How to make money ... on Mars

Another American rover-rover has landed on the surface of Mars. Should we spend billions again to replicate their success? It probably doesn't make much sense. It is much more profitable to do otherwise. Let them fly, and we will make money on it! Yes, but how do you do it? And we will tell you about this today ...

Pope and Mars

We always talk about the fact that dads are more actively involved in raising their children, so that they are an authority for them, so that the child sees in the father ... a creative person, and not a dull contemplator of the "Comedy Club" or "Ural dumplings ". And this is not too difficult to achieve. They flew to Mars, and my dad has a boy of 5-7 years old. Well, let him sit down with his son and make a toy rover with him. Whatever you can buy in any store! And its design is very simple. Wheels - volumetric hexagons from packing cardboard. The body is a cardboard box-packing. The axles of the wheels are metal rods (they are not difficult to buy). A caterpillar track made of kraft paper is put on these wheels (it is durable), and its length should be such that it can accommodate tracks from ... matchboxes, although they can be made independently and in any convenient shape.

Well, so that the tape does not fall off the hexagons when rewinding, cardboard discs must be glued to them on both sides. From everything at hand, we make headlights, a radar for communication with the Earth and paint it all with automotive silver enamel. It turns out a very beautiful car with which your child will play well, just selflessly and proudly say: "Dad did it for me!" or better yet: "Dad and I did it!"

You are going to have a rest at sea in the summer, and the child is small ... Make him a "Martian" all-terrain vehicle. The body is a plastic box. The cosmonaut's cabin is a half of a Christmas tree ball made of polystyrene. Wheel axles - metal knitting needles. But the wheels themselves ... - corks for wide-necked bottles (they are on sale), pierced through and through with pieces of thin knitting needles! You will need about six of these spokes for each wheel. This will make a wonderful rolling toy (you can even make it on the spot, it is so simple!).

And the most amazing thing is that it will ride beautifully on the sand. "Why?" - the child will ask. And you explain to him that the paws of the crab also end in points, but they do not fall into the sand. Rather, they will hit it shallowly. And the same will happen with our rover on Mars. "What a smart dad I have!" - the child will undoubtedly think.

And you can make a rover with pentahedron wheels, on each of the faces we can glue ... a jar of sour cream, cottage cheese or processed cheese. Let's connect two of these pentahedrons with cans, moving them relative to each other - and now we have a rover, each wheel of which took 10 cans, and four - 40. An example of good waste use.

Forward to Mars! Amusement Park

You can think of a lot of such rovers and rovers. For example, a Mars Walker. It has two U-shaped consoles on each side that move up-down-back-and-forth. In this case, the body of the all-terrain vehicle rises and moves either forward or backward. It won't go fast, but the rover doesn't need speed! Yes, but how will he turn? It's very simple! On the bottom it has a turntable, and on it it can easily turn 360 degrees, and on the spot.

Now imagine that there is a recreation park or an amusement park in your city. You can cover some part of it with red "Martian sand", throw stones and put on this wild landscape just such a "walking machine". Driven by electric motors, powered by cable. And ... let's ride everyone on Mars! The main thing is that the car is silver and shiny, decorated with video cameras and many antennas!

Unique exhibition-traveling "Park of Mars Planetary Rovers"

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