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Why are my fingertips constantly numb?

The most common causes of paresthesia (numbness):

  • Wrong lifestyle: addictions and unbalanced diet. So, if you eat spicy food at night, drink alcohol, strong tea or coffee, you may experience pain in the abdomen or head, which forces a person in a dream to choose a position in which the pain disappears. However, these positions are not always comfortable, as a result of which numbness of the limbs may occur, which disappears a few minutes after waking up
  • An uncomfortable pillow can also be the reason that a person's fingers become numb during sleep. The use of a dense high pillow leads to a strong deflection of the cervical spine, which leads to impaired blood circulation in the nerve endings of the intervertebral discs, which are responsible for the sensitivity of the hands. A special orthopedic pillow will help to solve the problem
  • Tunnel syndrome - paresthesia and pain in some fingers or in the entire hand. The reason lies in the narrowing of the carpal tunnel and pinching of the median nerve. Most often, this violation occurs in people who, in the course of work, regularly perform monotonous movements of their hands, for example, seamstresses, musicians, programmers, drivers. Women suffer from it more often than men due to the smaller width of the carpal tunnel. If the disease is not diagnosed in time, the patient may lose the ability to perform elementary manipulations, for example, hold a toothbrush or cutlery
  • Diseases of the spine. Due to the compression of the nerve endings in the vertebrae, blood circulation is disturbed. In addition to dizziness and pain in the head, a sign of spinal pathologies is nighttime numbness of the hands
  • Vegetovascular dystonia is a violation of blood circulation in the autonomic nervous system. Defective vascular function is often the reason why the fingertips on the hands become numb
  • Diabetes mellitus. With this disease, an increase in glucose levels occurs, due to which numbness of the upper limbs develops.

Other pathologies that can lead to paresthesia:

Numbness during pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience finger numbness.

This is due to the additional load on the woman's body during the period of bearing a child. Often during this period, existing chronic diseases are exacerbated.

Numbness of fingers in pregnant women is common. Moreover, each lady in a position experiences different sensations. Some complain of a burning sensation in the hands, others of a lack of sensitivity in the limbs, and still others of a tingling sensation.

Most often this happens at night, it seems as if the hand is numb, as is the case with an uncomfortable position. It has been established that most women experience this kind of discomfort in the 2-3 trimester of pregnancy.

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Possible causes of limb numbness during pregnancy:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • oncological diseases;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • metabolic failure;
  • inflammation in the cervical spine;
  • a sharp increase in body weight;
  • a sharp decrease in activity.

A correct diagnosis increases the chances of recovery.

Winter has come and you involuntarily pay attention to the blowing temperature, and then I was faced with an incomprehensible phenomenon, the air is blowing "cool" on the windshield, and warm enough at the legs, that is, the stove is not animated ... but why is it cold upwards Is it warm downstairs? The engine temperature while driving in the city does not exceed 85 degrees approximately. Who has a thermostat for replacement? Who has what engine temperature if not stand in traffic jams and other strains ?! (driving clean in the city)

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In short, he has such crap himself, hot in the legs, cold in the forehead, and hot in the forehead, changed the radiator of the stove, completely changed the antifreeze with preliminary flushing of the SOD, drove out the air, pulled the rubber on the damper winter summer, and not solved the problem, also changed the thermostat and the pump, and still so ... Have you solved the problem?

the clamp solved all my problems)))))

the clamp solved all my problems)))))

Hello fellow countryman! I bought my father Kalina 6 years 8 cl. The problem is like yours: it’s warm in the legs, cold in the lobach, gasp - it’s warm everywhere. How did you decide? what clamp?

If everything is ok with the damper, and still the bottom is warm and the top is cold, then the radiator is airy, it stands so tilted, from the part where the air flow mostly goes up, from the filled part to the legs. It's easy to check, keep the speed 3000-3500 if the top starts to fry the air in soda. With air, everything is simple, basically the gasket under the head is to blame, less often other elements of soda.

Hi, my thermostat is set at 85 degrees, the temperature in the city (without traffic jams) does not rise. Everything is working properly, do not worry (if the thermostat is also 85). Regarding the cool air blowing over the forehead, the damper that is responsible for hot air is at the driver's feet (while sitting, you can put your hand in and you will feel it), with a little effort, push it away from you and the heat will go into your interior (it was just that, the damper was not up to the end closes and everything, when you feel cold again, then repeat the action or see what the people are doing with it)

An elderly man arrived the other day, the stove is not blowing. Everything is warm at your feet, the top is cold. The cables were pushed over, when they were replaced. Fixed left. The next day, he says again, he doesn’t blow. We look, and he turned the airflow only at the legs. The central air duct opened completely. And he blew into the central and warm legs, it didn't blow on the glass at all. Lying on the couch is not possible to prevent your malfunction without seeing the car.

Do not touch the thermostat - it is - well done :) ...

I also have a new one, holding 83. But the old one held about 70, that's why he changed it.

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