How to teach a 5 year old to write numbers and letters

In this article, we will show you how to teach your child to write numbers from 1 to 10 in words.

Children, due to their great imagination, can write numbers in a very unusual way, or even start from the end point. But the point is not that there is a certain strict rule for writing numbers, their calligraphy depends on it.

It is very important that the child immediately learns to write in the correct way. Otherwise, it will take much more time and your common nerves to retrain. Therefore, we want to offer you small secrets in the correctness of writing numbers, a method of drawing by points and bright printouts for training.

When to start teaching your child to write?

Writing is a complex process. Teachers insist that there is no rush to learn cursive letters and numbers. A preschool kid is simply not ready for this, and here's why:

In organizing calligraphic writing, not only teaching technique is important, but also the correct seating of the child at the table, the position of the hands, notebooks, the ability to perceive information, the sequence of its presentation.

However, you can work with children! To make it easier for the student to learn to write in the first grade, the preschool period should be devoted to preparing for the development of writing.

The optimum age for literacy is 4. –5 years. If you start practicing during this period, then by the age of 5-6 the preschooler will be ready to write printed letters, and by 6-7 - capital letters.

On the other hand, the complete disregard of preschool education by parents threatens that the child simply does not want to learn in the future. It will be difficult for him to perceive new information and learn new skills. He may lag behind his classmates. Teachers admit that if a child is not taught basic skills before the age of 6-7, they will have difficulty working with prescriptions. Such kids, for example:

Conclusion: it is possible and necessary to deal with the five-year plan, however, the lion's share of the process should be occupied by preparing for the letter, and not actively mastering it.

When to start learning

Each child has its own time frame for starting education - everything is very individual. The main thing is that the kid has mastered all the necessary skills for school. But when exactly he starts writing arithmetic depends only on him.

How to teach a 5 year old to write numbers and letters

Link to the first selection of outdoor activities

Everyone loves outdoor recreation. Fresh air, delicious food and lively entertainment will make a simple picnic a great pastime. If everything is clear with the first two points, then you will have to work hard with the third. How to choose and organize your leisure time in order to have fun and not lose heart? This is what we are going to talk about now.

In order to properly organize your vacation and choose the right entertainment, you need to decide how you want to spend your time. There are many different types of outdoor recreation.

The first option is the simplest - rest without entertainment. It is enough to organize a picnic and just enjoy the surrounding beauty and clean air. But only after all the goodies are eaten, and there is nothing to do - the rest will quickly become dull and will not bring vivid impressions. However, such a pastime cannot be ruled out - after all, everyone has different tastes and sometimes you just want to relax.

The second option is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. It is enough to dilute leisure in nature with various sports games. You can play volleyball, football or badminton.

The third option is somewhat unusual, but very interesting. Various quests, paintball and airsoft will give you unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions.

The fourth option is the most popular and interesting. Diversify your leisure time with competitions. Everyone will be able to take part. It is enough to prepare an exciting program.

It is the last option that we will talk about in more detail. Below are interesting outdoor contests for adults that will be a nice addition to a picnic.

Guess Who Competition

Perfect for a noisy and fun company. The competition takes place in this way. One of the guys needs to be blindfolded. Girls are hardly lined up. The guy must determine who is in front of him using whatever means available. Girls, in turn, cannot say a word and do something that can give them away.

All the guys are blindfolded in turn, and the girls are swapped. After all participants have voiced their answers, the number of points for each player is calculated and the winner is determined.

Then we do it the other way around - we blindfold the girls.

Beer Checkers Competition

Features of the development of fine motor skills and tips on how to teach a child to write. Correct body position and start of classes. How to teach a child to write without mistakes.

From the history of the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin

In 1491, under Prince Ivan III, the Spasskaya Tower was built to strengthen the north-eastern part of the city. The construction was carried out by the architect Pietro Antonio Solari. At first it was called Frolovskaya, after the church of the Holy Martyrs Frol and Laurus, located nearby. The structure was two times lower than it is now. The multi-tiered top and the stone dome in the Gothic style were erected much later, in 1624–1625. the English architect Christopher Galovey and the Russian master Bazhen Ogurtsov. By the decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich on April 16, 1658, the tower was renamed into Spasskaya. It got this name because the road to the Spaso-Smolensk Church went through it. It is believed that it got its name in honor of the icon of the Savior Not Made by Hands, placed above the gate from the side of Red Square.

