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Former postman Larisa Tonkoshkur lives in anticipation of her three-month arrest. That is how much she was awarded by the Pervomaisky court, headed by Tatyana Linnik, for distributing in the telegram channel the addresses of 35 former and current employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who subscribe to the newspaper "On Guard".

Larisa does not believe that the appeal will be in her favor. She was tried under Part 1 of Art. 179 of the Criminal Code (illegal collection or dissemination of information about private life constituting a personal or family secret of another person, without his consent, resulting in harm to the rights, freedoms and legal interests of the victim). “I wouldn’t be afraid of a longer arrest. I'm not some kind of criminal. And if you turn life back, I would do the same. We will now destroy the system from the inside, ”the woman smiles.

Larisa told NN how she grew up in a large family, why her generation is apolitical, how she worked from dawn to dusk until 50 to build an apartment, and about a Frenchman, to whom she could have gone before the elections ...

“What's wrong with the white-red-white flag? I gave birth to my daughter under it "

Larisa already has an experience of being behind bars: last autumn she left for Akrestsin Street for 15 days for “disobedience”. Even if her new sentence is upheld, she knows what to put in her bag to make her life more comfortable: hygiene products, linen, books.

“They came for me directly to the post office almost immediately after I gave the data of 35 police officers to the administrator of the Lebyazhy telegram channel. I was taken to the Investigative Committee, and there I began to testify under Article 179. I didn’t even think that at the same time they would palm off on me to sign another protocol for disobedience during detention. Allegedly, I fell on the stairs, grabbed the policeman, rested ... I think it was influenced by the fact that they shouted at me: "How long can you run with this flag?" By the way, I asked in response: “What is wrong with this flag? I gave birth to my daughter under it. " Such an attitude on the part of the police as if you were below them. You know, in Soviet times I was in the squad myself, I respected people in uniform, but now the attitude towards them has somehow changed ... ”- Larisa admits.

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No one was given mattresses or bed linen in the cell, so Larisa and her cellmates slept on metal bunks and a bench, some on the floor. There was no hot water, the toilet did not drain - women filled bottles and flushed everything out by hand.

“All this was somehow smoothed out, because there were our own: basketball player Lena Levchenko, volunteer of Babariko's headquarters Inna Kovalenok, Natasha Hershe from Switzerland, Sofia Malashevich. We had something to talk about. In general, I have such a peculiarity: when it's hard, I seem to put on armor on myself. There is only me and the goal. I can not notice what is happening around. So it was when I had to pay off a loan for an apartment at 35% for 19 years. You get up at dawn and only at 11 pm you come home after work. Only when I was 50 I got my own apartment. "

Now Larisa writes letters to former cellmates (today's political prisoners), and also goes to courts to express her support.

There are no records in the woman's work book: a chip collector at Integral, an elevator operator, a salesman, a storekeeper, a janitor in a kindergarten, and a painter. She even helped sell Narodnaya Volya for some time. For the past three years, the woman has worked in the post office.

Last week in the article we described how you can get a report from your credit history How to find out if someone else's loan is hanging on you. In this report, among other things, you can find out which banks have requested a consumer's credit history.

And so one day a resident of the Kemerovo region went to his personal account of the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI) and saw that one very famous bank was interested in his credit history 6 times. The outraged citizen turned to the Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Ensuring the Availability of Financial Services of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and informed the supervisory authority that he did not consent to the distribution of his credit report. The service carried out a check, turned to the Bank with a question, did they really make inquiries about this citizen? The bank answered “yes”, but it was a technical failure, however, the data from the credit report was indeed received by the bank. Then the Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation brought the Bank to justice under Art. 14. 9 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation "Illegal actions to obtain or provide a credit report or information constituting a credit history and included in a credit report, if such actions do not contain a criminal offense" (entails punishment of legal entities from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles).

And the citizen went to court and demanded to recover compensation for moral damage from the Bank. The Mariinsky City Court of the Kemerovo Region examined the case materials and satisfied the claim. The court indicated: “According to paragraph 7 of Art. 3 of the Federal Law of 30. 2. 004 No. 218-FZ "On Credit Histories", the user of a credit history is an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity that has received a written or otherwise recorded consent of the subject of the credit history to receive a credit report for the purposes specified in the consent of the subject of the credit stories." And since no such consent was obtained, the bank had no right to request a credit history. As a result, the citizen was awarded compensation for moral damage in the amount of 5,000 rubles.

Interestingly, the Bank did not appeal the decision in the appellate instance, and the citizen has already received a writ of execution.

Fair enough, but. It will not be enough.


thousands for now! Fraudsters handle a pensioner

Swindlers posing as electricians were detained.

They spoiled electrical appliances in advance, and then offered to change them for a considerable amount. 14 people became victims of fraudsters.

“I have devoted years of my life to proving my innocence”

Oksana Gutorova, a former personnel officer of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kursk Region, is trying to prove in court that she did not receive financial assistance for employees using forged documents

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