How to remove old tiles from walls and floors: practical tips

How to remove old tiles from walls and floors when needed? This question was probably asked by many property owners who began to make repairs on their own. Experts value such work dearly. What would seem to be difficult to remove old tiles from walls and floors?

This is a complex and time-consuming process, after which you may have to work to restore the integrity of the walls and floors. What tools are needed and how to do everything correctly - we will tell you in the article.

Things to consider before removing the tiles

You should also study how the tiles were laid on the walls and floors in order to prepare the necessary tools and choose a method that is convenient to work with. There are various ways:

  • Installation of tiles using a sand-cement mixture and plasticizers. This method is used by experienced craftsmen who are responsible for the quality of work and try to extend the life of the tile as much as possible. Work done in accordance with all the rules will not make it possible to dismantle the tile without loss. Most likely, you won't be able to save the tiles, they will split.
  • Installing tiles with tile glue is a popular and easy way. If the tile has been "planted" with glue, then the probability of removing it whole increases, although by no means 100%. If you approach the matter with the utmost thoroughness, there is a chance that half of the tile is solid. About half of the tiles will still be split.
  • If the tiles are brick or concrete walls and floors, you can remove them, but there is one caveat. In the event that the tiles were laid out on sheets of drywall, you will have to destroy the integrity of this material. And this is accompanied by massive breakdowns not only of the tile, but also of the gypsum board itself.

Dismantling tiles: choice of tool and method

The first stage of the renovation is the dismantling of the tiles; it requires knowledge and a certain set of tools. Before starting the withdrawal, you need to understand what you want to get in the end.

  • less damage to walls or floors,
  • less damage to tiles for later use.

How to determine the level of work and the scale of destruction?

To understand this, you need to take a rubber mallet or putty knife and tap the entire surface of the tile. If you find a lot of voids, there is a chance to use some gentle method and preserve the integrity of the old tile. If, when tapping, voids are not found, then the craftsmen tried their best and laid out the tiles thoroughly. Then you need to choose other methods of dismantling and select the right tool.

What tools do craftsmen use to remove tiles from walls and floors?

  • Metal spatulas of various sizes with increased strength.
  • Chisel. It helps to remove the remains of tile grout.
  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Drills and drills of different diameters.
  • 4 mm wire ( hot).
  • Warm water, soap, rags and sponges.
  • Safety glasses, respirator, thick gloves and heavy clothing.

How to prepare the room for removing tiles from walls and floors?

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