I hid the medals ": how Soviet women fought in World War II and what they were ashamed of later

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Fighting in the Debaltsevo area began in the summer of 2014, when the Ukrainian army tried to build on the successes of the war called the "anti-terrorist operation." For both sides, the "triangle" around Debaltsevo (Chernukhino, Olkhovatka, Uglegorsk) was of strategic interest. For the Ukrainian military, the successful capture of Debaltsev opened up great opportunities - a small town connected two regions of Ukraine, whose residents decided to take up arms in order to protect their own lives and their homes. The two armies - Luhansk and Donetsk - had exactly the opposite task - to knock out the enemy as far west as possible and, if possible, deprive the Ukrainian military of control over another large city - Horlivka.

Help anyone with what they can: why Ukraine is asking the US and NATO to sell old fighters

However, at the end of January, the Ukrainian army suddenly gets "under the gut" - unexpectedly for everyone, Donetsk militias are fighting off the new terminal of Donetsk airport. After that, the morale of the Ukrainian army and special forces, which the propaganda portrayed as "cyborgs" capable of crushing any resistance, turned out to be at a critically low level. After the capture of the airport, Debaltseve turned out to be the main point on the map of hostilities, the capture or holding of which remained vital in the near future, and after a series of incidents with shelling of civilians by the Ukrainian army, the LPR and DPR commanders decided to "cleanse" the direction from the Ukrainian military.

DPR militias during hostilities against the Ukrainian military near the village of Sanzharovka, located northeast of Debaltseve. Photo © TASS / AP

By the beginning of the operation, the "Debaltsevsky ledge" was only a small piece of land from which the Donetsk and Luhansk volunteers decided to attack. The main task was simple - to cut off a large grouping of the Ukrainian military (about 2.5 thousand people) from the main forces, surround them and force them to lay down their arms. Early in the morning of January 22, an artillery battalion of two armies, assembled from what was at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine a year earlier, began "processing" the enemy's positions. Alexander Vorona with the call sign Mayachok served in one of the hastily assembled "special forces" - a unit that conducted reconnaissance in force on the leading edge of the front immediately after the artillery shelling.

I was skeptical about prayers before. And in the morning, when everyone had gathered, someone began to read a prayer. Then they dismantled the sectors and started moving. When they began to thresh from that side, I immediately realized that there would be a second Stalingrad: behind the back - the house and the children, in front - the enemies who came to kill us, so it was impossible to surrender. We have killed ten people in three battles. How I stayed alive - I still don't understand. A miracle, perhaps, or God intervened

Former soldier of the DPR special forces

Here it is worth stopping the story for a while and recalling that the Ukrainian army knew about the advance of the Donetsk and Luhansk armies in advance. Small quadcopters regularly flew over the positions of the "Donetsk". In addition, American RQ-4 Globak Hawk drones began to appear regularly in the combat zone after the loss of the Donetsk airport, so the Ukrainian Armed Forces knew about all the movements of the armies of the two republics in advance. High-quality intelligence allowed the Ukrainian side to prepare for hostilities - fortifications in several defense zones, artillery and multiple launch rocket systems in the rear, as well as combat aircraft could attack the attackers at any second.

Realizing that there is no point in the defense of the airport, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine transports part of the special forces to the Debaltsevo area - in addition to numerous "territorial defense detachments" formed from nationalists, Dnepropetrovsk paratroopers, part of the surviving Kirovograd special forces and tactical group of the 17th tank brigade. The total number of the Armed Forces grouping in Debaltseve before the start of hostilities is estimated at eight thousand people.

Tanks from the past, drones from the future of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may launch a massive offensive on Donbass

The size of the army of the DPR and LPR militias was comparable, but there were sorely lack of combat vehicles. Sergei Vovk with the call sign Matroskin (as he was named for the vest he wore), who first fought in the ground unit, was transferred to the Kalmius mechanized brigade three days before the start of the offensive. This is what he remembers about the first battles.

February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day, in Russia it is traditionally celebrated as the day of all men. But after all, women can also be defenders (or rather, defenders). Together with the historian Oleg Budnitsky, on this day we decided to talk about women who served at the front as snipers, pilots, doctors, fought in partisan detachments, and at the end of the war they were shamed for all this by their fellow citizens.

How many Soviet women participated in World War II

In World War II, women were no exception. In the USSR, women liable for military service (medical workers) were drafted into the army since the summer of 1941. And in the fall of 1941, three women's aviation regiments were formed in the Red Army, created on the initiative of the all-Union celebrity navigator Marina Raskova. The "voluntary mobilization" of women began in the spring of 1942, when it became clear that there were not enough men to recruit new units in the army.

It was planned that they would replace men in non-combat positions, but in fact they took part in the hostilities. Formally, women were conscripted on a voluntary basis (through the Komsomol), but in reality this often happened “voluntarily-compulsorily”.

You can find different data on how many women went to the front during the war: in some scientific articles and journalistic materials figures exceeding 800,000 are cited. Doctor of Historical Sciences and Director of the International Center for the History and Sociology of World War II and its consequences HSE NRU Oleg Budnitsky believes that it is more realistic to talk about half a million women who went through the war. The idea of ​​800,000 women appeared in Vera Murmantseva's book "Soviet Women in the Great Patriotic War" in 1974, when the exact data were still classified.

Budnitsky believes that it is better to rely on the official figures of the Ministry of Defense, which show the number of women in different troops. There you can find a specific number - 490,235 women in the Red Army, and 430,000 of them were drafted in 1942-1943. The total number of the army during the war years was 34.5 million people.

The data of the Ministry of Defense seem to be quite reliable, but they do not take into account civilians (how many women were among them is unknown) and who were captured or surrounded in 1941 and the first half of 1942 (for example, during the Kharkov "cauldron" or the Kerch disaster). For the most part, the documents of the encircled and destroyed units have not survived, and the fate of many of these people is still unknown.

Anti-aircraft gunners, pilots, doctors, cooks ...

Women have served in the Red Army in various fields. Most of all - in the air defense troops, in the signal troops. A small number of women served in combat positions. In addition to the aforementioned female aviators, female snipers became famous. A women's sniper school was created (there were two graduations). There were (albeit extremely rare) women tankers and even platoon commanders in the rifle troops.

The Red Army was unique: many belligerent countries during this period also conscripted women, but not into combat units

Thousands of Soviet women worked in the Red Army as drivers, cooks, even librarians. There were also a huge number of them in medicine: many women doctors, almost all nurses. An example of a medical woman in the Red Army is Elena Deichman, one of the heroines of a recent study by Oleg Budnitsky, who is now working with her family's personal archive.

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