How to organize a Peppa Pig style children's birthday party

The plot of each episode is built around family-related activities. She can:

  • Gather for a walk, to friends or for a picnic;
  • Send the younger generation to kindergarten;
  • Plan to travel;
  • Celebrate a significant date.

All the adventures of the little naughty woman are impossible without the participation of her brother, who wants to play with his sister so much that sometimes it makes her angry. But still, often Peppa's pig brings George or his best friend with him to a children's party. An animation program featuring characters endowed with many human qualities and abilities will amuse both boys and girls.

Piglets come to visit

Peppa and her entourage are still very small pigs, so their fun is simple, but funny and entertaining. Arriving at a children's matinee or a celebration in a cafe, they will immediately begin to put things in order. And if the main character of the cartoon appears alone, then all that remains is to beware. The mischievous woman urgently needs companions for the games, and she will immediately gather all those present around her. The little pig has a lot of pranks in the arsenal. Dividing the assistants into teams, she will begin to catch butterflies with them and jump over the caterpillars. The competition for knocking down bread crumbs is an obligatory component of the interactive performance. When the animator Peppa Pig is invited for his birthday with his younger brother, he will surely lose the toy on the way. Until she is found, George will cry and demand his Dinosaur back. This is not all the fun that the two pigs have in store. They can't do without:


The holiday begins with them. They inform the guests about the upcoming celebration, as well as about the theme of the holiday. Therefore, invitations should also be with a pretty little pig face. The cartoon heroine looks good on a contrasting background - green or blue. But the pink color should also be present here. Where can we go without it?)

These can be traditional square or rectangular postcards, or you can make invitations in the shape of the main character of the cartoon. Moreover, it is not so difficult to print and cut it.

How else to entertain guests?

Every birthday with Peppa Pig is unique, but there are necessary components of the holiday, from which kindergarteners will never get tired:

  • Face painting with face painting - guests should match the appearance of new friends, so a little makeup won't hurt them;
  • Twisting - a ball turned into a funny animal right in front of audience, becomes a wonderful gift for the hero of the occasion and his friends;
  • Show with soap bubbles - professionals know how not only to blow bubbles, but to arrange a real mystical action that fascinates even adults.

How to organize a Peppa Pig style children's birthday party

How to organize a theme party

Historical era

These are ancient times, the Middle Ages, and the decades of the 20th century (1920s, 40s, 60s, 80s, 90s, millennium). This also includes a party in the style of the Chicago of the 30s or the USSR - one of the most popular topics in recent years. The older the era, the more complex the retro costumes and decorations, and the more interior items will fail to fit into the atmosphere. You can cover all unnecessary wallpaper or Whatman sheets with drawings.

Party: questions of organization and holding

So, in the circle of your relatives and friends a significant event is planned: no matter what it will be - a birthday, a wedding party or a holiday for no reason, it is important to know and be able to properly organize the event. But first things first. First, you need to know who will be attending the party and the date of the party. It makes sense to call all the participants of the event and find out who can come to you and when. Next, we think over a convenient time for the holiday. It is understood that parties are organized on weekends and during summer holidays. It is not very convenient to organize a party at the beginning of the working week, you cannot relax, and what a party without cocktails and alcohol.

The next point is to think over what will be at the party - the reward for participating in the competition, drafting the script, as well as the venue. The venue is very important, since you cannot hold a party in an open field, there are no conditions, and you also want to dance, sing, and chat. In order to preserve the flora, not to be scared yourself and not to scare the smaller brothers, not to get caught in the rain, not to be "eaten" by mosquitoes - think about the location of the party in advance. The best option is a party outside the city - it's quiet, good, the neighbors don't get bored. If there is a house outside the city, it is very convenient to hold a party there.

It is clear that it is difficult to surprise someone with "dances" and "dancers", therefore, the organizer of the party will need maximum concentration and communication - the development of the scenario of the holiday and the thought of the competition program is very important.

Related 80s Party (video)

There are many games and contests for different ages on the network, you can download forfeits for an adult company. Of course, the competition program is no less important point for holding a party than everything else, but you will make your life much easier if you include everyone present in the preparation of the competition program, thinking over the competitions. So that no one has forgotten anything, it makes sense to get together before the party and summarize and systematize the developments, decide on the contests you like.

There should be several hosts at the party - sociable, cheerful, perky. Distribute the roles, responsibilities for organizing the party in advance: everyone should be responsible for something, that's when you will have an interesting and collectively organized holiday that will leave wonderful memories. And yet, do not grab onto everything, define the main and priority. If you are real friends, then they will help you in everything, the main thing is to ask well or agree in advance.

Menu. Fresh air, the sun is shining, it would seem that all conditions have been created, however, take care of treats for the company in advance. Of course, there is no need to "bother" and prepare the first and second, party treats are specific. You can make kebabs, popcorn, canapes. Anything that doesn't take a lot of time, including a variety of cuts.

Musical equipment and the Internet, where can we go without it. Naturally, it will be more fun with music. Before having a party, check that the equipment and the presence of electricity in the house are in good condition, otherwise you will have to sing songs around the fire, which will not greatly affect your authority and reputation.

Children's holiday agency

For 8 years my site has acquired regular readers. This is nice, but very responsible, because every year they expect something new from me, and this is not so easy. Even professional presenters have been repeating proven entertainment for years, so do not be afraid to slightly change and put in a new verbal shell those contests and surprise moments that amused the guests last year.

First of all, the guests don't understand all this as well as you do. Secondly, the Chinese horoscope throws up different characters, and it's easier for you and me to look for inspiration in these charismatic symbols of the year. In 2021 we will celebrate the Year of the Pig. Naturally, I tried to collect a selection of ideas that will honor this animal.

