Original carnival costume

Making a king's costume for a boy with our own hands

The outfit of a royal person for a child should be made in bright burgundy or red colors. Its main components are a mantle and a crown. It is better to wear a white shirt or badlon under the bottom, which can be found in the child's wardrobe. Pants can also be taken from stock or sewn. The pattern is easy to make by tracing around any pants or shorts that are the right size.

White knee-highs and interesting shoes are also worn on your feet. The crown should be truly royal and made in golden color. The mantle in a children's costume is most often done knee-deep or slightly higher. Consider the process of making the main attributes of the king's costume for a boy.

Mantle of the King

To sew a gown, you should buy a burgundy satin for the front and blue for the inside of the product. Other suitable fabrics can be used. Also prepare all the necessary sewing supplies in advance. There are many different sewing options for the product. Consider the simplest type of rectangular cape. Follow a specific sequence of actions:

ATTENTION! In products in a hurry, you do not need to sew the lining. From the seamy side, the satin also looks bright and beautiful. In addition, the inside of the cape is often not visible, especially if it is long.

Making the crown

The crown can be made by hand from various materials such as cardboard, paper or felt. In this example, you will need a large plastic bottle and baking foil. Manufacturing recommendations:

IMPORTANT! The crown can be decorated with bright rhinestones or confetti. They can be easily glued to the surface with glue.

DIY tsar costume for an adult

The costume of an adult will differ from that of a child by the presence of more decorative elements. In general, depending on the event, more expensive and refined materials are selected to create the image. The dressing of the robe and crown is done more carefully. So, it is necessary to prepare white faux fur for decoration, as well as sequins, golden braid, lace, rhinestones, beads, jewelry and other elements.

Just like in a boy's suit, the main elements will be a mantle and a crown. The gown should be long, heavy and presentable. The difference is that under the bottom you can put on almost any clothes, since a massive mantle will hide it in any case. The crown must be worked out in the smallest detail, and a more time-consuming technique is used to make it.

Paper dress for dolls

The doll is the main companion of the little girl. Young ladies love to play with dolls, equip houses for them and make outfits on their own. To develop creative skills in a child, you can make items of her wardrobe using paper. The process of creating a mini version can be considered a trial one, as this option will help to conduct a small but thorough training in design skills.

We will tell you how you can make different types of paper dresses with your own hands.


Manufacturing instructions

The first step is to make the base for the future skirt. To do this, we use cardboard, from which we roll up the cap. We fasten the edges of the cap with tape or glue so that the material does not disperse. Cut off the sharp end with scissors.

Important! Make sure that the radius of the resulting circle fits the size of the doll. The toy should pass freely into the skirt, but the product itself should be tightly fixed on the body.

Let's move on to the design of the skirt. Cut out material from paper that is suitable in size for the base. The top can be decorated with peculiar waves, which are typical for a sun-cut skirt. To do this, carefully fold the paper in the belt area. Small and bright folds are obtained. A strip of lace, which is attached with glue, is suitable for decorating the bottom. We also process the edges with glue to fix the product.

Help: you can use corrugated paper when working.

Being careful, we put the resulting skirt on a pre-prepared cone. Carefully glue the belt area to the cardboard base. The skirt is ready.

On top, the process is somewhat simpler. We cut out a suitable piece of paper for the workpiece. We try on the doll, glue the edges, cut off the excess. It is recommended to emphasize the waist area with a belt. The strap will act not only as a decorative element, but also as an additional retainer.

Parents often face the problem of creating an interesting costume for their young children for the New Year's holiday or any other party with an entertainment program. DIY hedgehog costume is a category of children's costume for a variety of carnival holidays. The hedgehog is the kindest hero of funny Russian cartoons and folk tales. Changing into the costume of this character, your kid will feel like a hero of a good old cartoon. And to make the costume really original, you can sew it yourself.

Many of the parents buy ready-made suits in the stores of the children's department. Buying it involves the risk of coincidence with the costumes of other children, moreover, such an acquisition will completely sweep away its originality from the parents. Therefore, they should devote a little time to cutting and creating their own masterpiece, proving their care and interest in their child.

New Year's costume "Little Penguin" is made for a matinee in kindergarten. The pants and bib are made of artificial silk, the tailcoat is made of plush in combination with the sleeves of semi-woolen fabric. Hat made of black jersey.

Batman's carnival costume is easy to sew. To create a costume, you need a black knitted suit - this will be quite enough, even more so if there is absolutely time to prepare for the holiday.

Holidays are already literally on the heels and we urgently need a suit for a matinee in kindergarten or school. What is offered in stores is not always pleasant: the child wants to be individual.

