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Lufthansa has released the Upcycling Collection 2.. The German airline has disassembled one of its old Airbus A320s, turning it into interior fittings ranging from bars to coffee tables.

Last year, the airline launched an original recycled collection in which parts of the aircraft cabin, from blankets to headrests, were turned into recycled items. However, the airline went further by listing entire aircraft parts for sale.

After 30 years of operation, the aircraft was taken out of service and sent to Sofia, where it ceased to exist. Parts of the liner, named after the German city of Buxtehude, continue to live.

The most readily available thing is Aviationtag trinkets made from the fuselage. Prices range from £ 22 to £ 42 (about RUB 2,000-4,000) depending on color. The key rings from the decommissioned A380 were sold out in a few hours.

Serious collectibles come next. They start with a £ 165 tabletop sculpture. Also on sale are coffee tables made from brakes. There is even a coffee table from part of the airplane wing. This thing will cost customers 2804 pounds sterling (about 300 thousand rubles).

There are also racks made of vertical fuselage sections. But the highlight of the collection is the horizontal free-standing bar. This part, worth over £ 7,000 (RUR 730,000), was made from the main door of the plane.

As Lufthansa continues to decommission Airbus A320s, it can be expected that they will be of interest to fans of recycled items in the future.

Commenting on the program, Stefan Wolf, Deputy Chief of the A320 Fleet at Lufthansa, said:

“I'm a big fan of upcycling, if only for the sake of protecting the environment. I love the idea of ​​giving high quality aircraft parts a new lease of life; they don't just turn into raw materials, but inspire designers to create beautiful things. "

Through the eyes of the pilot: Boeing landing in the desert

While working in the Middle East, I discovered a new type of flight - flying to airfields in the desert. There were several directions that we served, transporting, as a rule, employees of an oil company.

In addition to an interesting fact in itself - landing on an airfield surrounded by sands, the following was somewhat unusual: these airfields did not have air traffic control, that is, there was no person on the ground who would control air traffic, providing intervals between planes, allowing takeoff and landing, and so on.

The service was informative - the dispatcher transmitted the weather, reported that, according to his information, there were no other planes nearby, and that was all.