How to make origami out of paper

Someone thinks origami is a high art, which is a great way to express yourself, know yourself and develop creativity. For me, origami is a pleasant and useful way to organize and spend my leisure time. It can be said to be an activity for the soul. It is not for nothing that in origami you can “take care” for the accuracy and absolute correctness of the folding of the figure, or be an innovator and invent something of your own - create all new variations of already created forms or come up with figures just by taking a blank sheet of paper!

In this tutorial I will show you many options for how to make origami from paper with step by step diagrams and photos. These are animals and birds, origami for girls - flowers, a rose, a butterfly, origami for boys - how to make an airplane out of paper, a boat, a sword and much more. See origami diagrams, repeat step by step and you will succeed!

Origami is an art form that involves making paper figures by folding a square sheet of paper without using scissors or glue.

How to make origami out of paper in stages

Origami paper butterfly

In this workshop we will make a butterfly craft using origami technique.

To create a butterfly, let's prepare a square blank of paper measuring 21x21 cm.

First, fold our orange square in half.

After that, unbend it, and fold the sides to the midline.

We fold the resulting workpiece in half, bending down.

Expand the right side of our future butterfly.

Then fold this part to the right.

Paper refers to the most affordable and versatile types of material used for creativity. Ease of processing, coloring, decoration, ease of cutting, bending, gluing, a variety of floral and decorative characteristics make it possible to make interesting paper products together with children of different ages. Such activity contributes to the development of imaginative thinking, attentiveness, perseverance, imagination, creative imagination. With the acquisition of specific skills, it is possible to create real masterpieces for interior decoration, which bring individuality and sophistication into the surrounding space.

Original paper decor (photo)

A lot of small things necessary for solving certain everyday tasks, if necessary, can be made with your own hands.

Funny children's toy made of clothespin and paper

Interesting paper toys for toddlers to wear on the fingers

Fascinating collection of paper animals


There is a variety of original paper bookmarks that are easy to make together with your child. The simplest option is a square sheet of paper folded in four.

A paper bookmark for books is a great gift for a book reader

Personalized bookmarks for children

Step by step paper bookmark making

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