Video on the original carnival costume with your own hands

Carnival costume for a bright party ()

What can be found in this category

In this category you will find tons of ideas with step-by-step instructions on how to create any look with your own hands. Dressing up the kid in such a suit, you will make him original and unique.

We will dress our daughter and son ... in a hedgehog costume. When creating it, the age of the child should be taken into account: if the toddler is a restless toddler, his costume should not be heavy and bulky. The main part of the suit includes: a casual shirt, trousers, shorts or a skirt. The color of the material is brown or red with the presence of gray.

The convenience of this suit is that it is easy to put on and take off. Parents do not need to spend a lot of time on endless dressing up of the child. It is enough to dress the baby in his usual clothes, trousers and a shirt, and put on a funny and beautiful hat, trimmed with needles from a pleasant fabric, on his head. In this category of costumes, many interesting looks can be constructed in this way.

On October 31, all evil spirits will come out on the ground and begin to rule their nightmare ball. Scary? Not at all, because we are talking about the Halloween holiday, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. To get into the atmosphere of this mystical and a little creepy day, try making your own Halloween costume. We at Joy-pup will be happy to show you the simplest and most accessible ideas, show you photo and video materials, as well as small master classes. Create cool Halloween looks for the whole family and celebrate with us!

DIY Halloween costume for a girl

Halloween is the time when people hide their true faces behind creepy images and masks. However, all the secret becomes clear. If in your soul you have always felt like a witch and shaman, try on a witch costume for Halloween. How to make it yourself, we wrote in detail here.

Also, girls like to try on beautiful images at a theme party. Make a Halloween costume with your own hands from the tools at hand, and shine like the star of the movie "The Great Gatsby"! Fashion trends fall-winter 2020-2021 will help you, because today fringed dresses are popular again!

A DIY Halloween costume for a girl can be made out of paper. For example, cut out a doll outfit from a huge piece of Whatman paper using a template. Decorate or paste over with prints from colored paper, make accessories and a bow - and the doll costume for Halloween is ready.

Some more ideas for an adult Halloween costume are a mummy costume (from old T-shirts) and an airy milkshake image (with a cherry made from a red ball).

Another creative idea for Halloween is a DIY skeleton costume. Print and cut the template out of paper. If you have vinyl that glows in the dark, then that's pretty cool! Position the bony pattern over the black long-sleeved T-shirt. Press with a hot iron on the transparent layer of the vinyl sheet and hold for 15 seconds. Delete the transparent layer.

Do the same with the hand bones template. If you don't have vinyl, glue a skeleton cut from plain paper to the T-shirt.

This Halloween costume can be made for a man too.

Halloween costume for a guy

When going to a Halloween-themed party, guys can also try on a variety of scary, creepy, and sometimes unexpected looks. Check out your wardrobe if you're looking to cosplay the Joker. There must be a wedding or graduation suit, daddy's tie and a bright vest lying around.

Anastasia Skoreeva New Year 30.9.018

Hello again! Summer has surrendered its positions practically without a fight, autumn has taken over as a full-fledged mistress and will definitely not resist winter. What am I doing? It's time to think over a cool suit for the New Year with your own hands and thus save money - one, stand out from the crowd - two, enjoy the process of creating - three!

DIY New Year costume: interesting ideas

I have picked up interesting options for costumes in different styles for children and adults, for most I attach brief instructions for making. I really hope that by doing so I will help you find an answer to the question of what outfit to celebrate the New Year and inspire you to succeed.

Classic and Themed

Not ready for daring experiments and prefer to remain a conservative even on New Year's? Great, choose from proven options for New Year's costumes.

For the top, use a simple blue or white swimsuit, T-shirt or T-shirt in the colors you want.

The top of the costume is decorated with a beautiful applique in the form of a snowflake. A shiny film (for example, from flowers) or an iridescent fabric (satin looks good). Make the sleeves with lanterns. They can be easily made from crepe paper or fabric, and can be worn separately with a T-shirt or swimsuit. To make the lanterns lush and not slip, fasten the crepe paper or fabric on a wide elastic band along the volume of the arm, hide the seam inward.

The lower part is the main decoration of the costume. Sew a two- or three-tiered skirt into a gather.

Multi-colored panels with a width of several millimeters for each layer will add spectacularity to the skirt. Choose nylon, polyethylene, or starched gauze for the bottom. This will keep the skirt in shape. Sew balls of plush, padding polyester or cotton wool on a silvery strong thread up to 10 cm long along the edges of the bottom layer. / P>

On the feet of the 2019 snowflakes, gym shoes with white pompoms will look harmonious, on the head - tiny sparkling hairpins and hairpins, a hoop with cotton balls, the same as on a skirt. Do not forget about accessories - pearl beads and bracelets for hands.

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