Let me remind you what parts a home holiday script can consist of so that there is no repetition and monotony:

• Any variant of a win-win lottery with small funny souvenirs • Good fortune-telling predictions that randomly fall out to guests • Short table games, better comic • Photo sessions with unusual props, accessories and photo booths • Small but effective creative master class (guests take souvenirs for themselves) • Creation of a single art object (all guests make a small fragment, the result is something grandiose) • Dance battle • Game of forfeits or its analogue (participation of each guest is required) • Vocal competition (individual, or better, a competition of choirs) • Quiz (New Year's, comic, according to the customs of different countries of the world, etc.) • Relays (any task for speed and original thinking) • Special effects (minimum sparklers)

For a creative person (and you are all very creative for me) sometimes this list with reminders is enough, and the whole festive evening is invented by itself. There is no universal scenario and cannot be, since all families are very different. Someone has more kids, then we devote part of the time to them, and then we have fun in an adult company. Children over 8-9 years old almost always wait for the chimes to strike and really want to have fun for several hours in a row. In some families, there are many representatives of the older generation who are sorry to miss the New Year's concert on TV. When drawing up a script for a family holiday, all this must be taken into account.

Below I will give examples for each item, so that the holiday is dedicated to the year of the Pig 2021.

Any variant of a win-win lottery with small funny souvenirs

Gifts wrapped in New Year's wrapping paper have some magic. Everyone wants to get them)). Any little thing, but they want it. In this case, the packaging is even more important, since it is she who creates the festive mood. Some kind of childish joy seizes a person at the sight of a bunch of these boxes and bundles. Buy small figurines of pigs, beautiful candles, small calendars with pigs, gift soap, miniature towels with Christmas trees, cups with the symbol of the year, funny home souvenirs. The packaging should be opaque.

Here's how to play these souvenirs:

How to celebrate the year of the pig - signs and superstitions

  • Enter the new year "clean". 1-2 days before the new year, we get rid of old broken and completely unnecessary things. Such cleaning allows you to carry out energy cleaning of the house, opens the way for everything good, new, and young.
  • There is no place for broken dishes with chips or cracks on the table. Piggy won't like that for sure. It is better to choose dishes that are either pure white or made of crystal.
  • Generosity in everything! This is the motto for the coming year! Therefore, the company in which you meet NG should not be small either. Don't be limited to your family. Rather, remember that your family also includes other relatives: dads, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and brothers. Therefore, if everyone comes to visit you, then the preparation can take a lot of time. How to save time and effort? Prepare delicious but simple meals.
  • One moment! No matter how much the people love some dishes, the symbol of the year will in no way fit as a culinary delight. So, think, maybe it is worth giving up the usual roast and jellied pork in 2021? All this, if the soul asks, can be cooked with other types of meat. For example, if you add rooster meat, the jellied meat will solidify without any gelling agents. Although, it is better to refuse meat altogether.
  • Good fortune-telling-predictions that randomly drop out to guests

    Comic good predictions are a special part of the holiday. Many people do not confess, but still quietly read horoscopes, pass all sorts of tests and look for "signs of fate" in the events of the day. A small package with a prediction on New Year's Eve pleases guests of any age. What to write there is your will. The whole point is that the prediction will randomly find its "master". And that's the beauty of it. Everything should be positive, kind, promising health, prosperity, success and love.

    Have you decided to organize an unusual birthday for your child? And most likely your kid loves the well-known animated film "Monsters, Inc." Then Birthday in the style of Monsters will definitely come in handy.

    News portal “Vtemu. y ”in this article has prepared for you some interesting ideas on how to easily and inexpensively turn a children's birthday party into a real adventure in the company of kind and cute Monsters.


    To hit the bull's eye, start by choosing a color scheme. Deep black, flashy pink and luscious turquoise are at your disposal. The first two shades prevail, it is better to distribute them equally. Turquoise complements the picture (you can add a little yellow, purple and salad colors). A black and pink strip or a cage on tablecloths, paper decorations, napkins, dishes, etc. will fit perfectly.

    Most of the decorations are easy to make with your own hands, by printing templates from the network or by drawing and cutting pictures. Hang garlands of bats along the walls and under the ceiling, and stick images of Monster High characters, skulls and bones, vampire and wolf fangs on the cups. Small cards with pictures can be used to decorate the table - stick on skewers and stick them into cakes, cakes, cookies and other sweets.

    Paperware, whistles and pipes, party caps, tablecloths and napkins, Monster High ties and wigs are available online. If you are planning a small party for 10-12 people, buying a one-time set will cost mere pennies. If you want to do everything yourself, the network is full of drawings and templates - the series about the most adorable monsters is very popular!

    It is easy to make severed hands from painted gloves, from ping-pong balls - dropped eyes, from cut chewing gum - garlands of teeth. Toy mummies, zombies, spiders are also in the subject. Scary? So guests should not be scared: your goal is to create a set for the cartoon, funny and cute, despite the elements of horror films.

    If you have time, spend it on making the background for the commemorative photos, or even better, make a tantamaresque with the characters. It is not difficult: a sheet of plywood, a drawing paper with a drawing, cut out faces, in place of which there will be enthusiastic faces of the guests. And don't forget about the balloons - a lot of balloons! From long "sausage" balls you can twist something terribly cool.

    Monster Birthday Party Invitation

    And of course, to get to the party, guests need an invitation! And let the invitation to your party be in the form of monsters.

    Print ready-made templates. Glue the smile and eyes to the front using the applique technique.

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