The Spassky Gate is the most important of the Kremlin gates. The men took off their hats in front of the image of the Savior from the side of Red Square. It was impossible to ride through them on horseback. According to legend, when Napoleon drove through these gates, the wind tore off his cocked hat. All kings before the coronation passed through this gate. The warriors left here for decisive battles. Over the years, the Spassky Gate was opened very rarely, only in exceptional cases, for example, for the passage of the president's motorcade. From August 2014, you can go to Red Square through the gate. You can still get to the Kremlin only through the Kutafya Tower.

The Spasskaya Tower is square at the base and has 10 floors. Its height is 71 meters. In the middle of the 17th century, the figure of a two-headed eagle, the coat of arms of Russia, was placed on it. Experts believed that the image of the Savior above its gate was irretrievably lost. Presumably in 1937, the year of the anniversary of the revolution, the icon of the Savior, like other gate images, was walled up. But recently she was found. On the initiative of the Fund of St. Andrew the First-Called on June 29, 2010, specialists began its restoration. The icon is well preserved. Its plot is dedicated to the deliverance of Moscow from the invasion of Khan Mehmet-Girey. Then, in 1521, the Monks Sergius and Barlaam asked the Mother of God for intercession before God. And Mehmet-Girey retreated. The icon suffered from fire and during the war with Napoleon. After restoration, its restoration will be carried out.

The bell ringing on the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower has resumed

Konstantin Mishurovsky, a graduate of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, asks to be named one of the members of the team that was involved in many years of work on replacing bells on the Spasskaya Tower. “I am a member of the bell ringers of the Moscow Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior,” - this is how he appears to strangers. And he tells the story of how thirty years ago, enthusiastic parishioners rallied around the recently revived Danilovsky Monastery, and the senior bell ringer Igor Vasilyevich Konovalov became their leader. Later, Patriarch Alexy II and Vladyka Arseny of Istra asked them to "unpack" the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, which had been silent since 1918. And how, two years later, thanks to their efforts, the bells in the Kremlin came to life. And when the project to restore the Cathedral of Christ the Savior arose, there were no longer any questions about who to entrust the bell tower of the main Russian church.

As for the Spasskaya Tower, this project initially brought together many different people. At its origins was Lieutenant General Sergei Khlebnikov, then acting commandant of the Moscow Kremlin. Several years ago, the public council of the International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” came out with the initiative to equip the belfry with new bells. The idea was supported by the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture, the Federal Security Service, then the best craftsmen engaged in casting bells, specialists from NIIchasprom, the Fund of St. Andrew the First-Called, joined the business.

And Konstantin Mishurovsky was a permanent coordinator in all this long and difficult process. He, like no one else, is aware of all the difficulties that stood in the way of enthusiasts. Half a day before the solemn display of the new belfry to President Vladimir Putin, Konstantin Aleksandrovich was on the upper tier of the Spasskaya Tower, checking the readiness for the premiere.

Let's remember when and how it all began?

Konstantin Mishurovsky: Exactly ten years ago, General Khlebnikov invited me and Igor Vasilyevich Konovalov to climb the tower with him in order to examine the condition of the bell tower and explore the possibility of improving the sound of melodies. The bells, let me remind you, every three hours after the end of the quarter and hour battle, played musical phrases from the Anthem of Russia and "Glory". But the commandant of the Kremlin himself, his colleagues and we were not satisfied with the quality of these melodies, they barely resembled the original sound.

It seems to me that the melodies that will now sound on Red Square are not just a set of correct notes, they have a soul

The ability to read is a skill that should be taught to a child, first of all, by his parents. Do not wait until your son or daughter goes to grade 1, where teachers will study them, because, firstly, children really like to learn something new with their parents, and, secondly, mom and dad can significantly help prepare for a turning point in the life of a preschooler.

By understanding how to correctly and quickly teach a child to read at the age of 7, parents can turn preparing a child for grade 1 into an exciting activity, and learning to read by syllables into an interesting game. In fact, it is not difficult, but, of course, such exercises require certain time and moral costs, but the results obtained are really worth it.

