How to make a spinner with your own hands

If you are reluctant to buy spinners in a store, feel sorry for the hard-earned money, are too lazy to wait for delivery, or just a creative impulse is playing in your soul, then you can try to assemble the turntable yourself.

With even hands, the toy will turn out to be no worse, and often even better than the purchased one - after all, you put a piece of yourself into it.

How to make a spinner yourself

1st method: making a spinner from bearings

We need bearings, for example, from a skateboard. Before using the bearing in practice, it is necessary to clean it of grease, otherwise the turntable will rotate quietly, but not for long. This method is very simple, since there is no need to make the spinner body, all we need is four bearings.

They need to be decomposed in the correct form. In order to make this shape accurately, use a squared notebook sheet. After we have got a perfect triangle, we glue the bearings with glue - best of all with superglue or cold welding.

Alternatively, you can draw a circle with a compass and divide it into 3 parts, like a Mercedes icon. Drawing lessons and geometry to help.

When the glue is dry, it is necessary to increase the bonding area, for this we sprinkle the glue with salt, then the area will increase and the bearings will hold to each other better. At the end, we wrap the gluing points with any thread and impregnate it with glue, this will give even more strength.

Several video instructions on how to make a spinner out of bearings:

And one more option without rope:

2nd method: spinner with clamps

For the next method, we need two ties or clamps. They need to be inserted into each other. After that, we place three bearings in the center of the ties and tighten the ties until they hold tight.

Cut off the protruding ends. In principle, at this stage, the spinner is already ready, but it does not hold firmly. If the turntable falls, everything will fly out of it. We do not need this, of course. Therefore, it is necessary to make it more reliable with glue. In all places where the bearings interlock, where the ties touch the bearings, it is necessary to drip with glue.

Fidget spinners entered mass fashion not so long ago, but in just a few months they won the hearts of not only adults, but also children. Today spinners are spinning everywhere: on the street, at work, in the subway and even in kindergarten! And every child wants his toy to be somewhat different from those that his peers already have. You can buy an original spinner, but such a toy is not cheap, and the search for a unique spinner takes a lot of time. The best solution is to make your own spinner.

So, we bring to your attention a few simple ways to make a spinner with your own hands from the materials that every home has.

Materials: caps from any plastic bottles of the same size (4 pcs), plasticine, hot glue, a nail, scissors, a lighter and a toothpick.

What to do: put plasticine in 3 lids, use hot glue to glue the rest of the lids. Take the fourth lid (without plasticine) and make a hole in it, for example, with a heated nail. Glue the sand caps to the one where you just made the hole. Take a stick of glue and cut 2 small pieces (1 cm) from it. Break a toothpick in half and put a piece of glue on one end of it (make sure that the sharp tip of the toothpick does not stick out) and place it in the center of your future spinner. Slip the remaining piece of glue stick onto the back of the toothpick. Your spinner is ready!

For a more interesting look, you can paint the caps in different colors with acrylic paints.

Materials: plastic bottle caps, cardboard, scissors, marker, awl or nail scissors, glue, 3 coins and a pen rod.

What to do: Using the lids, draw 4 circles on the cardboard in the shape of your future spinner. After that, cut 5 such blanks and glue them together, carefully gluing the edges. Next, cut out smaller circles. Use an awl or fine nail scissors to make a hole in the center of the spinner. Glue 3 coins or any stickers on the sides of the blanks.

Next, take the deferred pen shaft and carefully cut 1 cm from it. Make small holes in the center on two small circles. Insert the cut piece from the handle shaft into one of the circles and glue it along the edges of the hole to securely fix it. Slide this circle into the center of your spinner and glue the second circle on the back. The two remaining small circles can be glued over the ends of the rod. To make your spinner spin faster, put some kind of spacer between the blank of the spinner itself and the small circles (in our example, we used metal pendants).

Done! Let the child decorate his spinner as he wants, you can use sequins, stickers, rhinestones and other decorations.

Materials: bearings (3 pcs), tie clamps, glue gun or superglue (for a more complex spinner).

Spinner how to make them paper or cardboard without bearing yourself

We make a template for a spinner from any cardboard using a plastic bottle cap or a glue stick cap. We circle it, forming a triangle from the strokes of the lid (one in the center and three on the edges). If you are using paper rather than cardboard, it is better to make several strokes and glue them together for greater strength. In addition to the base of the spinner, we will cut out two more rounds of the same thickness as the base. After gluing the base and the round one, we poke a hole in the center of the body of the future spinner and cut off paper rags along its edges. We make similar holes in two rounds. Next, we take the rod from the handle and try to scroll the spinner base on it. If it does not rotate very well, then you need to widen the holes a little more. Next, we cut off a piece of the rod, string the base of the spinner onto it and then close it from both ends, first with rings from the pendants, if any, and then with round pieces, after gluing a soft and thick cardboard or other similar material to them from the outside and dropping glue into the holes round. All that remains is to press the resulting spinning toy, wait for the glue to dry, and you can spin it for fun!

How long does it spin

How long does the spinner last? Rotation time is an important quality and one of the main characteristics of a good device. Connoisseurs of quality toys use only expensive bearings, calculated balance and the right materials for long-term spinning of the spinner.

This may seem inconsequential, but trust me, once you spin your first spinner, you will be surprised at how quickly you want the spinner to spin faster and longer.

The spinner price starts from the dollar. Inexpensive trinkets spin for a couple of minutes. The duration of rotation of serious units (using steel, copper, brass) reaches tens of minutes.

