P2426 Error Code - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooling Valve Control Circuit Low

The P2426 error code reads "Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooling Valve Control Circuit Low". Often, in programs working with an OBD-2 scanner, the name may have an English spelling "Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooling Valve Control Circuit Low".

Technical description and error description P

A stored code P2426 means the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected an insufficient voltage in the EGR valve control circuit. EGR cooling systems are only used in diesel engines.

The exhaust gas recirculation system is designed to supply some of the inert exhaust gases back to the engine intake system. Replacing the exhaust gas with oxygen-rich air reduces the number of nitrogen oxide (NOx) particles.

EGR cooling systems are used to reduce the temperature of gases before they enter the engine air intake system. The electronically controlled exhaust gas recirculation cooling valve regulates the flow of engine coolant to the exhaust gas recirculation cooler under certain conditions.

The PCM uses inputs from the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor and EGR cooler temperature sensor / sensors. To determine when and to what extent the EGR cooling valve opens or closes. The PCM monitors the voltage to the EGR cooling valve control system each time the key is turned on.

The EGR cooler and EGR cooler temperature sensors report changes in engine coolant temperature to the PCM. The PCM compares these inputs to calculate if the EGR cooling system is working properly.

If the EGR cooling valve control voltage is too low, below the normal programmed range. Or, if the inputs from the EGR temperature sensor / sensors are not the same as those from the ECT sensor, a P2426 error code will set. The malfunction indicator lamp may also come on.

Malfunction symptoms

The primary driver symptom of a P2426 code is a MIL (malfunction indicator) illuminated. It is also called Check engine or simply "check is on".

Huawei has announced the new Huawei Mate X2 clamshell phone. The novelty received a screen that opens from the inside of the device. The smartphone is equipped with dual displays with a high refresh rate, as well as a powerful Kirin 9000 chip. The new model Mate X2 will be on sale in China from 25 February. The cost of the configuration with 256 GB of permanent memory is $ 2785.

Updated design

Huawei seems to have abandoned the design used in the Mate X and Mate Xs when creating the Mate X2. This also means that this smartphone has received a new hinge design. According to the manufacturer, this phone uses liquid zirconium metal in its hinge system. The novelty received an external screen that looks like a smaller display of the Mate 40 Pro, as well as a main display without holes and cutouts. The novelty also features a seamless folding design.

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High quality image

The Huawei Mate X2 has a 6.45-inch external OLED display with a punch-hole selfie camera. It received support for a resolution of 2700 × 1160 pixels (456 PPI) and a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a sampling rate of 240 Hz. At the same time, the main 8-inch screen of the phone supports a resolution of 2480 × 2200 (413 PPI). This OLED panel supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz sampling rate.

Memory and performance

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Camera Configuration

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