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News from the world of board games, March



A portion of news from the world of board games.

  • New items: “Living stories. Towards new adventures! ”,“ The Winter Queen ”,“ Forgotten Seas ”and“ Echoes. ”
  • Zvezda announced that Yozu will be released in Russian in March.
  • Hobby World will publish Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards: Hijinx at Hell High in Russia in the first half of spring 2021.
  • This and other news.

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In Russia

“In a cute box, you will find 30 new animal characters and 6 new stories (two of which are branched). There are also blank cards in the box on which you can capture your own unique fairy tales!

Living Stories is an amazing game book that has become incredibly popular in the year since its release. The game is loved both in Russia and abroad - they love to use it there in the learning process in kindergartens and schools. ”

The first novelty of the Crowd Games publishing house is the game "Winter Queen" / Winter Queen (price - 2,290 rubles; the game requires from 2 to 4 participants 14+ years old and from 20 to 40 minutes of free time). <

“The magic contest is about to begin! Once a year, the Winter Queen enchants the snows throughout the kingdom, turning them into shimmering ice floes of all shades of the northern lights. Royal sorcerers lay out patterns from these ice floes - special spells that protect the country from troubles and misfortunes.

The rules of the game are so simple that they can be explained in just five minutes, and the game itself is unlikely to take you more than half an hour. The family audience will like it by the simplicity of the process and bright components, and experienced players will appreciate the high degree of interaction and original strategic decisions. ”

On a string to the world

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