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Decorated Art Print

Production time: 5-6 working days

  • Small dimensions: Lashing hook
  • Medium dimensions: Steel wire on the back
  • Large dimensions: Lashing hook (x2)

This is the finish that you can see in museums or galleries. The true impression of quality, depth and richness of nuance goes far beyond traditional photo printing. A thick white coating measuring 1.4 mm x 5 cm surrounds the image. Our master printer pays constant attention to both color control and graphics chain compliance. Our high quality requirements are the main advantage of Artmajeur framed art reproductions.

Wood Frame (Smooth Black Finish) Band Width: Small 20mm (Medium & Large: 40mm)

"WHITE SCRIPT VERGÉ" matting (Thickness 1.mmx5cm))

Glass Museum (option:

Anti-reflective glass found in works of art is on display in museums. Frame prints are supplied with acrylic glass by default. If you want anti-reflective glass identical to those used in museums, simply select the anti-reflective glass option.

Anti-reflective museum quality glass

Artmajeur offers two coverage options

In addition to its exceptional thickness, fibrous paper consists of an acid-free alpha cellulose base and coated with barium sulfate and a microporous layer that enhances the absorption of pigments during printing. With a pure white color that does not yellow on light, this paper is specially formulated to resist and age. It is used in major museums around the world because it offers excellent resolution with deep and dense colors.

Exceptionally thick, 100% cotton paper, slightly textured, luminous, its surface provides an amazing velvety feel. It is specially designed to reproduce works of art with great image depth. The very thin and soft surface provides intense color and deep blacks with excellent aging resistance.

Art print on studio frame

Professional Darts

The game of darts has its roots in ancient times. She has won the hearts of thrill-seekers around the world. Despite its seeming simplicity (aiming and throwing darts), the game of darts requires accuracy, observation and endurance. To get the maximum pleasure and thrill from the game, it is important to choose the right professional darts, and then you can organize whole competitions in the company of family and friends.

Choosing the Right Dart Board

Now let's talk about dimensions. The standard dart board size is 45 cm (of which 34 are in the scoring area). But not all manufacturers of gaming accessories adhere to these standards.

Choosing the Right Darts for Your Darts

1. Needle. The most important part of any throwing equipment, it is responsible for keeping the dart on the board when it hits the target. Therefore, it must be made of reliable and durable materials such as stainless steel. 2. "Body". This is the part that the athlete takes to throw the dart. The base can be wood, plastic or metal. However, in the latter case, light metals such as brass should be used. 3. Shank. It must have properly balanced parameters, otherwise the dart will simply fall, not reaching the target. Beginners should choose throwing accessories with light shanks made of plastic, nylon or aluminum, professionals - from titanium, carbon and their combinations. 4. Plumage. Provides stabilization of throwing accessories in flight. It can be made from plastic, polyester, laminated paper, or nylon. Natural feathers can also be used, but they are quickly damaged.

Modern play equipment is not limited to wooden planks and metal needles. Today you can often see:

  • Magnetic darts - darts in it "stick" to the board using powerful magnets.
  • Plastic darts - the needles in it are not metal, but are made of polymer materials.
  • Electronic Darts— Has a board with an electronic module and darts with plastic tips.

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