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Today, there is hardly a person who would not have known the famous wizard and magician Harry Potter. More than once a brave little sorcerer defeated the insidious, feisty Dark Lord. Perhaps every young boy wants to be like this fictional character. For a holiday, it is not difficult to sew a Harry Potter costume. The main thing in this matter is to correctly copy the image of a hero, who has enough attributes inherent only to him.

Harry Potter

Who is Harry Potter? This is the hero of a whole series of fascinating novels by the Englishwoman J.K. Rowling. Based on the books of the writer, eight films have been filmed, where Harry grows up together with his actor Daniel Radcliffe. In the wizarding world, Harry is known as the one who survived a terrible spell. The boy's parents were killed by the Dark Lord, and Harry lived in the family of his relatives, deprived of care and affection.

There is a famous scar on the boy's forehead, which in a suit can serve as a noticeable "feature". Harry also has his father's invisibility cloak. The boy received it as a gift from Dumbledore. The mantle belongs to the Deathly Hallows. This element must be included in a New Year's costume. The mantle will "help" to eavesdrop on other people's conversations and hide from unwanted eyes.

While studying at the Gryffindor Faculty, Harry wears a special uniform: a dark sweater, white shirt, burgundy tie, black boots and dark trousers. The main identification mark of the hero is glasses in a round frame, do not forget about them. And, of course, there should be a magic wand in your hand.

How to make a Harry Potter costume, let's take a closer look. In the magical world of mystery and magic, every detail matters. Let's pay attention to all the details of the costume.

How to Make a Harry Potter Costume: Getting Started

Before you start creating the image of the wizard, prepare thoroughly. To do this, you need the following materials and tools:

  • Big Whatman paper.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Red and black fabric.
  • Red and black threads.
  • Burgundy tie.
  • Yellow braid (ribbon).
  • Chalk.
  • Needles.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Iron.
  • Self-adhesive paper.
  • Cardboard.
  • Wire.
  • Pliers.
  • Hardening plastic.
  • Stick or dowel.
  • Varnish, paint.

All this will allow you to create an accurate Harry Potter costume. Your boy will love it! Taking a magic wand in his hands, he will feel like a real little wizard, capable of performing miracles.

Action Plan

  • Cutting blanks of wide margins from cardboard.
  • Gluing blanks on the brim of a felt hat.
  • Covering the crown of the hat with newspapers.
  • Covering the hat with a lining cloth.

How to make a Harry Potter costume for a boy with your own hands

While this seems normal among action heroes - because we can't have a franchise without a protagonist - almost all of the characters stay alive even after a lot of turmoil. They all survive in some miraculous way, which makes you think they are immortal. Read on to find out who we credit this incredible gift to.

Ethan Hunt

The unstoppable super-spy from the Mission: Impossible franchise looks like an immortal man. Ethan Hunt constantly runs into danger and risks his life to save the world. From riding a train chased by a helicopter to hanging from an airplane taking off, he is constantly in danger of being tortured, kidnapped, betrayed and abandoned like a rag doll.

As the franchise grew and Hunt got older, he clearly became increasingly immune to various circumstances, fraught with consequences. As if Hunt himself had come to believe that he was truly immortal.

John Wick

John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, is a true killing machine capable of mowing down entire squads of mercenaries with quick tactical maneuvers and near-impossible combo headshots. In some cases, being unable to kill means taking an insane amount of damage and ignoring it - which Wick manages to do - but sometimes it means that he is endowed with an irresistible force of nature that can take on as many opponents as are thrown at him.

James Bond

With a screen career spanning over 26 films in total, James Bond has been able to survive even the most challenging situations. Over the years as a secret agent, Bond faced numerous trauma and traps that should have left him dead, but he survived. Bond even received a shot from a high-speed sniper rifle, knocking him off a moving train and causing him to fall into the river, but even that did not seriously damage him.

Indiana Jones

The world introduction to Indiana Jones set the stage for all his further adventure. "In Search of the Lost Ark" the professor of history, who became the desecrator of the tomb, recruits ancient relics, dodging poisonous darts, thorn holes and a huge boulder, remains alive and well.

Jones escapes from a viper-filled chamber, jumps out of an airplane on an inflatable raft, defeats hundreds of Nazis, experiences God's magical wrath, battles enemies, and outsmarts the traps that protect the Holy Grail. And it was all decades before the much older Indiana Jones survived a nuclear explosion, hiding in a lead refrigerator in the film. Incredible luck!

Beatrix Kiddo

Beatrix Kiddo is a revenge-obsessed super-assassin trained by the greatest martial artist and honed into weapons of destruction. In the Kill Bill saga, she is indestructible in many ways, but most notably, she was shot in the head with a pistol and survived.

Review of gifts for fans of books and films about the wizard boy Harry Potter. Do you want to please your friends? Then use our ideas and buy really original presents.

Paper and cardboard rocket for children with templates

Using a sample, you can easily make a beautiful model in a short time. In order to have a rocket on your desk in a quarter of an hour that can impress a schoolchild or preschooler, you must follow the instructions exactly and prepare in advance:

  • colored paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • cardboard in black;
  • pencil, ruler, scissors ...

The instruction offered for children can be used in a labor lesson at school or in a creative lesson in kindergarten. If you need to do your homework on creating a rocket model, then the option presented below is also suitable for execution - the finished space composition will certainly be favorably appreciated by the teacher.

Step-by-step production of an interstellar ship:

Having made a launch pad, it can be used for successful flights and landings of both a manufactured rocket and similar models.

Block Rocket

Could we at least theoretically outstrip the Americans in the lunar race? All experts agree: definitely not with the royal bearer. Not only the carrier was not ready, at the time of the termination of the program only the lunar spacesuit was fully worked out ("PM" will write about it in the next issue)!

