Mikhail Serdyuk is a composer and musician from Popasna who invented and created the electric accordion

Mikhail Serdyuk hails from the village of Pervomayskoye, Svatovsky district, but has lived almost his entire life in Popasna. In Popasna he is known as an artist, musician, composer and accompanist. But little-known is the fact that he is the inventor and designer of the electric accordion (accordion synthesizer). Mikhail told Popasnaya.City about himself and his hobby of all his life.

Mikhail had a craving for art since childhood. From the first grades of school, he was fond of drawing and during these years he first took up a musical instrument. Mikhail's father played the harmonica. Mikhail himself began to learn little by little. When the father saw that his son was beginning to succeed, he decided to buy him a button accordion.

“Art has determined my whole future life,” notes Mikhail.

Mikhail accompanies the veteran choir Author: Vladimir Zaruba

With the help of a self-instruction manual, Mikhail mastered the instrument on his own, and after graduating from school he even entered the University of Arts for a correspondence course. Theoretical assignments and literature were sent to him by mail, he completed assignments and sent papers to the university. The tasks were theoretical, and Mikhail was already practicing on his instrument. But he studied only one course, because it was time to go to the army.

In the army he proved himself as an artist and sculptor

On the way to the military unit, Mikhail drew various pictures on simple sheets of paper on the train. Co-workers noticed his talent and jokingly asked him to draw something like a tattoo for them. The officers also noticed the talent, therefore, upon arrival at the military unit, they already knew that Mikhail was drawing. He was mainly engaged in the release of wall newspapers and just continued to draw for himself. But one day he was asked to do a more difficult task.

He was asked if he could draw a sketch a monument dedicated to the memory of the fallen soldiers of the border troops. Mikhail agreed, worked and brought three options at once. One of them was taken away, after which Mikhail received an unexpected offer - to make this memorial sign with his own hands.

“I was asked if I could create a monument? I could not refuse. Despite the fact that I had never done anything like this, for some reason I was sure that I would succeed. And so it happened. This memorial sign has been standing in the military unit where I served for more than 50 years, ”says Mikhail Serdyuk.

A hobby turned into a profession

After serving in the army, Mikhail worked at the school and the rural House of Culture in the village of Pervomayskoye, where he comes from. Then he moved to live in Popasnaya and got a job at the House of Science and Technology, where he worked for about 20 years as a graphic designer. All posters, billboards, slogans, etc. painted by Mikhail. In parallel with this profession, he also did not stop making music. It was no longer just a hobby, he wrote phonograms and accompanied the soloists of the House of Culture.

After 20 years of work in the Palace of Culture, he was offered to work as an artist at the Children's Art School and lead a circle work with children. Without thinking twice, he agreed to this job and worked at the school for about five years.

All this time he continued to professionally make music, perform at celebrations and weddings. While still working at school, Mikhail received an offer to work at the Popasnyanskiy District House of Culture, where he has been working as an accompanist for the Veterans' National Choir for about 10 years. At the House of Culture, he also continued to lead a circle of fine arts. At first he worked with those children who graduated from art school, but wanted to continue working with their teacher, then new students appeared.

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