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It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without hygiene devices. The most demanded of them is toilet paper. It is made from several types of raw materials and varies in color, thickness, appearance and usability.

Toilet paper - description

A hygiene product consists of sheets rolled up or joined together in a bundle. Toilet paper is often white, but it can also be produced in other shades. The roll can be solid or have a bushing in the center, with which it is attached to special holders. Most manufacturers produce toilet paper in widths from 8 to 12 cm.The length of a roll is from 20 to 70 m. / P>

Room preparation

When looking for a place to locate a workshop, it is necessary to be guided by sanitary standards, which prescribe a distance of 100 m to the nearest water bodies and residential buildings. Therefore, it is better for an entrepreneur to use some kind of hangar or warehouse on the outskirts of the city, where the rent does not exceed 200-300 rubles / m² per month.

To equip an enterprise with a capacity of 2–5 tons of products per day, a room with an area of ​​150 m² is sufficient: the lines for the production of toilet paper, designed specifically for small businesses, are small in size. The workshop space should be divided into:

  • Area for receiving and storing waste paper;
  • Warehouse for packaging and other raw materials;
  • Production area;
  • Warehouse finished products;
  • Administrative and household premises.

When preparing a toilet paper workshop, it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements that are imposed by manufacturers of technological equipment and various regulatory bodies. So:

  • The length of the production room must be at least 15 meters for the correct placement of the machines;
  • The installation of the paper machine and the exhaust hood above it requires a ceiling height of at least 4 meters;
  • The power consumption of the steam toilet paper machine is 55 kW. Power of electrical mini-factories - from 135 kW;
  • The power line must provide power for machines and devices with a voltage of both 220 V and 380 V;
  • The workshop must be connected to the water supply and sewerage systems, which will ensure the supply and discharge of water in a volume of at least 3 m³ per day;
  • The air temperature in the production room at any time of the year should not fall below 16 ° С and rise above 25 ° С;
  • A fume hood over the paper machine must ensure efficient removal of water vapor;
  • The workshop foundation is poured according to the equipment manufacturer's scheme. A recycle water supply pit with a volume of 5–8 m³ is installed in the floor;
  • The production of toilet paper from waste paper is considered fire hazardous, therefore the workshop is equipped with a fire extinguishing system and fire extinguishers.

When did toilet paper appear?

The first mentions of this hygiene product date back to 589 AD. ... Toilet paper originated in China. The first samples were bundles of sheets fastened together. Special paper impregnated with aromatic oils was supplied for the imperial court. Manufacturing technologies and manufacturing features were kept by the Chinese in strict secrecy, so the rest of the world learned about the existence of this hygiene product much later.

Toilet paper - a description of when it appeared, what it is made of, features of different types, how to choose

A friend was caught by phone scammers the other day. I was very surprised that she fell for it, since she is far from stupid. Happened in Latvia.

The divorce is well-known, they allegedly call from the bank, with the wording like: "suspicious activity has been noticed on your account."

But there were a couple of things that made her believe:

1) They called from a number one digit different from the official number of her bank.

2) Somehow, a "confirmation" message was sent to the OFFICIAL SMS-correspondence with the bank.

Otherwise, the scheme was standard. They called at the height of the working day, and immediately began to speak anxiously and "caringly". One of the first questions was: "Where are you now?" Naturally, a person, being at work, not even knowing even the topic of conversation, already begins to strain and panic.

They asked a lot of superficial questions about Internet purchases, the dates of the last Internet payments, the prescription of a bank card order, in which branch I received it, etc. And there are many more questions not directly related to passwords and other security information. There were a lot of questions and they were asked as quickly as possible.

We talked very kindly and delicately, apologized a hundred times, for all these questions, for taking so long, etc.

And, of course, at the end, when the vigilance was well put to sleep, they fished out the necessary codes and passwords.

They also persuaded to install a program on the phone, supposedly for an increased level of data security. Naturally, this program was like TeamViewer, only for the phone. Here the friend regained consciousness, but it was too late.

Perhaps they have been bred like this for a long time. Then, forgive me, for the next post.

But the first two points really scare you how far this area goes.

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