However, there was another option. Almost simultaneously with Korolev, Vladimir Chelomey, who headed the Reutov OKB-52, proposed his project of the lunar ship and launch vehicle. Unlike the N-1, the Chelomeev super-heavy launch vehicle project was not utopian. As a basis for the UR-700 lunar carrier, Vladimir Chelomey planned to take the already in operation three-stage UR-500K, the ancestor of the modern Proton family. The UR-500 had an unusual layout of the first stage. The basis was the central block of the oxidizer tank. Six blocks were hung on it, each of which consisted of a fuel tank and a first stage engine. The advantage of this arrangement was the small length of the assembled step. An important advantage of the UR-500 was the fact that all blocks were designed taking into account the dimensions of railway cars and platforms, as well as the width of the railway tracks and the dimensions of tunnels, bridges and junctions. The rocket was built at the base factories, and at Baikonur only a relatively simple assembly from ready-made blocks took place.

None of the existing engines were suitable for such a powerful rocket. It was then that the RD-253 engine, developed by Glushko for the N-1 and rejected by Korolev, came in handy. All stages of the UR-500 operated on high-boiling toxic fuel components (oxidizer - nitrogen tetraxide, fuel - asymmetric dimethylhydrazine). Such fuel was a necessary requirement of the military: the UR-500 was created not so much for peaceful cargo as for military load - from super-powerful warheads to combat rocket planes.

The UR-700 lunar carrier, which allows launching a payload weighing 140 tons into orbit, was a ready-made UR-500, to which a new first stage was added - nine blocks, with one RD-270 engine in each. This unique engine with a thrust of 630 tons (more than four times more powerful than the engines of the first stage N-1) was specially developed for the UR-700 by Valentin Glushko. Actually, this is the only complex element that needed to be developed for the new media. All other components had the same dimensions as the UR-500, which made it possible to manufacture them on the existing equipment. There was no reason to doubt that Glushko would have created such an engine: after the termination of work on the UR-700, he created for Energia the world's most powerful rocket engine RD170 with a thrust of 740 tons! “If my version was adopted ten or twelve years ago,” Chelomey said later, “we would have a launch vehicle that is not inferior to Saturn-5, but with the advantage that the three upper stages are always in serial production, regardless of the lunar program. ". Nobody objected to him anymore.

Israel has made a deal to supply its active protection system for the Leopards so far. Maybe soon we will start selling Merkava too.

The system has already been shipped to the USA since 2018

On February 23, the Israeli Defense Ministry announced an agreement with Germany on equipping the Leopard 2 tanks in service with the Bundeswehr with the Israeli Vetrovka active protection system (Trophy, Meil ​​Ruach) produced by the Raphael defense concern ".

"The main task of the" Windbreaker "is to save the lives of tankers. This development is a testament to the advanced nature of our defense industry. Germany's confidence in the Israeli system underlines the importance of cooperation between the two countries and our industrial strength," - said the Minister of Defense Benny Gantz.

Who is "we"? The same "we", or those who are our "we"?

pikabu doesn't seem to be an Israeli resource

Because? It's LIVEJOURNAL. An American website. Not an albanian; (# *! @ ()! site. (с) ex_scottisht928

What about the Holocaust? Or doesn't money smell at all?

The USSR has been supplying gas since what year? But what about Khatyn, etc.?

A hundred thousand times have already discussed the merkava as a tank for a specific battlefield. It will not be exported. And, at least on the Zaporozhets, mount active protection; her task is to shoot down what flies into the object of protection.

Any schoolchild from elementary grades can easily fold a regular airplane out of paper and start it to "hover" around the classroom. But, in order to assemble, a real paper fighter, fully corresponding to a specific model, you will have to be patient and take the creation of the craft more seriously. We offer you all the necessary instructions and materials for fruitful work: diagrams, videos, step-by-step production, stencils or templates, model options, as well as various types of assembly of paper or cardboard structures. Everything is simple and clear, both for beginners of "self-made", and for young creators who want to create models of fighters from paper.

  • How to make a paper fighter
  • Required materials and tools
  • Step-by-step assembly of a voluminous craft
  • Video master class <
  • Origami of a flying fighter with a simple layout
  • Examples of cardboard and paper models
  • Sweeps and cutout fighter templates

Tips Before Getting Started

Simple airplane

Even for the first time, creating a model will be easy, following the step-by-step instructions. How to make origami of an airplane with your own hands is described below.

  • Take a rectangular A4 sheet of paper.
  • Fold in half lengthways, marking the middle, and unfold.
  • Bend the top corners towards the middle, keeping symmetry.
  • Bend down a part of the workpiece with corners along a horizontal line.
  • Bend the top corners to the middle again, but this time not close to the center. It is necessary to bend the corners so that an acute angle forms between them, and a small rhombus below.
  • Raise the bottom corner of the small diamond until it stops, fixing the corners. Work out the fold well.
  • Fold the airplane in half lengthwise so that the bent piece is outside.
  • Fold the wings in the middle, bending them in half.
  • The airplane is ready. You need to launch it, holding on to the small bent triangle in the middle.

Modeling rules for beginners

Acquaintance with the origami technique should begin with the rules that will need to be followed in the future. Of course, many adults believe that modeling paper airplanes is just a way to kill time and fool around with the children who will then launch them.

But the Japanese treat this process with great trepidation. Especially when it comes to modeling paper airplanes. They even singled out a separate direction for this, which was called arogami.

In Japan, even competitions are held between the masters who model such figures. The championship is held annually, and only true masters can take part in it, who managed to come up with a technology that makes it possible to create a unique model. Of course, it must stay in the air for a long time.

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