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Megalodon is a superpredator that, after the extinction of dinosaurs on our planet, moved to the top of the food chain. Although it should be noted that this did not happen on land, but on the vast expanses of the World Ocean.

Megalodon Description

This monster shark that lived in the waters of the World Ocean in the Paleogene / Neogene, although, according to many experts, it captured the Pleistocene, got its name in connection with its huge mouth and sharp teeth. Translated from Greek, Megalodon means "big tooth". Experts also believe that this shark kept marine life at bay for 25 million years ago and disappeared about 2 and a half million years ago.


The teeth of this monster, which were found by scientists in different parts of the oceans, helped to recreate a real portrait of megalodon, as a typical representative of cartilaginous fish species devoid of skeleton. In addition to the teeth, the specialists managed to find vertebrae, as well as whole vertebral columns. They have survived to this day due to the high concentration of calcium, which allowed sharks, or rather their vertebrae, to withstand huge mechanical loads during the movements of this creature in the water column.

Historical fact! The teeth of such a shark were once considered ordinary rocky formations, until they came to the Danish anatomist and geologist Niels Stensen. He was able to determine that these stony formations are nothing more than the teeth of a megalodon. This happened in the 17th century, after which this scientist began to be called the first paleontologist.

First of all, we managed to reconstruct the jaw of a giant shark, which contained up to 5 rows of strong and sharp teeth, and their number was 276, while the length of the jaw was about 2 meters. The next stage consisted of recreating the body of the megalodon, which was of enormous size. The females were especially massive, and it was assumed that the monster had family ties with the white shark.

The result is a shark skeleton, about 11.5 meters long, which in its shape resembles the skeleton of a great white shark. At the same time, the dimensions are significantly increased, both in length and in width, which frightens many visitors to the Maritime Museum in Maryland in the United States. The skull is impressive in size, wider, and the jaws are gigantic with a set of sharp and large teeth. The snout is short and blunt, and as a result ichthyologists say that "the megalodon was a pig." In other words, the creature has a repulsive and terrifying appearance.

Already today, scientists have begun to deviate from the definition that megalodon is similar to karcharodon (white shark). Increasingly, you can hear the opinion that this monster looks more like a sand shark, but of an abnormal size. Scientists also found that the real behavior of this monster, due to its enormous size and characteristics of its habitat, was radically different from the behavior and lifestyle of modern sharks.

Megalodon Dimensions

How much did the shark megalodon weigh?

Modular origami

The origami technique from modules emerged at the end of the 14th century. Healers of that time used figurines folded of paper for treatment, putting medicinal herbs in them and hanging them from the patient's head.

Over time, the paper folding technique has improved, and today it has become a whole trend, acquiring more and more new fans.

Consider the step-by-step instructions for origami crafts from modules that will be interesting for novice needlewomen.

Getting ready for work

When doing any kind of origami, the main thing is paper. Modular crafts have special requirements for the size, density and quality of paper sheets, which is due to the very technique of creating figures. All crafts are assembled from compact and small modules.

In order for the craft to keep its shape well and not crumble from a slight breeze, soft corrugated paper will not work for this type of origami. Also, you can't create a good modular figure from school art kits or colorful napkins.

So, for work, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Sufficiently thick paper that holds its shape well. Rectangular note blocks that do not have a sticky edge are fine. You can use A4 office paper.
  • Ready-made kits for modular origami with cut paper and a detailed description of the craft.
  • Schemes and step-by-step instructions for creating volumetric modular figures.
  • To fix large models, glue is often used, best of all PVA.
  • Ruler, stationery knife (for cutting paper into blanks for modules).

For beginners, the question of how to cut the paper correctly is often a problem? Typically, A4 office paper is cut into 32 or 16 equal pieces.

Chicken in shell

For a cute little chicken you need to do:

How much did the shark megalodon weigh? Megalodon Megalodon is a superpredator that, after the extinction of dinosaurs on our planet, moved to the top

How to prepare children's contests for 10 year olds?

Ten-year-olds are already full-fledged personalities. Birthday games and contests at this age should be not only fun, but also educational. The following factors influence the choice of entertainment for a ten-year-old child:

  • Rapid physical development. Children at the age of ten want to show their strength and endurance.
  • Active socialization. Children love to be in a peer group.
  • Friends appearing. For children of primary school age, his friends become important.
  • A sense of responsibility. The child should have his own zone in which he does everything on his own.

