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We continue the New Year theme of decorating the house for the upcoming holiday. At the moment I am at work. I work on a rotational basis for 15 days. That is, 15 at work, 15 at home. This means that I will get home only on December 1. And my son and I will start decorating and decorating the apartment for the New Year.

Last year we bought a new tree. Most of the toys and garlands for her were also purchased in the store. But we did some with our son. At that time he was 2.5 years old and therefore the main part of the work was done with his wife, and he only watched the whole process with interest. It is interesting, after all, when something extraordinarily beautiful is obtained from a set of different pieces of paper, all kinds of ribbons and multi-colored buttons.

And the whole interest of Arthur (son's name) was that he hung the finished toys on the tree himself (at least where he could reach). And if he could not, then he showed the place where they need to be attached. You can probably imagine what came of it, at his age. ))) Of course, after he fell asleep, we outweighed everything over again.

This was the end of our joint work last year. We decorated the tree for several days, this taking into account the manufacture of homemade toys, and in the end we got such a beauty.

Since we now have a lot of Christmas tree decorations, I decided to start carving with my son this year. By the way, he does an excellent job with this matter, at 3.5. I've always liked the patterns on the windows, but somehow we never decorated them. This year we will fill this gap as well.

I am well prepared and have put together a great selection of cutting stencils that I want to share with you. Here are collected a lot of different cutouts on any topic related to the new year. And if you are interested in something specific, then I can send you by mail either the entire archive, or what you liked.

That is, you do not have to sit for hours on the Internet in search of something suitable. You just need to write to me what you liked and I will send it to you. Or you can download the picture you like to your computer and then print it. To do this, right-click on the picture and select "save image as ..."

Well, now, let's start looking at and choosing templates for making art with an interesting name - vytynanka.

To make it easier for you to cut, I suggest you watch the video, which provides tips to make this lesson easier.


New Year stencils and templates for cutting on windows

Fisherman's cheat sheet (summary table for catching different types of fish) Fishing Tips, DIY self-chopper for float and bottom tackle. How to make a flat feeder for a strong current with your own hands. For some reason, many fishermen believe that methodical fishing for white fish. Self-made feeders for fishing for different types of fish - carp, bream, feeder, crucian carp. We also make ourselves Feeder for feeder fishing with our own hands Home-made feeder "Flat" for fishing in a strong current. Not many articles have been written about fishing with a feeder on a flat, but there are many useful ones that can be highlighted.

Groundbait for flat method - recipes with your own hands and ready-made mixes

The right groundbait for the flat method is the foundation of this fishing method. All feeder equipment is built with one goal in mind - to deliver a lump of feed with a nozzle to the desired fishing point. Then the bait itself comes into play. The effect on fish receptors, attraction to the fishing point depends on the correct consistency and composition. In this article, we will consider what a methodical groundbait is and how to make it correctly on the basis of ready-made mixtures, as well as with your own hands from improvised ingredients.

Flat bait

In feeder fishing, method feeder bait is more than adding food to the water to attract fish. Read also:

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A correctly filled feeder in the flat method is the main factor in attracting fish, more important than the nozzle. The hook bait may not attract fish. However, while sucking the bait from the feeder, the fish often swallows the baited hook lying on it. This makes the flat method similar to a conventional teat or top teat.

The bait should work actively in the water, releasing gas bubbles, attractive substances and freeing the bait stuck inside. Therefore, too viscous plasticine-like masses, which are often used by donors in springs, will not work for the method. Flat is an open feeder. After casting, the lump collapses, forming a heap attractive for the fish, from which the nozzle peeps out. In flat fishing, the starting feed is not always performed. Sometimes reconnaissance tactics work better - one throw to the point. Therefore, this one and only flat feeder must be made correctly in terms of the composition of the bait, its consistency and the attachment on the hook. An article about the correct feeder bait.

Underwater consistency and mechanics

The bait for flat feeders should be more sticky than in the classic feeder, where the mixture is thrown with closed feeders. Flat feed should not fly off during casting, including power casting. Therefore, the finished lump needs a dense one to withstand the power swing and the blow of the feeding device against the water, as well as the process of sinking the rig to the bottom. Only after a couple of minutes of being in the water, the lump should begin to disintegrate, freeing the nozzle embedded in it and spreading aromatics in the water.

Flat is not carp fishing, it's fast fishing. The angler does not have several days to form a rich large-fraction feed table. Therefore, in methodical fishing, the fish must be attracted to the fishing point quickly. To do this, there must be dusty components in the feed - in order to attract small change. The boil of little things at the point invariably attracts the large fish that are nearby. She will definitely drop by at the feast, at least to check what the noise is. This can be a problem when fishing for worms or maggots. However, in the classic form, flat is equipped with boilie, pellets or pop-ups that small fish cannot swallow. Trifle flies in the bait area, and a relatively large boilie (10 mm) is waiting for the approach of large fish.

Groundbait for flat method should not contain large and tasty particles similar in attractiveness to the bait. The nozzle is an attack point, a point that stands out in color, more tasty and aromatic. What the carp, crucian carp or carp, which stuck their head into the bait area, will pay attention to in the first place.

For flat bait is needed, which, when pressed, forms a dense lump that can withstand casting and immersion. The mass should not be like plasticine. The bait in the trough at the bottom should start to break down immediately. Fraction - small, for large fish - with larger particles, but no more attractive than the bait. For example, if we fish with whole corn, it is useful to add chopped or crushed grains to the method feed. However, a large number of large elements can make the mass less resistant to casting failure. Therefore, you can add very little of them.

Working with method bait

Stencils of window decorations for the new year. Ways to create New Year's paper stencils for windows. Tips for creating stencils for the New Year. Templates of New Year's vytynanka on the windows: symbols, Christmas trees, toys, bells, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, pig, animals, snowmen.

Do-it-yourself Teremok Master class with step-by-step photos

DIY Styrofoam Teremok

DIY teremok made of waste, natural material. Master class with photos and step-by-step production.

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DIY paper fairy tale

Synopsis of the lesson on the Teremok application

Preliminary work: Reading fairy tales, examining illustrations, solving riddles about animals, showing theater on a flannelegraph and on a screen, painting characters. Carrying out games - exercises: "Say it kindly", "What shape?", "What color?", "What is round (square, triangular, rectangular", "What is green (red, yellow, blue)?" / P >

Equipment: sheets of paper for illustrations, colored paper of ready-made shapes for the house (square and triangle), silhouettes of animals, trees and other attributes. Glue, brushes, rags, book files.

Course of the lesson:

Educator: Children, look, what kind of unusual chest is on the table? Do you want to see what is there? (takes out toys, children call them) That's right, these are animals: a mouse, a frog, a bunny, a chanterelle, a wolf, a bear.)

Educator: What is the name of a fairy tale in which there are all these heroes? (children's answers).

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