Is it possible to eat indoor baby pomegranate

Baby Pomegranate Little Miracle on the Window

Anyone can pick useful pomegranate fruits right from the window. It is enough to create a room type of this tree and enjoy it. The “Baby” variety is especially suitable - a compact, not capricious plant. I grow it from seeds. They can be easily purchased online or in stores now. It is even easier to acquire a small stalk and observe its development to adulthood.

I'll tell you everything in order, from seed to shrub.

With seed reproduction, seedlings appear in ten to fifteen days. The usual method is to spread the seeds over the surface of the wet soil, cover with foil and spray with warm water. I add a few drops (8-10) of hydrogen peroxide to 200 grams of warm water. A month later, I already dive the seedlings into separate containers, and begin to feed them with fertilizer for seedlings. You can "pinch" the top after 5 centimeters of growth. Sometimes I do this before, especially if there is not enough light and the seedlings are stretched out.

If you have the time and desire, you can transplant the shoot again, in an already larger pot and for a long time. A nutritious, heavy earthen mixture is suitable for this purpose. Add garden humus or vermicompost and a little river sand to the purchased soil. In such an environment, the pomegranate develops rapidly and can bloom in the first year, and even, if he has enough strength, to set fruits. In the first year, my pets made me happy with two little pomegranates! True, they did not mature, but they made me happy from the heart.

After three years of age on the tree, the fruits ripen without problems and are quite suitable for "procreation", their germination is better than that of the purchased ones. I used to keep them for several years in plastic bags, and they remained useful. Now I am confident in my pets and, if necessary, sow directly from the ripe fruit.

During the colder months, pomegranates shed their foliage - this is normal and correct. Many see difficulties in this, but after all, all the forces at this time are spent on ripening the fruits, and there is nothing terrible here. I hide the "bald" tree behind large flowers and it is not visible. And in March I shoot delicious fruits.

Watering at this time can be reduced if the shrub is at temperatures up to + 15 degrees. But with normal room maintenance, there is no need to reduce watering, and spraying is even useful.

Pomegranates do not need frequent transplants. Its roots are thin and do not grow quickly. He is more in need of updating the earthen soil than increasing the pot.

After "harvesting", the branches are cut in half. The more radical the pruning, the more decorative the shrub will be.

Trim cuttings can be rooted, but I prefer growing from seed.

Baby loves to eat very much. I came to the conclusion that organic fertilizers are more suitable, and I "feed" them. I buy a mullein solution in five liter bottles, and I dilute it according to the instructions for watering. This is enough for a long time and for other plants.

Pomegranate blooms in the middle of summer. Pay attention to the flower, there are two types of them on one tree. Fruits are formed only where there is a long pistil, and with a short one, they are sterile.

Is it possible to eat indoor baby pomegranate

Do you want to be even more friends with your class and reward every boy worthily? Then the scenario "Royal Decree" on February 23rd in the classroom is exactly what you like.

The teacher in the class will act as the queen. It would be much more interesting and original if she was in the appropriate outfit, maybe there is a theater club in your school? Then there should be no problems with the suit and crown

On the eve of the holiday, female employees should look for photos of all male colleagues

A few days before February 23rd, create a poster or photo collage for your dad. The poster will contain photographs of the Pope, in which he is depicted in different versions

Prepare assignments for your sons and write them down on a piece of paper

Take care of the preparation of your holiday, by writing invitations for the boys and decorating the class

Get together with the girls after school and assign responsibilities. One girl will be the host, she will congratulate the boys

Write down the rules for students in grades 6-8, which they must strictly follow in order to participate in the school-wide military parade and drill song competition

Make invitations for your employees to a corporate holiday on the occasion of February 23, which will take place on such and such a date and at such a time. On the eve of the holiday, distribute invitations to employees at their workplaces and place them in a prominent place on the table

Girls are organizing a holiday for their guys, the competition program will be dedicated to February 23rd, a script in the style of the 80s is being prepared especially for the holiday. Also, girls prepare invitations for men in advance, you can decorate them with cassette tape and neon paints. The invitations indicate the time and place of the holiday, and the invitation should also indicate that the holiday will be held in the style of the 80s, so you should dress appropriately

When preparing a holiday in an oriental style, girls send out invitations in advance, indicating the time and place of the event. Also in the invitation it is indicated that the party will be held in an oriental style. For the holiday, you should choose the right outfit. Girls can wear a top from a swimsuit, wide trousers or long skirts, a belt made of coins, bracelets, in general, everything that reminds of the East

Anyone can pick useful pomegranate fruits right from the window. It is enough to create a room type of this tree and enjoy it. The “Baby” variety is especially suitable - a compact, not capricious plant. I grow it from seeds. They can be bought easily now ...