Games and birthday contests for ten-year-olds should not only entertain, but also teach new things, and also help the child adapt in a peer group.

To make the holiday interesting and memorable, you can organize a theme party. You can choose absolutely any theme: from the Wild West to the Zombie Apocalypse. Children at the age of ten are more likely to choose friends of the same gender, so the guests of the party may be some boys or some girls. In accordance with this, you need to select contests.

It is necessary to determine the place of the celebration. Outdoor banquets can be organized in summer.

Important: Guests should be given prizes for participating in contests.

You can learn more about the preparation of the holiday by watching the video:

Contents of competitions

Competitions for children 10 years old. We offer you:

  • Movable ;
  • Musical and dance ;
  • Sports.

Your child turns 10 - first anniversary! He is no longer a baby! Yesterday I finished the primary school course and prepare for the transition to the secondary level, and there is not far off the transitional age. Therefore, it is very important to consider the opinion of your 10 year old child.

26. 5.018 Anastasia Prozheva

A kind fairy-tale bear is a frequent guest at children's matinees. Therefore, many kids are happy to try on the role of the brown giant. It's hard to find an original bear mask in stores. A good option would be to make it yourself. How to make a do-it-yourself bear mask can be found in the proposed master class.

Depending on the availability of free time, a method for creating a mask for a child is selected. The foam-rubber bear's head looks the most bright and presentable.

Paper Bear Mask

The brown bear is the hero of all Russian folk tales. And of course, not a single children's matinee can do without his image. If you don't want to waste time looking for a bear mask for your little one, just download the template on this page. You can choose color or black and white option and print on the printer. Now it remains to stick the future mask on cardboard (after all, the paper will tear quickly), and figure out how to fix it on the child's head. This can be easily done with a paper ring or an elastic band. In addition to brown and polar bears, we have prepared an exotic panda bear mask. So, the choice is yours! Happy matinee!

how to make from improvised means in minutes

Various carnival masks can be purchased in the store. But there are also situations when exactly the one that is needed at the moment is not available. In this case, we advise you to make it yourself. If you need a "Bear" mask, then you are reading the necessary article.


Before starting work, you need to decide what kind of mask you want to make. There are the following types:

  • In the form of a hoop with the image of an animal or fairytale hero. Fastened to the forehead. It resembles this type of kokoshnik mask. Usually used for children's performances.
  • A hat with an animal's face. It is put on the face to the very eyebrows. It fits well on the head and is quite comfortable.
  • Bandage mask. Sew from fabric.
  • Carnival. Fits completely over the face. There are also half masks - only up to the mouth. Attached to the head with an elastic band.
  • Hard mask with handle.

Making a bear mask with your own hands is a snap. First of all, decide on the type of product and the type of fabric.

What material are they made of?

Usually it is recommended to make from papier-mâché, cardboard, fabric. Isolon is very popular at the moment. This is the material from which travel rugs are made. It is also used for insulation during construction work. It is durable, keeps its shape perfectly. The main thing is not as hard as cardboard. The possibilities of isolon are much wider in comparison with other materials. The mask is pretty simple to make. Cut out the parts from the isolon and connect them with a thermal gun, or with a stapler.

15. 7.018 Anastasia Prozheva

Autumn is a wonderful golden time, generous with bright colors and rich harvest. Before nature falls into a long winter sleep, I want to have time to keep a piece of freshness and warmth. Compositions of ripe fruits, vegetables and berries, fruits of trees, colorful leaves and the last flowers of the outgoing summer will help you to swim in the last rays of the summer sun. Autumn Ekibans with their own hands will help us to refresh and decorate the dull and boring interior.

Ikebana master class "Autumn mood"

Galina Bogacheva Master class. Ikebana "Autumn mood".

Autumn sunny day

Filled me with inspiration!

I send greetings to you from Kuban!

And I wish you all a wonderful autumn!

Autumn is a great time for creativity. After all, it is autumn that gives us wonderful natural materials to create something extraordinary.

For the implementation of my ideas and fantasies, I also use waste material. Combining two types of material (waste and natural)

I got the ikebana Autumn Mood.

To make it, we need: cones, waste material, glue gun, acrylic paint, a hard wide brush, sharp scissors.

Tip: for making crafts, it is better to use large cones with well-open scales.

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