How to sow and germinate seeds on napkins to get seedlings

Seeds can be germinated on napkins, which create favorable conditions for growth. Some can be sown to get seedlings, which then need to be dived into separate containers. Two methods allow you to choose the one that suits you to get the best shoots.

How you can sow seeds on a napkin

To get a good seedling, you need to have good seeds. They germinate faster when they are soaked before. The seeds gain moisture, and being warm, they quickly give the first sprout and leaves, and also begin to sprout roots. Already in this form, they can be transplanted into pots or cups as seedlings.

It is convenient to germinate seeds on a napkin. It is soft, absorbs water well and retains it. This is the quality that seeds need so much at first.

You need to take a saucer, put a napkin on it in several layers, and fill it with water so that it covers it a little. Pour seeds on top, and cover with additional foil. You can just put the bag on the saucer. Place in a warm and bright place. It is imperative to make sure that the napkin does not dry out. Therefore, add water as needed. Instead of a saucer, you can take any plastic container, perhaps even with a lid, but do not forget to ventilate, or make holes for air.

Sprouting seeds on a napkin or toilet paper in a straw

There is another way of germination that will help the seeds to hatch quickly and efficiently. This will require napkins or toilet paper. Kitchen paper towels are not suitable for this role, because the structure is denser and if the roots get stuck, they are difficult to release later. You will also need film or plastic bags.

Expand exactly the bag, and fold it in half lengthwise to make a strip. Take napkins and place on top of the sachets. You do not need to unfold them, it is better if they remain in several layers. If you take toilet paper, then it must be folded several times along the length of the bag.

The paper should be well moistened with a spray bottle, or sprinkled with water from a spoon. Next, you need to lay the seeds on one side of the paper, retreating from the top by 2 cm.You will get one row of seeds. Roll up the resulting tape together with a bag. At the top of the polyethylene, you can write which seeds are in a given tube. Put it in a glass slightly filled with water, and cover the top with a transparent plastic lid, or cover with another bag. Place in a warm and bright place.

You can make many tubes with different seeds. And the inscription will help you not to get confused where and which ones are. The water in the glass will be absorbed by the napkin, which will help keep it moist.

Seeds for seedlings on a napkin

Seeds sown on a napkin germinate faster, which allows you to weed out those that will not sprout. After a few days, depending on the type of culture, the seeds hatch, and then they begin to sprout and roots. When two cotyledon leaves appear, then the root system becomes larger. In this form, young seedlings are transferred for further growth in pots.

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