How to repair a screwdriver with your own hands

The screwdriver is a handy power tool that simplifies construction work. But the device may fail, and therefore some of its parts will have to be dismantled to fix it. The article will indicate how to disassemble the screwdriver correctly.

Principle of operation and main nodes

Before you start disassembling a screwdriver (for example, Bosch), you need to understand the principle of its operation, as well as find out what parts it consists of. The device differs from other electric tools by using a special mechanism that stops the rotation. This process occurs when the unit reaches its maximum resistance.

Purpose of all parts and assemblies of the tool - as they are called

Screwdrivers (for example, Elitech) are divided into several varieties - according to the way they work:

  • from the mains;
  • from the battery.

Regardless of the type, they have the same operating principle in terms of torque transmission.

The screwdriver consists of several main parts:

  • Electric motor.
  • Button to start the device.
  • Speed ​​controller with reverse mode.
  • Chuck.
  • Electronic control unit.
  • Reducer.

The electric motor rotates the spindle through a special gearbox. The torque is regulated by means of a clutch, a chuck is located on the spindle. Various "bits" are put into it. A screwdriver (for example, Metabo) is controlled by an electronic circuit.

Reverse mode works due to power supply polarity reversal. Continuous current equipment is used as the engine. It is designed to be connected to the AC mains. The excitation winding is connected to the armature winding in series, and is divided into several parts: before and after the armature.

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The benefits of plastic cups

If a lot of plastic yogurt cups have accumulated in the house, do not rush to throw them away. In addition to the fact that many different crafts can be made of them, they will also bring certain benefits. Making crafts from plastic cups will have a beneficial effect on the development of the child.

Working with yogurt cups develops in a child:

  • agility ;
  • spatial thinking;
  • perseverance.

In addition, by working with cups, the child will learn to see beauty even in simple things and benefit from it.

Materials and tools

Having watched several master classes on crafts from cups, you can easily make sure that nothing particularly complicated is required for such creativity. We only need:

  • cups (plastic or paper - your choice);
  • stationery scissors;
  • stapler;
  • glue.

You may also need plasticine, textiles, colored paper, paints, felt-tip pens, varnish, decorative details (beads, feathers, beads, rhinestones, etc.). All listed materials and tools are available to everyone.

Heroes for Theater

Santa Claus sleigh made of sweets

You will need: a bar of chocolate, 10 bars or rectangular candies, a glue gun or double-sided tape, 2 long candies.

Master class

Santa Claus's sleigh made of sweets is ready! I recommend watching the master class video!

Santa Claus sleigh made of chocolate and sweets! Sweet gift for the New Year


The rose is deservedly called the queen of flowers. Her elegance and grace deserve to be embodied in a sweet masterpiece. From corrugated paper and round candies, you can assemble an elegant rosebud.

Such exquisite flowers, collected in a beautiful candy bouquet, will be a great gift for an anniversary, wedding or any occasion. The stages of making such a flower are presented in step-by-step photographs.

Candy and corrugated paper snowman

You will need: white, golden and red corrugated paper, Chocolate Chupa Chups with a surprise and round candy, wire, glue, synthetic winterizer, red braid, beads, scissors, ruler.

Master class

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