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According to historians, bookmarks have been used since the 1st century AD. Bookmarks, or markers, used to hold the reader's place in a book, or to allow the reader to easily return to it, have over the years been made from maps, leather, and cloth. Nowadays, bookmarks have entered the digital age, which is why we have bookmarks on the World Wide Web and in software like Microsoft® Office. But what exactly is a bookmark in MS Word? Does it serve the same purpose as bookmarks did centuries ago? Let's find out.

What Is a Bookmark in MS Word

The best way to describe what a bookmark is in MS Word is to describe what a bookmark means. A bookmark in Word serves the same purpose as a bookmark that you set in a book. A bookmark marks the place you want to find easily and the one you want to return to when you need to. When people ask what is the use of bookmarks in Microsoft® Word, let's turn to the bookmarks you use in books.

A bookmark definition in MS Word is a specific word, section, or place in a Word document that you want to name and identify for future use. For example, suppose you need to identify text, a number that you want to change later. When using bookmarks, there is no need to flip through the document to find text. Just use a bookmark and you can jump to the text quickly and easily.

It is also easy to add bookmarks in Word. All you have to do is mark a location in the document, then go to the toolbar menu and click Insert> Bookmark. You will need to choose a name for the bookmark so you can easily find it later.

In Word, bookmarks are saved with the document file. This way you can set bookmarks with the same name in different files. Bookmark names must begin with an alphabetical letter, they can only contain letters, numbers, and the underscore, and cannot contain spaces or punctuation marks.

It should be noted that bookmarks in MS Word can be moved. For example, if you only define them as a location, after you move the text to that location, the bookmark will remain in place. Or, in other words, you are adding a bookmark to page 1, but not to a paragraph. If you move a paragraph, the bookmark stays on page 1.

PDF bookmarks

Over the past few years, PDFs have completely replaced everyday files and data files. For the simple reason that PDFs are more versatile. You can open them on any operating system with different software and on a different computer, regardless of hardware. In other words, they are transferable documents that you can share across multiple platforms (computer, tablet, and mobile phone).

And just like Word, bookmarks can be added to PDFs for better organization. Now that we know what a bookmark is in MS Word, is there a difference with a bookmark in PDF?

The simple answer is No. PDF bookmarks serve the same role and purpose to mark a location that you can return to later. The only thing you need is decent software to help you with all your PDF-related tasks. One of these programs is PDFelement.

The program is a one-stop PDF solution that can help you open, view, edit and convert PDF files. How can I add a bookmark using PDFelement? The process is quite simple and easy, it will take you a few seconds to add a bookmark.

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Reading a book in just one day or in one breath is not always an option. To be honest, it is almost impossible to read a book in one breath. Nobody has so much free time. It's the same with reading a document. This is why people have always used bookmarks to save a page and come back to it later. It's like bookmarking a page to save the link and come back to it later. Or bookmark a paragraph in Word. And in the past few years, decorative bookmarks have replaced. The Word Bookmark Template lets you create your own unique bookmark.

Make a Bookmark Template in Word

There are a number of websites that you can find with a quick Google search where you can create your own one-of-a-kind and original bookmark. Download a bookmark template from any of these websites, then get creative to get started. You can customize and create bookmark templates as you like.

And once you create a bookmark template, you can easily send it to your friends and family. They can also use your template.

Another option is to use Microsoft® Word to create your own bookmark template. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

    • Go to the Insert menu in the toolbar and click Text Box. Click the drop-down menu and select Draw Text Box.

PDFelement Submission

Templates are very useful when you need to use the same document for multiple purposes, or you need to send the same document to different people. And Microsoft® Word isn't the only software that lets you create bookmarks and templates.

In fact, over the past few years, PDF documents have become more popular than Word documents because of their versatility. With PDF documents, you can transfer them to different devices, regardless of software. There are many PDF editors on the market, and one of the biggest challenges is finding a one-stop solution that can meet any of your needs. At the same time, you need software that is feature rich and competitively priced. Look no more besides PDFelement and check out the step-by-step tutorial here.

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