The GP-30 Obuvka underbarrel grenade launcher is distinguished by its exceptional simplicity and convenience, high efficiency and decent performance characteristics. Working with it does not require long-term skill formation among the fighters, which is also a significant advantage of the product. However, since when did this grenade launcher appear in service, is it used now, does it have modifications? Answers to these and many other questions will be provided within the framework of this article. The P-30 has been produced since 1989, and its production continues today. It was developed in the USSR, focusing on the results of the war in Afghanistan and the practical aspects of using grenade launchers in combat conditions. According to GRAU, the product bears the index 6G21. Created within the framework of a joint project entrusted to TsKIB SOO and GNPP Pribor, based on the GP-25 Koster, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of this solution. The work was supervised by the designer Valery Nikolaevich V. Telesh (creator of the Penal, Penal, RG-6 grenade launchers) The first steps in the design of the GP-30 were made in 1985, and already in 1989 a new grenade launcher was put into service. Production is carried out at the Tula plant.

Reasons for the development of GP-, predecessors and modifications

Today GP-30 "Obuvka" is represented by modifications of GP-30U "Granat" and GP-30M. The GP-30U modification is an export version of a grenade launcher mounted on foreign-made machine guns and rifles. The predecessors of these solutions was the GP-25 "Koster" grenade launcher, which was actively used in the Afghan war, showing a number of shortcomings during operation. Accordingly, it was decided to improve the complex, achieving maximum efficiency in its use, as well as reducing production costs. The work was carried out actively, since a huge list of nuances characteristic of the Afghan war made the use of grenade launchers necessary. The shortcomings of the GP-25 required elimination, they clearly manifested themselves against the background of active hostilities. Among the main problems noted in practice was excessive weight - it needed to be reduced. It was also required to simplify and reduce the cost of the production process. Performing these works, the specialists abandoned the plumb line, simplifying the sight and moving it to the right side, and in addition, got rid of the clamping rings. The right sight simplified the aiming process itself, the shooter only had to tilt his head to the butt, which added operational advantages to the product, and also simplified the process of training soldiers, and increased the efficiency of using weapons. Moving the sight has also simplified the landing process, within which it is necessary to bring the machine gun with the grenade launcher to the “on the belt” position. In practice, the new scope also proved to be convenient for crawling, as it was less susceptible to blockages and impacts.

Design features of the production of GP-

Compared to the previous solution, GP-30 has many pronounced advantages, which are noted by each person who had to hold in their hands, or, even more so, apply in action both of them. In practice, it was possible to reduce the weight of the product by 20 percent, and a 35 percent head start appeared in matters of its production. Simultaneously with the release of the new model into production, they created equipment for its ammunition - a pair of pouches designed for 5 pockets. Equipment at that time was also a problem, many participants in the Afghan war were forced to sew ammunition on their own, and the development of new convenient models in any case was a significant breakthrough.


The ancestor of all gas masks. It appeared during the First World War and was immediately adopted by the Russian army. Consists of a filter-absorbing Zelinsky box and a rubber helmet of a Kumata mask. In total, in 1916-1917, about 11 million tuk were produced. Only a few have reached the present time. A great rarity among collectors.

Soviet gas mask of the 30s, intended for the civilian population.

The BN gas mask manufactured in the USSR in two samples with a helmet and a mask. The BN gas mask consists of a gas mask box with an absorber, a connecting tube made of rubber covered with jersey, a branch pipe, an exhalation valve, a rubber helmet, a mask, a bag for wearing and storing the gas mask.

Gas mask PBF (black rubber) (unpacked filter gas mask). The troops are in large numbers. Does not provide adequate protection (action time up to 20 minutes), but is popular in exercises due to the ease of wearing and small dimensions. Most often used by paratroopers, tankers, field reconnaissance units, command personnel. It is nicknamed by the military as "hamster". Removed from service in 2000. There is information that the PBF was created on the orders of one of the members of the Politburo, who was surprised that the Americans had such a gas mask (M-17), while the USSR did not. It took no more than 4 years from the order to industrial production. Popular with collectors.

Information about the gas mask is very sketchy. The mask has panoramic glass, which is not typical for Soviet Russian gas masks. A standard FPK can be connected directly to the mask, and either the supplied FPK or an oxygen cylinder can be connected to a corrugated hose. The mask has a built-in microphone, its plug is connected to the Soviet Russian radio equipment. Used by pilots of military aircraft and helicopters. It is certified for leaving the aircraft cockpit from heights up to 12,000 meters.

By properties and purpose it is similar to PRV-M. Filter EO-65K, bag made of rubberized fabric with a fastener on pegs. The intercom has additional protection, a sleeve has been added to protect the valve box and hose. Gas mask for chemical troops soldiers. Has a reinforced valve box and a bag made of rubberized fabric. The set includes non-fogging films, intercom membranes and a dust-proof filter cover. Used when working with highly hazardous substances, such as rocket fuel.

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