Ready to Learn

You don't need to teach your child to read fluently right away. First, he must master the technique of reading, that is, learn to compose syllables on his own, be able to read them, then compose words, sentences. It will be slow at first. The task of the parents is to quietly and calmly correct his mistakes, teach him, as it were, playfully. After all, the game is the absence of stress.

Readiness for training can be judged by the following indicators.

Pros and cons of homeschooling

Among the positive aspects of teaching reading at home are:

  • Floating schedule. A mother with a child does not need to rush, adjust to the teacher's schedule or courses.
  • Ability to use different techniques. Usually a teacher, training centers specialize in a narrow direction. For example, they work with children only with Zaitsev's cubes, or according to Zhukova's method. At home, through trial and error, you can choose the most effective technique for your tomboy. But it takes time.
  • Individual approach. At home, they do not work in groups, but tete-a-tete. You can devote as much time to the topic as is necessary for the only student, without waiting for those who are lagging behind and without rushing for those who run ahead.
  • Contact with parents is maintained. A preschooler is emotionally comfortable in difficult moments next to his parents, and learning to read is a responsible event.

There are not many negative points, but they are. Among the disadvantages of home reading mastery are:

  • Lack of education of parents Unfortunately, moms and dads who do not have a special education make a lot of mistakes when learning to read For example, they call letters with a sound, make pauses between phonemes in the process of folding syllables, words ... Children get used to reading incorrectly, and it is very difficult to retrain them.
  • The child is not socialized In pedagogical centers, the child communicates with other adults, gets used to the school environment, responsibility, learns behavior. At home, he will not get such an experience.

Where and how to teach a child to read, for parents to choose. If you have a difficult financial situation, then only the home option remains. In this case, take the time to study books, methods of working with preschool children. This will help to qualitatively teach the kindergartner to read, instill a love of literature.

Best age

Recently, when there was a total shortage of everything on the shelves of our stores, getting something unusual for your birthday was considered the best gift. Today it is almost impossible to surprise someone with a choice. Therefore, it is not the gift itself that comes to the fore, but how it is presented.

In order for the gift to have the desired effect, you should prepare in advance and decide how to original congratulate the woman on the anniversary.

Interesting sketches of congratulations on the women's anniversary.

Portrait by joint forces

You can give everyone objects for drawing, or you can transfer a set of such tools from hand to hand.

The blank for the portrait is handed clockwise to all guests sitting at the table. Everyone draws what the presenter voices in poetic form. The result is a picture of the hero of the day. A lot of guests? Then suggest drawing some elements in pairs.

  • The hero of the day has a graceful nose, Very similar to a question. (draw a nose and pass it on to a neighbor, then, in the same way)
  • And what beautiful eyes! Expressive, playful.
  • And the eyelashes are thicker than all, Like someone's fur.
  • And what expressive eyebrows we have, With them the look is even more striking!
  • Now we have reached a smile, Artists, there are no mistakes here!
  • The cheeks remained pale, cold, They just really need blush.
  • Now we will paint the ears, And, if necessary, we will finish the earrings.
  • We will decorate the head with a fashionable hairstyle, And we will dye the hair in the desired color.
  • It remains to be the crown, after all, the hero of the day is an important person.
  • It came to the neck, And we can do that.
  • Now we draw a beautiful body, And it's not difficult.
  • And we will add hands, And we will correct what is needed.
  • Draw the legs soon. Yes, as slim as possible.
  • Let's put on our legs in fashionable shoes, Do not distract our guests, draw.
  • Draw the most stylish clothes. Let's complete another task that is quite within our power.
  • Next, draw a card with a score, In which zeros, well, simply, without taking into account!
  • We'll also paint a cool car, But you can also use the simplest one.
  • At the top, write “Congratulations!” And we wish something else.
  • We'll draw flowers and fireworks, And then kiss the hero of the day!

Don't forget to take a souvenir photo with a portrait.

New unusual ideas for congratulations on postcards Part

This postcard looks very solid))

Source brooklynlimestone. om

Normal alcohol markers can be used here. Only after the presentation of the "postcard" be sure to take a photo of the happy owner as a keepsake along with the gift and the gift itself in close-up (so that the inscription remains as a keepsake)

The photo shows how you can simplify the "painting" of the plate using special tape

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