The greater the weight of the product, the faster the bearing works and the device rotates, the louder the sound and vibration. Ceramic and combined bearings vibrate less.

How long does it last

There is no definite answer to the question of how long the spinner lasts. The criteria for a long service life depend on the materials used, the accuracy of operation, and the absence of mechanical damage. Metal bearings will extend the life of the device for many years.

Those who are skeptical about these toys simply did not try to twist them. One has only to find "your" device, you will not want to part with it, the lesson is addictive.

A luminous wood spinner to make yourself at home quickly and easily

Most long spinning spinners are based on bearings. And glowing wooden spinners are no exception. The bearing for them can be obtained both in a sports store and pulled out of roller skates or a skateboard (but it is better to buy it in a store anyway). The anthers must be removed from the selected bearing. After that, it should be rinsed with gasoline (to wash off the grease) and then dry. Next, we need a feather or step drill of the required diameter (like a bearing). On three-ply plywood, mark out two rectangles about 10 by 3 cm and drill a hole in the center of each. Then we will cut the rectangles with a jigsaw or a hacksaw. Now we fold both planks and insert the bearing into the hole. Then we drill two more small holes on both sides of the main one (which contains the bearing). After the above procedures, we will briefly remove the bearing and use sandpaper to erase the sharp edges and corners of the plywood. Now we have made a simple wooden spinner without lighting and weights. It's time to fix this. Next, we need five-millimeter LEDs, one hundred ohm resistors and a KR2032 lithium battery and a switch. For the LEDs, you need to drill a deep and almost through hole with a 5 mm drill. To control the depth of the drill, it is recommended to wrap it at the required level with electrical tape. As a result, after drilling, we will have three blind holes and three through holes. Now we will drill the blind holes with a 5.5 mm drill. Cut off everything unnecessary from the switch and cut a hole under it. For the same brightness, the red and yellow LEDs must be connected through a 100 Ohm resistor, while the green and blue LEDs can be connected directly to the battery. After that, you need to cut the channels for laying the wires - from the switch to the light bulbs (LEDs). Next, you need to solder the LED wires to the resistors (see the diagram and instructions on the video). Then we cut through the channels for laying the wires from the LEDs to the battery, which we will place on the back side. The LEDs should be fixed with glue, then - connect the contacts to the battery (minus - the wire opposite to the switch). Finally, you can combine both halves of the plywood case and fit them tightly to each other. To increase the spinner spinning time, you can also weight it in different ways on both ends (but do not forget that both ends should be as close in weight as possible)

The device of a fashionable anti-stress toy is very simple. The spinner is the base to which the bearing and rotation-enhancing weight are attached. For those who feel sorry for the money for such a simple trinket, this guide will help.

What you need


  • 12 coins of 50 kopecks each.
  • 4 bolts and nuts of small length and diameter.
  • 2 buttons from jeans (can be replaced with pushpins with wide hats).


Step one: making a blank body from ice cream sticks

Take two sticks and cut them lengthwise into two equal pieces. You should have four sticks.

Place five intact sticks as close to each other as possible and grease their surface with glue. With a second layer, place four untouched sticks in the middle and two cut sticks on the sides. The third and fourth layers repeat the first and second. We should have a blank of four layers of sticks.

Step two: making the corpus

Place the bearing and three stacks of coins at the edge of the workpiece. Determine the optimal spinner size. We took a 9 × 9 cm square as a basis. Cut off the rounded edges of the sticks to make the marked square.

On the square, we need to mark up an isosceles triangle with sides of 9 cm. In order to get an even triangle, draw segments 9 cm long from the middle of one of the sides of the square and connect the ends of these segments.

Draw medians to each side of the triangle. The point of intersection of the medians will be the center of our spinner and the location of the bearing. Measure 2.5 cm from the vertex on each of the medians and mark with bold dots. Our cargoes from stacks of coins will be located at the points.

Place the bearing and coins on the workpiece according to the marks and trace around them with a pencil. Use an awl or sharp knife to punch holes, then expand them with a utility knife. Do not overdo it: our weights and bearing must be firmly seated in the holes made without the use of glue.

Fidget spinner is a newfangled exercise machine for developing fingers, relieving stress with a bearing in the center. To bring it into working condition, you need to take it by the inner part and untwist the outer one. The spinner will spin around the axis for a while.

Spinner is fun for everyone: for respectable men in expensive suits, and for restless children, there are no small parts in the structure, and the toy itself has no sharp corners.

The device has a beautiful aesthetic appearance, various colors. Compactness allows you to take it with you everywhere.

Spinners are bought for personal use, as an unusual gift for all age categories of people of different status: the item will bring joy and pleasure to everyone.

According to experts, the subject helps people with autism and attention deficit disorder to focus. He helps to calm down hyperactive children who do not know what to do with themselves. Some find comfort in the sound of the vibration of a working device.

In the article you will find out details about the thing, the history of creation, the instruction manual. Also learn how to make a spinner with your own hands.

How to make a spinner with your own hands from paper (cardboard)

Today many fashionable spinning toys - spinners can be seen on sale in markets, shops and malls.

They have long been interesting not only for children, but also for adults. The choice is huge: large and small, with or without a pattern, plastic and chrome.

Fortunately, each of us can not only buy a spinner, but also make it with our own hands from available materials: paper, cardboard, plastic covers, plywood. To begin with, I recommend that you read the article on the benefits and dangers of spinners.

This article will show you how to make a cardboard spinner

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