the technique. Detailed master classes will help you correctly create the shape for the petals, draw up a general composition and fasten all the elements together.


For making a flower, it is advisable to use corrugated paper. The structure of the material allows you to create a realistic copy of the calla lily.

You will need paper in three shades:

Decorating gift wrapping, decorative element or interesting leisure - handmade paper flowers are capable of a lot. And the creator will only need a little patience and imagination, the direction of which will help the photo of three-dimensional paper flowers.

Brief content of the article:

Some theory

Have an idea, but no suitable material? Not in this case. Flowers can be created from any paper, be it pages of a glossy magazine, napkin, office A4 or a tiny sticker. The main thing is that scissors, thread and PVA are at hand. But the density of the paper already depends on how to correctly make voluminous flowers with your own hands.

More ideas for creating beautiful DIY crafts and decorations can be found here: master-klassi. u, only works of authorship from different materials are presented on the portal. Lots of instructions for kids and adults.

What and why

Cardboard and glossy pages are ideal for simple shapes that do not require plasticity.

Napkins and corrugated paper can bring realism to colors. The main thing when working with this material is to take into account the direction of the folds: they are located along the petals. If the petals are cut so that the wrinkles are across the central axis of the petal or, even worse, at an angle to it, the result will come out sloppy and implausible.

Newspaper, craft paper, office paper or stickers do not require adherence to any rules, allowing you to bring to life any ideas and instructions for making flowers.

But the sheets painted on only one side need testing: bend the corner and then straighten it. If white appears on the fold through the painted layer, then send such paper to cardboard - it is not suitable for intricate products. If not, you can embody the most daring ideas.

Parchment, tracing paper and other "weightless" materials, if you are a beginner master, put aside. This material is capricious and whimsical, requires preliminary moistening followed by drying.

Joining workpieces

Various options for three-dimensional paper colors suggest the connection of parts. If you have a thermo gun, good, it's versatile. Otherwise, keep in mind that:

  • Thick paper is glued with thick glue. The thinner the sheets, the more diluted the PVA should be.
  • Napkins, corrugated paper and their counterparts don't like glue. It is better to fix the details of the product with several turns of an ordinary thread.

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