Illustration lessons with Elina Alice

Every illustrator dreams of finding a reliable way to develop and nurture their talent. Experiments, materials research, solving various visual problems, free flight of imagination and readiness for mistakes are reliable helpers for stimulating creative thinking. Sketchbooks allow you to practice all of the above on a daily basis without fear of judgment or criticism.

There are some good reasons why sketchbooks and visual diaries are some of the most valuable tools for any creative person:

A sketchbook is a chest in which we put our thoughts, observations and ideas

This is a universal reference book of inexhaustible inspiration, to which you can return at any moment, scroll through, remember, feel what we have long forgotten or which did not attach importance to before. We can always look back and develop any squiggle and any phrase into an idea for a picture, book, illustration.

Sketchbooks are a safe place to research and experiment

Our sketchbooks do not have to be pretty, neat, correct or even understandable. Sketchbooks are where we can become children again. A place where it is not scary to spoil something or make a mistake. It is the perfect tool for learning how to relax. We can try things we have never tried before and explore methods and styles that are radically different from what we usually do.

The sketchbook allows you to get a chronological picture of progress

This is very important, especially in moments of despair, when it seems that you are stuck, and that everything you create is complete bullshit. I'm sure we all know what this condition is. But our sketchbooks demonstrate the opposite very eloquently. Take a look at your notebooks from a year ago, and you will understand that you are still growing and developing! It's all documented!

I think that real progress in artistic development depends on how often and regularly we draw, analyze what we draw, learn, and draw again. And sketchbooks are a convenient and safe platform for all of the above. As the excellent author and illustrator of children's books, Neil Waldman, once said, "Sketchbooks and art books are streetlights that illuminate the artist's journey."

Now my sketchbook is always with me. More precisely, I have several of them for each project, plus one more for sketching. But now I know for sure that not one, even the most delusional idea, will sink into oblivion. Now it is much easier for me to collect visual material and formulate my thoughts for future books. After all, not all handwritings have to be works of art, but sometimes some of them can become real masterpieces!

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. ”

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